6 Benefits of Brand Photography

Brand photography is a fairly new niche in the photography industry (and I say that because there is no definition for it on Google, yet!) Basically it is a genre of photography designed for creative entrepreneurs and business owners. Brand photography incorporates the various elements of your business into a photo to communicate your story and match your aesthetic.

Brand photography goes beyond a simple headshot or product photograph and presents a lifestyle. For example, the photography Starbucks uses to represent their brand is starkly different from Nike. They both showcase their products, but the images also illustrate their company values and style to set them apart from their competitors.

If you aren’t familiar with brand photography or how it could help your business, continue reading to learn the 6 benefits of brand photography!

6 Benefits of Brand Photography by Charuk Studios


1.  Authenticity

The most beneficial aspect of brand photography is the ability to show your audience what it looks and feels like to work with you. Brand photography truly embraces your brand story and showcases your genuine personality. It goes beyond capturing a headshot and infuses YOU in the imagery.

What is more authentic than seeing a business owner in their element? Brand photography captures candid moments such as gathering inspiration, meeting with clients or your creative process.


2.  Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is very valuable because familiarity builds trust and credibility with potential customers. Ideally when your target customer comes across an advertisement or social media post of yours, you want them to instantly associate the photo to your brand.

Brand photography allows you to stand out in your industry by incorporating what makes you unique in your imagery, which in return will promote brand recognition.


3.  Professionalism

High quality photography is a must, but you also need to present a cohesive image across all marketing platforms. Your branding should be seamless! Which means your website, social media, ads, press kits, print materials and any other marketing you do, should all match. You wouldn’t use 3 different logos for your business, and you shouldn’t use multiple styles of photography.

Brand photography communicates professionalism and a well-established brand because it is authentic, recognizable, high in quality, but most of all the photos present a cohesive image and message.


4.  Raise Your Prices

One of the best benefits of brand photography is that it allows you to raise your prices. (Who doesn’t want that?!) Building a strong, recognizable brand and presenting a professional image communicates to your audience you are a leader in your field, and when you look professional you can charge professional pricing.

Plus when you are proud of the visual presentation of your business you can feel confident to state your prices. Believing in your worth is priceless!


5.  Compete on Quality, Not Price

How would you feel to not have to compete to offer the lowest price for your product or service? Probably very relieved! Good news is that brand photography can do just that because consistent, strategic branding leads to strong brand equity.

"Brand equity is the added value brought to your company's products or services that allows you to charge more for your brand than what identical, unbranded products command."-Entrepreneur.com

You can now focus on attracting customers that value high quality and exceptional service, (yes they are out there!) They don’t want the headache that comes with something cheap, and they love the feeling of luxury and exclusivity. This is why some people will pay thousands of dollars for a Chanel handbag. Chanel has done an exceptional job of establishing a very desirable ad recognizable brand image, they compete on quality not price.


6.  Inspire Your Audience

Lastly brand photography has the ability to inspire your audience. The photography you use in your marketing is professional, but it also should present an image for your ideal customer to aspire to. They are hiring you to add value to their life or business, and if you aren’t providing something that solves a problem you are making their life more beautiful and enjoyable.

Make it easy for your customers to fall in love with your business by utilizing exquisitely styled brand photography, and show how your offering can allow them to live and work beautifully.

The first step to creating gorgeous brand photos is to have a very clear brand direction. Download my FREE Brand Questionnaire that I use with all my photo shoot clients below to really nail down your brand before planning or investing in custom photos!

The Olivine Collective Launch

This past spring I had the pleasure of working with Alyssa, the web designer and brand stylist of Alyssa Joy & Co. She was preparing to launch her newest venture, a template shop designed for businesses in the wedding industry called The Olivine Collective. Alyssa was looking for on-brand photographs of the templates she would offer, and so together we worked to make her vision a reality!

The Olivine Collective Launch by Charuk Studios

When we had our first consultation, she described her style as romantic, airy and elegant. (Uhhh swoon!!) These words are exactly how I would describe my dream wedding, so I was *beyond* excited to create custom photos for her.

When we got into the nitty gritty details of her brand and business, we discussed who was her ideal customer, what was her mission statement and what should people feel when they see or think of her brand. (among other questions outlined in my brand questionnaire, which you can download for free here.)

I always want to uncover as many details as possible about a client’s brand before planning their photo shoot. This is because it’s my mission to create one of a kind photographs that connect with a businesses audience and represent their style perfectly!

Click image to see more from her photo shoot.

Click image to see more from her photo shoot.

Alyssa started her business offering custom designs, and now she has expanded to more cost effective options of pre-made templates. Her mission with her new venture was to help creative professionals that were on a budget be able to express their uniqueness through a beautiful brand and website.

And oh my goodness, if you ever dreamed of having a drop-dead gorgeous website but were a little hesitant due to the price tag, well then these brand and web templates will rock your world!

Alyssa created templates that can be used for any type of business, but they were designed with wedding professionals in mind. Each template suite was designed for a specific wedding professional, such a makeup artist, a wedding planner, a dress boutique and a florist. Each suite includes a Showit5 website template, digital and printable pricing guides and other various marketing materials, which means all your marketing materials will look cohesive and on-brand. (These are the details that wedding clients will notice and appreciate!)

Her templates are perfect for those who value high quality work but know their expertise is in their craft, not brand and web design. Therefore business owners who are seeking out professionally designed websites and marketing materials at an affordable price can confidently showcase their work with Alyssa’s incredible pre-made templates available only at The Olivine Collective.

The Olivine Collective by Charuk Studios

See her newly launched collection here.

For inquiries about custom brand photography, email contact@charukstudios.com

4 Tips for Looking & Feeling Your Best in Photos

As a photographer & videographer, I'm always the one behind the camera directing my subject and making sure I capture all their best angles. But while I was travelling around Europe I started to venture in front of the camera more because I wanted to document my trip (and actually be in a photo for once!)

To be honest, being in photos has been a bit scary, but also exciting! I can now fully understand that my clients may feel a bit nervous or uncomfortable and not always like how they look in photos.

After posing for many photos during my trip, I've started to quite love being in front of the camera and feel more at ease. So I wanted to share my 4 tips for feeling & looking your best in photos that way you can rock your next photo shoot!

4 Tips for looking and feeling your best in photos by Charuk Studios

Tip #1: Wear an outfit that is cute & comfortable

When you feel good, it shows! So when I know I want to capture a few photos of myself, I make sure to wear an outfit I actually LIKE (that means leaving the sweatpants at home, or in the case when I was travelling, in my suitcase.)

But I also wear something I am comfortable in. Personally I never wear any tight tops or dresses. And I know my black skinny jeans look *the bomb.com* and a flowy blouse or dress is my go-to choice when I want to look cute and feel comfortable.

For more outfit tips, read my blog post 12 Wardrobe Do's & Don'ts for your Personal Branding Photo Shoot.

4 Tips for looking and feeling your best in photos by Charuk Studios

Tip #2: Change up your pose

When my sister takes photos of me I know I only have .0345 seconds before she gets annoyed and wants to continue on our journey. So in that short amount of time I bang out quite a few different poses in hopes I like 1 or 2 photos (out of 10 or more.)

Changes can be as simple as looking down, looking at the camera, looking away, turning to the side, looking over my shoulder, touching my hair, spinning, laughing, walking away, crossing my legs, etc.

Some angles aren't my best, but this way I have a variety to choose from and I can pick my favourite photo.

Tip #3: Find a beautiful location

Having a gorgeous background makes the photo more interesting! It tells a story and adds visual interest to a photo, therefore there is less focus on me (so I can just stand casually, no fancy pose, outfit or lighting required to make the shot a good one.)

There are lots of beautiful locations that I've travelled to, but cafe's, old architecture, and lush parks are a few locations I love taking photos in that you can find in any city!

4 tips for looking and feeling your best in photos

Tip #4: Chin forward & down

We all have double chins in awkward positions (heck I have one right now as I'm laying on my couch writing this!) But we don't necessarily want to accentuate that in photos of ourselves.

A tip that I use with all my clients, and when I'm in front of the camera, is to push my chin forward and down. This creates a long, lean neck, reduces the appearance of a double chin, and keeps the focus on your killer smize (any Tyra fans here?!)

Reference these tips next time you pass your iPhone to your bestie to snap a quick photo of you, or when you plan a professional brand photo shoot!

Or if you are the one taking the photos, download my FREE Elevate Your Photos checklist to step up your photography game!

3 Days in Iceland + Vlog

To kick off our 4 month trip abroad to Europe, my sister and I chose to have a 3 day layover in Iceland before heading to London, UK. (You can book a flight with a free layover up to 7 days through Icelandair) We stayed in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Even though it's the largest city in Iceland it was still quite small, and we could walk around the whole city in a day. This was pretty ideal since we had limited time and we wanted to squeeze in as much sight seeing as possible!

3 Days in Iceland + Vlog by Charuk Studios

Day 1

We took an overnight flight from Toronto to Reykjavik, and arrived early in the morning to our hostel, Hlemmur Square (though it felt like the middle of the night since the time change). We couldn't check in to our room until 3pm so we mustered up the little energy we had, ate some breakfast and walked around the city.

We really lucked out with weather! We had sun and blue skies for most of our trip. Since it was beautiful out, we first headed to the water and walked by the Sun Voyager statue up to the Harpa Concert Hall. We wandered around the city and eventually stopped to grab a coffee at a cute Parisian inspired cafe.

The first day we were exhausted, and neither of us slept much during the flight. We crashed in our hostel in the late afternoon and picked up a few groceries that evening. We called it an early night because we planned to drive around other parts of Iceland the next day.

Day 2

This was by far my favourite day! Even though we woke up early (not sure when, I just remember it was still dark outside) to go pick up our rental car.

We drove to Seljalandsfoss waterfall and Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon, which took us the whole day, and a LOT of driving. There are sooo many beautiful sights to see around Iceland, but we only had one day with the car and we wanted to be back before it was dark. My sister and I captured lots of stunning photos (and I got some sweet drone footage for the vlog! PS. this was also my FIRST time flying it... maybe not the best idea, but oh well!)

Even though we were in Iceland in August, it was still chilly outside compared to Canada's summer (it was around 15 degrees celsius). And the sun didn't set until 10pm-ish, so we had like a 15 hour day of sightseeing and driving. 

We ended this day by ME getting lost in the city ALONE at night trying to find Domino's pizza haha (we were starving and the food in Iceland was priceyyyy, so pizza was actually one of the more affordable options).

Day 3

Finally, a less exhausting day! We didn't have much planned besides more exploring Reykjavik. We went to the top of Hallgrímskirkja church (this has the most stunning and iconic view of the city!) and that evening we went to the Blue Lagoon.

This was the perfect way to end our short visit and unwind before catching our flight to London the next day. Even though it's touristy, I highly recommend going to the lagoon. You will be cold the rest of your trip, this will be your chance to unthaw ;)

Watch the vlog below to see the highlights of our trip!

End of Summer with Blogger Pix-elated Passion

Hello again everyone! I’m currently writing this blog post from Manchester England (during week 9 of my Europe trip!) After a busy summer and whirlwind of travels I haven’t had time to post several projects that I was excited to work on earlier this year, so here I am finally sharing them with you!

In August I met up with one of my fav bloggers, Mirabelle from Pix-elated Passion, to photograph this fresh and effortless look for her blog. I love how the vibe of this photoshoot feels like the end of summer transitioning into fall. 

We found this small patch of long grass and trees on the side of the road that was the perfect backdrop. It was unplanned but worked so well! It gave this earthy and slightly ethereal look to the photos.

I would love to know, which photo is your favourite? And if you would like to see more from this series visit Mirabelle's blog here.