My 5 Minute Energizing Morning Routine

A whole post dedicated to a morning routine? What’s so special about that you maybe wondering? Well every podcast I listen to that interviews someone that did something sick and noteworthy has a detailed morning routine. Like multiple steps, and they INSIST on doing it each day. However some are so extensive we are talking a 1-2 hour morning routine (at least that’s what it sounds like). It’s like a whole 3604875234 step process.

Ain’t no one got time for that!

I was curious at the effectiveness of a morning routine and if it would actually set me up to feel better and be more productive. Personally I’ve never been a morning person. When I was in school or worked a 9-5 job I would have insomnia just stressing about the fact that I had to get up early and would wake up exhausted because I was stressing about being exhausted. Yeah that was a fun time…😑

The one thing I would DIE FOR was to have energy in the morning and actually sustain it throughout the day. And I mean with natural, good for your body methods, not by having multiple coffees or an energy drink only to just crash a couple hours later (which was the only way I knew how to get more energy at the time🤦‍♀️).

But I recently read the book by Aubrey Marcus, Own the Day Own Your Life, and it narrowed down the best practices to optimize waking, working, learning, eating, training, playing, sleeping and sex. After reading the book I felt like I learned the cheat codes on all those topics! Some of his tips I actually incorporate in my morning routine now because I found that they are indeed very effective, and surprisingly simple!

So besides actually getting enough sleep there are a few things I started to implement in my morning routine that made a huge difference in my energy levels and wakefulness.

And I mean SIMPLE. These 5 steps all together take 5 minutes to do, so you might be like me and not have 1-2 hours to set aside in the morning but everyone has a spare 5 minutes even if you roll out of bed 10 minutes before you have to leave the house (lol guilty🙈).

My 5 Minute Energizing Morning Routine by Charuk Studios

My 5 Minute Energizing Morning Routine

Sunlight: 30 Seconds

I know crazy concept, but being exposed to the sun in the morning actually does wake us up! It’s actually blue light that resets our circadian rhythm and tells your body it’s a new day, which naturally comes from the sun, but it’s also the light emitted from your phone and screens (hence why screens are bad to look at in the evening before bed as you will find it extra hard to fall asleep).

So once your alarm goes off get out of bed, stretch, look out the window and take a few deep breaths. Or if you are extra lazy grab your phone and do something on it (I would suggest writing out a to do list or things you’re grateful for, don’t go right into answering emails while you’re still waking up). Sunlight is preferred of course😊

Hydration: 30 Seconds

After not eating or drinking anything for 7+ hours your body is parched and it needs fluids ASAP. When you are even just a little bit dehydrated your brain won’t function at its optimum level and you may get headaches or brain fog from dehydration, so have a large glass of water as soon as possible upon waking. Make it extra easy for yourself and keep a water bottle beside your bed.

Bonus: Add lemon & pink Himalayan salt to it! Lemon detoxifies & alkalizes the body, and pink Himalayan salt is full of essential minerals your body needs and replenishes your electrolytes (it’s like natural Gatorade for your body lol)

Salt gets a bad rap because it makes your body hold onto water which people refer to as “bloat.” Well when you haven’t had anything to drink for 7-9 hours you WANT your body to hang onto the water you consume. If you are concerned about bloating avoid salty processed foods during the day which are usually filled with iodized salt that are stripped of their minerals.

My 5 Minute Energizing Morning Routine by Charuk Studios

Movement: 1 Minute

So far you’ve spent maybe 1 minute on this morning routine. So for minute #2 do any sort of physical activity to get your blood and heart pumping! I prefer doing 25-30 bodyweight squats, but you can do jumping jacks, push ups, lunges whatever! Do something easy that doesn’t require equipment that you can do anywhere.

And if you want to save even more time with this whole morning routine, do your 1 min of physical activity in front of a window to get your dose of sunlight in, extra efficient👌 This burst of physical activity will get your digestion moving and wake up your brain. I don’t often do a full workout in the mornings but even doing this 1 minute of movement helps me feel energized AF🙌

Matcha & MCT Oil Drink: 1 Minute

This is my secret concoction for energy and mental clarity. Actually let’s be real it’s no secret, I’m basically a matcha ambassador and am preaching this to everyone that will listen!😂 Matcha has so many health benefits such as it’s packed with antioxidants, boosts your metabolism, enhances your mood, is rich in chlorophyll, fibre and vitamins and it has some caffeine. It makes you mentally alert and calm at the same time.

I got into matcha when I tried not having coffee for a week and I was hooked! I mean if you are a coffee drinker this is an easy swap. Starbucks has matcha if you want to get it on the go, or you can buy this in larger quantities at David’s tea or off Amazon and make it at home like I do.

It’s as easy as making a cup of tea, just boil some water and mix 1 teaspoon of matcha and 1 teaspoon of MCT oil with milk and sweetener if you like (I mix in almond milk and real maple syrup in mine). You can’t get much simpler, and there’s so much bang for your buck!

What I find really makes this drink amazing for energy is the MCT oil (the drink can’t be too hot when you add it so mix in some cool water or extra milk to lower the temperature). My health nut friend gifted me my first bottle of it and said be prepared to be super productive and feel SHARP. Man was she right!

And it makes sense because MCT oil is just extra refined coconut oil, it’s one ingredient, and that ingredient is brain FUEL. You’ve probably heard how healthy fats are good for your brain, or at least I have, but I didn’t realize a healthy brain meant clarity, sharpness, productivity, and energy.

If someone told me that I would have been dousing olive oil over everything I ate a while ago. But if you didn’t know, now you do! If you want to have energy and feel like the guy from Limitless, have this drink in the morning and again in the afternoon if you need an extra energy kick. Best part is unlike coffee there are no anxious jitters or energy crash😄

 This photo pretty much sums up how joyful my matcha & MCT oil drink makes me feel LOL

This photo pretty much sums up how joyful my matcha & MCT oil drink makes me feel LOL

Oat Bowl: 2 Minutes

My new mindset around nutrition is FOOD IS FUEL. It’s either going to energize you or suck the life out of you👀 I used to eat cereal, a bagel or a breakfast sandwich because I was craving quick digesting carbs for energy in the AM. However I would feel the energy crash a couple hours later and not be productive AT ALL and feel so lethargic and experience intense brain fog.

If you go to work for an employer that feeling is annoying, but when you work for yourself it’s extra frustrating because you aren’t paid hourly, you just try to accomplish as much as possible when you’re working. I found I would have better energy levels and mental clarity if I snacked on a big plate of fruit and veggies while working in the morning, but I wouldn’t feel full. Now my new go breakfast is an oat bowl.

I try to have a balance of complex carbs, fibre, protein, and fats so I’m full AND energized. It’s the sugary and processed foods that produce the energy crash, and since breakfast is your first meal of the day it’s important to not F it up and ruin how you are going to feel the rest of the day.

My oat recipe is again super easy, I make it at the same time as my matcha & MCT oil drink, together they take me just a few minutes to make. All I mix is rolled oats with almond milk, chopped walnuts, berries, and a drizzle of maple syrup and heat it up in the microwave. (I don’t measure anything either, I just make sure there’s enough milk for the oats to soak up) I love eating this most days because it’s healthy, filling and most of all delicious! Thankfully I don’t have to sacrifice a yummy carb-y breakfast in order to feel energized.

When I go through these 5 steps I notice a big improvement in my energy levels throughout the day. And I know we are all busy and strapped for time but setting aside a few minutes in the morning to set your day up to feel your best is worth it in my opinion! If you try out this 5 minute routine comment and let me know if you find it effective and easy to implement!😘

Behind The Scenes of My Rebrand: Content & Audience

Alright time for part 3 of my rebrand process, and one of my favourite topics: content & audience! I grouped these two together because I felt they went hand in hand because the content I create is to serve and attract a specific audience.

Behind the Scenes of My Rebrand: Content & Audience

I actually went about this process backwards than most businesses. I figured out my content strategy before deciding what services I wanted to offer and what my new niche would be.

Then I realized: When you are a business you pick your audience or customer you are serving first then create content for them. BUT if you are a personal brand (ie. A youtuber, a blogger or some type of content creator) you choose what type of content YOU want to create first and let the appropriate audience come to you.

Even though I see myself as a business not a personal brand, the reason I chose the content I wanted to create first was because I was approaching two years in business and was loosing my passion. I felt obligated to stick in my niche and produce content relevant to the people I was already serving. Content after all is how I market my business by demonstrating my knowledge and hopefully solving peoples problems. So for 2 years I was writing blog posts related to brand photography and business.

I enjoyed the people I was working with and the work I was doing, I still adore it! I just felt I had more interests I wanted to dabble in and it took a few months of self reflection to figure out how I really wanted to spend my time.

So my approach to my rebrand was backwards. I decided on the content I felt inspired to create, and then mapped out who my audience was and what services I would offer based off that (I’ll elaborate more on my services and share my website reveal in an upcoming blog post discussing part 4 of my rebrand!)

SO you may be wondering, why create content if you aren’t a blogger or youtuber? Well content is the modern form of advertising, it is what people watch. People don’t pay attention to the majority of ads, they pay attention to content.

Content comes in many forms, a post on Instagram, a blog post, a youtube video, a podcast etc., with content you can market anything! Just talk or write about it or visually show it.

I am a creative person, I love to delve into many creative mediums, topics and styles. And since this shift I felt so EXCITED to write blog posts, film videos and capture photos I LOVED, I felt passionate about what I was creating again.

I gave myself permission to explore and create without limits and just do what made me excited, and not necessarily have a reason behind it. So far I’m eager to share more about mindset and law of attraction, I could talk about it all day. I still love writing about branding, marketing and social media which all tie into business but I also wanted to share more personal stories and my wellness journey on my blog.

So after figuring out what topics I want to talk about I realized my niche is for women striving to live a happy, fulfilled and creative life. AHHH finding clarity around that is a wonderful feeling!!

My niche previously was female entrepreneurs in creative fields (which it still is in a way) but now I want to expand that to be a woman who wants to create and design a life that feels amazing! Being creative doesn’t need a reason or a purpose. You don’t need to only pursue it because you have a business idea or you’re building a brand. I want to show people that you can pursue creativity in any form simply because it brings you joy, it makes life more beautiful and fulfilling.

So during the past few months I’ve been exploring new content I felt called to write about, so I thought I would share some of my blog posts since making this shift in direction.


some examples 

6 Steps to Get Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs. This post was all about mindset (and these tips are almost identical to what a coach told my friend to do which is kinda cool!) This is a process I learned intuitively through my own research and personal experiences.

11 of My Favourite Self Care Habits. This blog post is about wellness, particularly what has worked for me to be on a high vibration and feel my best!

5 Benefits of Having a Side Hustle. This is about my personal experience with “taking a step backward” in life, but allowing myself peace of mind and resources to pursue new goals. Not every move you make looks like it makes sense to people observing you, but I want others to feel confident to do it anyways!

Mental Health: My Tips to Be Happy & Healthy. I dove into my mental health journey in this post, I shared my struggles and my recovery. I also discuss what worked for me to feel better and happier. This was the first vulnerable post I shared, I had to work up the courage to post it. 

4 Reasons to Not be Paid as an Influencer. A bit of a controversial topic about how I think accepting any old brand deal will ultimately hurt your brand in the end and will only benefit the company hiring you.

4 Ways to Monetize Your Blog Without Sponsored Content. After my post about reasons why to not be paid as an influencer I wanted to share how to make money from blogging besides brand deals. There are several ways and they allow you to keep control of your message and be authentic with your audience. Win-win in my opinion!

When to Work for Free and When to Say No. I wrote it because I’m sure every creative person has been approached to do free work at some point, and sometimes it’s great to do! Other times not so much. So I shared my personal experience and a guideline on how to decide which projects are worthwhile and which ones to turn down.

How I Left My 9-5 Job to Start a Business. This is another mindset post, and a very personal journey of mine. This is definitely one of my favourite blog posts because it documents my thoughts very early on when I started my business and it is sentimental to reflect back on.

For my future content you can expect lots more personal experiences mixed in with actionable tips and advice. I’m finally at a place where I’m feeling more confident being my imperfect self through my blog, so don’t be surprised to see that I’m quirky, honest, and emotional on occasion.

You may be wondering what services will I offer? Will this still be a business or just a hobby? Well if you were pondering this question I am going to create stuff that excites me about topics I want to discuss, and I’m going to offer services that best utilize my skills and knowledge. (again I’m going to share more about this in my next rebrand post!)

So YES there’s still a business aspect to it, but my main priority is to be happy and passionate about what I’m creating, money is a bonus, and helping people is an even bigger bonus! But those two things can’t be my sole focus if I’m going to stay true to me, they would just be a wonderful result.

That right there was hard to come to terms with! To create simply because it brings me joy and not worrying about what it will bring me. Maybe that’s something you are struggling with too? If so comment below and share your perspective. And stayed tuned for the last post about my rebrand where I will reveal my website makeover!

The #1 Thing Stopping You From Pursuing a Creative Path

The #1 Thing Stopping You From Pursuing A Creative Path by Charuk Studios

What really holds people back from doing something that excites them? I believe it is people’s opinions of their decisions or actions. Especially those that we care most about.

I love my family with all my heart, but sometimes parents aren’t always the best at supporting our dreams and letting their kids explore who they are as people and individuals. A lot of parents want their kids to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher etc. a profession where they will make a great salary, have job security, and be seen as successful to others in order to live a good life. They want this for their kids because they care! They want the best life possible for their children and they think this is the way.

What parents don’t realize is being forced into a box that’s not meant for you doesn’t feel good ONE BIT🙅‍♀️ And realistically the whole world can’t be doctors, lawyers and teachers, there are other professions and ways to contribute to the world that need to be filled. So it’s just not logistically possible.

If you are brave enough to pursue a creative path (honestly you need to be brave because it’s going against the grain and you will most likely get a lot of push back) then there is a key conversation that I recommend having with your parents, or partner, whoever you love that you feel worried might judge your decision.

You need to tell them all you need from them is to feel loved and accepted. You need to know regardless of the path you choose for yourself you will receive that unconditional love.

Parents might not be able to offer advice, relate to your struggles or understand what it is you do, but they can be excited and supportive for you. I think as creative’s that’s all we ask for, our loved ones support and love. We don’t need you to understand us because we don’t even understand ourselves and our own journey a lot of the time😝

But your parents ultimately want you to be HAPPY and that is what you are pursuing by following your passion and exploring your creativity.

A creative path is not linear and the end is unknown which makes it scary for the creative and loved ones in their life. Everyone is fearful of the unknown! But once you communicate with your loved ones you have the same common goal, which is to be happy & healthy, then the unknown becomes less scary.

Creative endeavours are healing and they are FUN! You shouldn’t feel scared (though I totally can relate) instead think of the fear as butterflies in your stomach, that feeling of mystery and excitement that you are pursuing something amazing.

Sometimes creative career paths are quite lucrative and you can make an amazing and sustainable career out of it! But even if you can’t right away, don’t beat yourself up. Also don’t promise or mislead your parents to think you will become rich after only a year. (I mean if you do then YOU GO GIRL🙌)

The promise I made to my mom was, “let me try this thing out for 3 years, let me experiment and as long as I’m financially able to provide for myself then all is well.” At first it was 3 years to see if I can make a living full time, but now I take it as 3 years to evaluate if this path still makes me just as happy and allows me to live life on my terms.

It was 3 years to show her that I could make it work, that I would be okay and if she was reeeeally worried that I wasn’t contributing to a pension yet then I could still go back to the traditional way of the work force and get a regular job.

Make it clear to your parents, you can always go back to school or go get a job! (People start over all the time, it's never "too late") You might not be as far along as your peers who have dedicated their life to school and worked to build up their resume, but there is always available work, you have applicable skills, you will be okay!!

So sit down and talk to your family, explain to them your fears, your goals but ultimately why you are pursuing this path and how you need time to experiment so you don’t live with regret. They will understand you better and hopefully stop worrying and judging and continue to show you the love and support you need from them.

Sometimes a creative path turns into a career, sometimes it’s a hobby, sometimes it’s a phase, a lesson, a stepping stone to a new opportunity. You can’t predict where your creativity will take you but I can promise it will open up doors you didn’t know existed and allow you to explore new dimensions of yourself💫

Honestly starting a photography business was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I am so happy and thankful for the experiences, the incredible people I’ve met and the growth I went through as a person. It’s hard to describe the amount of joy I feel on a regular basis, but everything in life feels exponentially better when you are on your right path😌

How I Left My 9-5 Job to Start a Business

Quick intro before I dive into this blog, but I dug deep into my hard drive the other day and found something I had written that I never got around to publishing. 

Anyways, I wrote this post around the theme of overcoming self-limiting beliefs, and my biggest obstacle that I ever experienced was mustering up the courage to leave what some people called "the dream job" to pursue my own passion and start a business.

I wrote this in January 2017, 9 months into launching Charuk Studios. When I was reading through it today I was surprised at how much insight I had because everything I wrote I still (a year and a half later) 100% stand behind.

This will be one of those posts I will reread again and again to remind myself why I started, what really matters in my life, and that I can do this!💪

(Side note, the post is more formal that my usual writing style, but it was sweet to look back and see my growth😌)

How I Left My 9-5 Job to Start a Business by Charuk Studios

I’m excited to share my story of how I overcame my self-limiting beliefs of leaving my 9-5 job to starting my own business. I’m Jessica Charuk, the founder, photographer and creative director at Charuk Studios. I launched my business in April 2016, which was only 9 months ago from when I wrote this. Charuk Studios is a film and photography studio that creates custom imagery to best represent the style and brand of a business.

I had been a photographer for a few years previous and had spent a long time learning and perfecting my craft while I was in University and working in the fashion industry. I struggled with the limitations I put on myself and didn’t even realize I was doing it. But once I was able to overcome my negative thoughts, I was able to give up my 9-5 corporate job and pursue my dream career as an entrepreneur.


My Back Story

For a while I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I think a clear sign for me was every time I worked at a job I always daydreamed of how I could improve the business or start my own and make it better. I loved learning about the inner workings of a company, and had a thirst for knowledge that couldn’t be quenched.

I still to this day have this undying love for entrepreneurship because I dream of implementing my own ideas and having control over my future. However I felt that I lacked the practical skills to make it a reality.

I didn’t study business or marketing, I actually went to University for Fashion Communication and graduated with a Bachelor of Design. In University I studied graphic design, fashion journalism, photography, and illustration among other creative fields. Photography is what stuck with me the most.

I was 19 when I starting learning how to use a DSLR camera. I would dream up photo shoot concepts, buy thrift store curtains and sew them into dresses. I would recruit my friends to be models and do their hair and makeup in my mom’s kitchen, then wander through forests or abandoned houses in search of the perfect location. I always loved translating a story through imagery, and photography was my chosen method to do so.

I realized early on that I am most happy and fulfilled when I get to create for others and for myself. I know deep down that is how I am meant to serve the world. I wanted a career where I could fulfill both my passion for photography, creative direction and entrepreneurship, which is how I came up with the idea for Charuk Studios.


My Corporate Job

Let’s rewind to the year before I started my business. A few weeks before I graduated University, I was offered a job as a marketing strategist at a well-known Canadian fashion retailer. I took it without question because it was safe (and also exciting at the time). It was a full time job with benefits and in my field of study, an opportunity any new graduate couldn’t turn down. Also the fears of everyone around me not finding a job in their field and having to resort to minimum wage jobs really worried me.

So I moved 6 hours away and left my friends, boyfriend and family behind to start this new path. I was excited to experience a new city and change up my stagnant routine, and I was ready to soak up everything around me at my new job.

However after a few months in, I felt bored at work and under-utilized. The tasks were repetitive and I didn’t feel challenged. It was during this time I realized how much I valued self-growth; I always wanted to be improving, refining my skill set and learning. I really enjoyed creating for a client, or in this case the company directors. I wanted to plan photo shoots or marketing plans with depth, and meaning. I wanted to create something that would resonate with our customers.

However I quickly learned that a corporate environment is more focused on the numbers (I get it, a company needs to make a profit to be sustainable). Daily I would think, there has to be more. I can actually make a difference in the world with my talents. It’s safe to say I wasn’t feeling happy or fulfilled at my corporate job.

On my commute to and from work I would daydream about my ideal job. I created a mental checklist of everything that fuelled my passion; that I would be excited to do. Getting to know clients on a personal level, collaborating with other creative individuals, telling a story through film and photography, and ultimately creating beautiful imagery. I knew that in order to have a job that met all my criteria I would need to create it myself. Deep down I knew I was meant to run my own business, but I was so fearful. I had too many doubts racing through my mind.

How would I afford my apartment? Where would I find clients? Who would pay me for my service? What would my friends and family think? I can’t charge for my photography, it’s just a hobby!

When I would discuss my ideas with those close to me I was in desperate need of their validation. I wanted them to encourage me to make the leap, I wanted them to believe I could do it.

However I didn’t receive the reaction I had hoped for. Everyone around me had no entrepreneurship experience and didn’t know one thing about starting a business. They thought it was impossible. I took their opinion personally and it took some time for me to realize those were THEIR fears and doubts, not mine! So I decided I could either let those around me dictate my actions or step up and believe in myself and walk my true path, no matter how scary the unknown was.


Launching Charuk Studios and My Advice for Success

Eventually I realized understanding business is only part of entrepreneurship. The biggest hurdle I experienced as a new entrepreneur was shifting my mindset. Instead of thinking my dream was impossible, I forced myself to believe that it was attainable and that I was good enough to achieve it. I had to muster up the courage to speak about my plans boldly to those around me and feel confident in what I had set out to accomplish.

The secret to launching a business is making the leap, because there will never be a perfect time. Something that I stressed about for a while before making the switch was money. I needed a certain amount to sustain my current living situation, and I knew running a business meant I would have additional costs. I was fearful that I would go into debt if I couldn’t find clients right away.

My solution was to reduce my cost of living as much as possible and find some sort of income stream I could depend on while I was in my first year of business. So I sucked up my pride, got rid of my beautiful downtown apartment and moved home with my family. It made sense because I would save on rent, hydro, Internet, transportation, and groceries.

I was fortunate to have my corporate job offer me a part time gig as a freelancer that I could do virtually. This gave me the flexibility to work anytime and anywhere while earning a small income I could live off of. Now I invest what I make from my clients back into my business without having any financial burden.

You may think I lucked out with my situation, but there are many ways you can cut costs and there are numerous ways to bring in a bit of extra money. Get a part time job, sell old belongings, or become an Uber driver! Just stop making excuses and start looking for solutions.

Another key to a successful business is to set goals and then write up a plan of how to achieve them. If you are anything like me, I’m sure you are overflowing with ideas. However you are one person and have a finite amount of time, you cannot execute everything. I am a big believer to do fewer things but do them extremely well instead of pursuing many ideas and not devoting enough time and energy to those projects.

So what is that big, scary dream in your heart? Decide what it is you want, no matter how far out of reach it may seem, and create a plan to turn that dream into a reality. If you lose track of what you had your heart set on, clear your mind and focus on what it is you feel pulled to do. Sometimes our mind, especially when you are a creative person, can feel overwhelmingly cluttered and it is easy to loose sight of what you are working towards.

Since launching Charuk Studios a big part of what has helped my business grow is networking. I approach networking like I would a friendship. I genuinely try to get to know potential clients and figure out how I can help them. I refer them to other businesses, send them articles they would be interested in, feature them on my social media, schedule Skype chats to better get to know each other, share business or photography tips and most of all I offer support and encouragement. 

Doing these acts doesn’t always result in them hiring me for my service, but building a trustworthy relationship is always beneficial. Plus people hire and recommend businesses they know, like and trust, which is why relationships are so vital to a business’s success.


Misconceptions of Working a 9-5 Job vs. Entrepreneurship

For those of you reading this that feel pulled to start a business but have your concerns about leaving your 9-5 job, I want to clear up your misconceptions. I used to believe these thoughts and now my outlook on what shapes an ideal and successful career is completely different.

Firstly, being employed is giving you a false sense of security. Unless you have a job that guarantees you won’t be let go, all companies could downsize, go bankrupt, outsource your job, or be replaced with younger, cheaper employees. And if you lose your job, you lose your whole single stream of income.

When I realized that one of my biggest reasons for not quitting my job was a complete misconception, I no longer felt pressured to stay because it was secure. I opened my mind up to the possibilities of running a business and now I know this will be the more secure route in the future.

I am building a roster of clients, a loyal audience, and generating multiple streams of income. And a business can be scaled. You stop trading your time for money by outsourcing or hiring employees and you become in control of how much you earn. You don’t have to wait for a raise from your boss. When you run your own business you can increase your rates, market more to book extra clients or launch a new product. The possibilities to grow your wealth are endless!

Also for some reason people think they need to make a lot of money to successfully be an entrepreneur. But if you could do a job you love and work with clients you adore and even just match your current income, wouldn’t that be better than going to a job you are unhappy working at?

Waking up every morning feeling energized, excited to work, and free to control your day is truly priceless! So no, I don’t believe you need to be making 6 figures to be successful. You’ve won the ultimate vision of success if you are living a life you love.

Changing my mindset was a game changer for me and was the factor that pushed me to launch my business. When I realized I was now on the right path, my self-doubt started to melt away. When I begin to question whether this was the right decision or pressure myself to be more and achieve more, I step back and accept that I am doing what I am meant to and have to trust the timing of my life.

It really is exciting being in the beginning stages of running a business and pursuing a dream. I feel so blessed and at peace knowing that if money wasn’t an issue and I could have any job in the world, I would still be running Charuk Studios and creating beautiful brand photography and films for business owners (actually just creating period!) 

Whatever your dream is, I say go after it and live a life without regret.

Behind the Scenes of My Rebrand: Meaning Behind the Name & Logo

Woohoo! Time to share part 2 of my rebrand: the meaning behind my business name and new logo! (If you missed it, read part 1 of my rebrand here)

This post is honestly overdue. I chose the name Charuk Studios even before I officially launched as a business! I changed my Instagram handle back in University when I was solely focused on school and getting a job post graduation, so I must have had some intuition I would pursue something down the line.

I want to finally explain my thought process when I chose my business name because people have assumed Charuk Studios is a physical studio space, which has been a bit awkward and a let down when I tell people it’s not.😅 There’s actually a different reason behind my name choice and I thought that would make a good story to share.

Behind the Scenes of My Rebrand: Meaning Behind the Name & Logo by Charuk Studios

Also for a couple months I was contemplating switching my business name to just my name, Jess Charuk. That opened a whole can of worms because it would make sense if I were to shift and be a personal brand (I'm in the process of doing) but in the end I decided to keep Charuk Studios because there was a lot of meaning behind the name that I didn’t realize. I’ll explain.🤗


The Name

First part is that Charuk Studios is a creative studio. I wanted to offer a variety of services and not be limited by what I could do by my business name. I say this because when I started photography I made my Instagram Jessica Charuk Photography. But I quickly changed it once I realized how the name could keep me from growing and evolving.

Now I’m very thankful because in addition to photography I also offer videography, creative direction and I’m adding coaching for aspiring creators and business owners, and eventually I’d love to add speaking to that list. So yes there’s a variety I’m interested in! And of course I love sharing my thoughts through my blog.

The second meaning behind Charuk Studios (I realized recently when I dug deeper) was I love to create anywhere! I think it’s a beautiful dream to want to own a physical studio place, but that’s not mine right now. For now I love having the flexibility to create anywhere. I am deeply inspired by my environment, I love travelling to new places and am always exploring new locations for photo shoots. I even rent different studios to use because I love to change it up. I honestly see the world as my studio!🤩

Down the line when I buy property for myself to live in, I totally envision making my future home my studio! Not a separate room, but designing each individual room to be lovely and a stunning place to style and create in. I really like blending my life and work, I don’t see them as separate parts of me, so therefore why not blend my home and studio together? My business name kind of represents that too in a way. Charuk represents me and Studios represents my work, they go together to create one blended entity.


The Logo

So I love the name Charuk Studios and kept it! However I did change my logo during my rebrand. After choosing the words feminine, vibrant and playful to describe my aesthetic I wanted my logo to embody those words to keep the whole brand consistent. (Read more about my rebrand's visual direction here!)

My designer, Christina, did this buy choosing a lovely and whimsical cursive font paired with a classic san serif. I love what she designed because it doesn’t feel too girly or bridal which can sometimes happen when using a cursive font for a logo. It really just feels carefree and effortless. Ahh I love. And seeing it in different colours is so pretty, that ties in the vibrancy.💕

Charuk Studios Logo

I wanted a whole post dedicated to the name and logo because I believe a name isn’t that important when you start a business, the brand’s reputation really is what makes a name. But choosing something that has personal meaning to you and has a story will make it timeless even if no one else understands it. And really, who doesn’t love a good story?

So now you all know how I chose my name and why it’s special to me. I would love to hear how you named your blog or business and the meaning behind it!


If you are having trouble defining your brand direction download my FREE brand questionnaire to help refine your vision and pick an appropriate name for your business or blog.😊