12 Steps to Prepare for Your Brand Photo Shoot

Oh man, I'm sure you're thinking 12 steps to prepare for my brand photo shoot?? That sounds overwhelming! ๐Ÿ˜ Let me assure you it's less intimidating than it seems. I'm a brand photographer and go through all these steps with my clients! I just don't tell them there are 12 steps to not scare them off ๐Ÿ˜‰

And you are probably reading this post because you have a brand photo shoot coming up or you are thinking about booking one. You have lots to plan and get done in your biz so let's cut to the chase & dive into the 12 steps shall we? 

PS. To make this blog post even more fun, I'm going to share little sneak peaks of my planning process to create my own brand visuals ๐Ÿ˜„

Prepare for brand shoot.jpg


1. Research photographers

When you start thinking about booking a photo shoot for your business research the different photographers in your area, maybe there is a photographer who specializes in brand photography to help coordinate the shoot details and is familiar with styling, prop sourcing, location scouting, etc.

When inquiring make sure to ask what dates the photographer has available and when then images will be retouched and delivered. This is important if you need the photos by a certain date.

So for me, all the photos on my website and Instagram without me in them I take myself ๐Ÿ˜Š But I do need a hand when I want to be in a shot. I've been working with a couple friends and photographers to take my photo. I still plan how I want the shot to look, my outfit, posing, how I'll edit it, but using a tripod is a pain in the butt! And it's way more fun to work with a friend for the day taking photos of each other.๐Ÿค—


2. Do your brand research

Before you start diving into the fun planning process you must define your brand direction. I help clients do this with my brand questionnaire. It includes 19 in-depth questions that help a business owner figure out the specific details of their brand they may not have considered before. 

It covers topics like which colours and visual elements represent their brand, key words that describe their style and mood and to describe their target audience. If you are interested you can download my brand questionnaire here!

My favourite two questions I love asking business owners are how you are different from other businesses in your industry? And what brands inspire your style?

A big belief of mine is to be inspired but never directly copy! No two brands are alike, and I aim to show that through the visuals.

In the case of my brand, other people that offer similar services to me are Ale Vidal, Lish Creative Studio Bicyclette, and Jennavieve Films. All these ladies are soooo inspiring and amazingly talented! Sometimes it's hard to not get discouraged at how incredible other creators are, but I choose to let it inspire me and focus on what makes me different.

Brands that inspire my style are Anthropologie, Luxy Hair, Ohh Couture and LaurDIY (ugh so obsessed with their Instagram feeds below๐Ÿ˜). I draw inspiration from fashion and beauty brands as well as from bloggers and Youtubers.  

I look to other photographers and videographers to learn from their techniques but I get my style inspiration from completely different brands. That ensures I'm never copying someone but I'm defining my own unique brand style.


3. Collect lots of visuals

So after a client writes out all the key elements of their brand direction, it should be pretty clear how we will design their brand photo shoot. When I hear the words fresh, feminine, playful, vibrant (these are actually my brand words) I want to make sure the client and I are on the same page. So the next step is to collect lots of visuals to bring those words to life!

I create a secret board on Pinterest that the client and I can both add photos to. We pin a variety of images that showcase the theme, mood, key words, style, subject matter, editing style etc. We also make sure the photos are reflective of the colour palette.

It's hard to tell a brand's aesthetic from just one or two photos, so I like to have 10-20 photos that are all a little bit different but flow together. Then the brand's aesthetic becomes very clear!

Below is a screenshot of my Pinterest board I created for my brand direction. (I have a lot more photos saved but I'll just share a peak๐Ÿ˜‰

Charuk Studios Pinterest Board


4. Prop source

A brand photo shoot is about showcasing your product or service and the lifestyle that goes with it. These are not plain product photos or headshots, the photos need to tell a story. Props help bring a brand to life!

Since I work with creative entrepreneurs and my style is playful yet feminine, a few props that I like to incorporate into my photos are:

  • Flowers (I'm obsessed, love a good flower moment)
  • Coffee (again I love working at coffee shops so this is appropriate)
  • My camera & laptop (what I use when working and show people I'm a photographer/videographer)
  • Pressed juice or smoothie (kinda random but I have them often & self care is part of my brand message)
  • Desserts (something pretty that makes a photo more interesting, also I have a huge sweet tooth!)
  • Pen & notebook (I'm always journaling for my biz & planning out future goals)


5. Location scout

An interesting and unique location tells more of a story than just a plain studio. It depends on the mood, style and emotions you want to evoke in your customer, because that can be translated through the location of your shoot.

For example, if your brand is edgy & urban a good location would be a graffiti wall. If your brand is fresh and serene, an appropriate location would be a beach.

Location is just another layer of a photo shoot to tie in all the different aspects of a brand.

My favourite locations when I need visuals for my brand are anywhere with flowers (gardens, blossoming trees, field of flowers, etc.) pretty cafe's and restaurants, colourful walls/buildings and ornate architecture.

When I travelled to Europe I was in heaveeeeeeeeen! Everywhere I went was a picturesque location for photos. See for yourself in my London & Ireland blog posts! But I can't complain, Toronto has lots of beautiful locations too.


6. Pull wardrobe, hair & makeup inspo

Something to add to your Pinterest board when planning your brand photo shoot are photos of wardrobe, hair and makeup ideas. It's a good idea to add them to the board to ensure everything is cohesive, and Pinterest is fiiiiiilled with inspiration so you will be able to find lots of ideas.

I personally find it easier to put together an outfit when I have a photo to reference. And I know stylists and makeup artists will better understand the look you are going for when you show them a photo. NEVER just describe it... always show them a photo.


7. Shop for new outfits

Once you have a few ideas of what to wear, you should search through your wardrobe (or a friend's) to see what you already have that fits your brand vision. If you need anything additional, then it's time to go shopping!!

Definitely buy something you would love to wear again. I always look for pieces I can wear in more than one setting. For example I look for dresses that I can wear casually on the weekend or dress up with heels and jewellery to wear our dancing. Or blouses that I think are pretty and feminine to wear on a date but not too revealing so I still could wear them to a networking event.

The key is to buy something versatile that is also on-brand for your business. Need a few more wardrobe tips? Check out my blog post 12 Wardrobe Tips for Your Personal Brand Photo Shoot!

Also side note, I absolutely love when clients send me photos of the outfits they are considering! I can then picture what look would suit each location or even offer styling suggestions. I like to be their confidant, I'm there to reassure you made an awesome choice and to offer advice if requested๐Ÿค—


8. Book hair and makeup for the photo shoot

Once your photo shoot date and location is set and all the details are planned out, the next step is to find a hair stylist and makeup artist whose work you love and book them for the morning of your shoot.

This is something I handle for my clients so it's less stress for them. It's also included in the price of my packages, which is a nice treat for clients so they feel pampered the day of their shoot! 


9. Make a shot list

A step in planning I find essential is to make a list of every shot you and the client (or you and your photographer) plan to capture. This ensures nothing is forgotten during the chaos of the shoot and that everyone is on the same page๐Ÿ‘Œ

Examples of different shots are flatlays that are eye-catching for a website banner, images that are off center so there's room for text, shots of your workspace, you working, lifestyle headshots and/or photos of products youโ€™ve made.


10. Beauty Treatments

A few days or a week before your shoot do any beauty treatments you want to look your best (ie. a fresh hair cut and colour, manicure, eyebrow wax, facial, spray tan, etc.)

This is optional of course, everyone has a different beauty regime! If any beauty treatments are part of your routine may as well plan to get them done before your shoot to feel extra fresh and fabulous, am I right?!

I mean, don't experiment with a spray tan for the first time the day before your shoot. You don't want to look like you just came from the Jersey Shore, ya know?๐Ÿ˜…

I'm all about a cute manicure though!๐Ÿ’… Your hands will most likely be seen in the photos, and your photog will not clean them up when retouching.... make everyone's life easy and just get the mani๐Ÿ˜



11. Prep & rest

The night before your photo shoot make sure to get lots of rest, you are going to need lots of energy when shooting (& you want to avoid those dark circles & puffy eyes if you can) This is honestly hard for me because I'm so excited/anxious that I can't fall asleep easily. But hopefully that's not the case for you. Or well there's always coffee๐Ÿ˜ดโ˜•๏ธ

Also pack up everything you need and wash your hair the day before. Most stylists like to work with hair that hasn't been freshly washed since it holds the style better.

And before bed prep skin for makeup the next day. Nothing crazy, just stick to the usual cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and maybe a face mask if you're feeling extra.


12. Donโ€™t stress!

Giiiiiirl that pimple can be covered with makeup or edited out in photoshop, so please don't stress! And if you've followed all these steps you are MORE than prepared, so I can assure you your shoot will go smoothly.

Also you look HOT, stop worrying about looking chubby in the photos! (this used to be me so I can relate) But your photog will pose you to look great, will shoot good angles and in the most flattering light. There's no need to stress about loosing 10 pounds before your photo shoot, instead focus on loving yourself at every size, age, & milestone.


  Download the Elevate Your Photos checklist above to learn my tips & tricks to capture beautiful photos!

Download the Elevate Your Photos checklist above to learn my tips & tricks to capture beautiful photos!

I hope you found these 12 steps helpful. Know that these photos are documenting your journey (of biz and life!) while showcasing YOU as the face of your brand. If you are making the investment in brand photography, you are investing in yourself! Pat yourself on the back, because that is AMAZING.

I know you are totally going to rock your brand photo shoot, now relax and have fun babe!๐Ÿ˜˜


11 Of My Favourite Self Care Habits

SELF CARE. Okay so I see this term getting thrown around a lot, like what does self care even mean? Well if I were to define it I would say it is anything that makes you feel good mentally, physically and or spiritually.

Self care may be looked at to some as indulgent or unnecessary, but it is quite the opposite. It takes discipline and commitment to practice weekly or even daily self care. If you learn the hard way (like I did) how important self care is then you know it is a necessity (Want a recap? I talk about my struggle with mental health during university in the post here)

Basically with such busy and stressful lives everyone needs to wind down, relax, and let their bodies and minds rest. This is what self care allows. It is about balance and moderation, itโ€™s about doing things that make you feel amazing! When I say amazing I mean physically energized, mentally calm, clear and most of all, confident. With that being said, letโ€™s dive into my favourite 11 self care habits!

11 Of My Favourite Self Care Habits by Charuk Studios



1. Gym & Dance Class

I count exercise at the gym and dance class as self care practices. They boost my endorphins, keep me physically fit, allow me to sweat out toxins, and reduce stress. But these activities are physically demanding so I try not to push it to the point that I am exhausted and always sore on my days off. 3-4 days a week seems to be my sweet spot!


2. Yoga & Stretching

I like to balance my intense physical activity with something more gentle like stretching or yoga. My body feels so good after a good stretch! I feel limber, mentally clear, and relaxed. Also if you are working out regularly stretching helps decrease muscle soreness, reduces the risk of injury, and increases range of motion and flexibility. Since I started taking dance classes again a few months ago, I noticed I needed to incorporate more stretching into my routine so I could preform the choreography better and protect my lower back. (I injured it in high school so it's sensitive to certain activities like dance)


3. Massages

I realized I was carrying a lot of tension in my back, neck and shoulders (I assume from being hunched working on my laptop) and I already had a bad lower back, so knowing this I started incorporating massages into my routine. This is a new habit for me, I have been going about once a month since moving to Toronto. This might sound super luxurious, but it's really not! I go to a place in Chinatown that quite affordable, and they reeeeeally work on your knots. It's actually kind of painful during the massage, but my body feels loose and relaxed afterwards!


4. Sauna & Steam Bath

I swear there's nothing better after a good workout than relaxing in the sauna or steam bath. The difference between them is a sauna has a dryer heat which promotes muscle relaxation. I love going in the sauna after any of the above activities I listed since my muscles are usually sore after doing them.

A steam bath is a more humid heat, it makes you sweat, A LOT. It's awesome if you are wanting to sweat out extra water weight (my friend does this to tighten up before a shoot) but for me I love how my skin feels afterwards, since sweating is your bodies natural way of detoxifying.


5. Smoothies & Juice

I love starting my day with a smoothie! It's an easy and delicious way to get a few servings of fruit and veggies (I like berries, pineapple, a handful of spinach and sometimes banana in mine). I always feel my bod is thanking me when I feed it a smoothie.

Sometimes when I'm out I'll get one as a snack or a fresh pressed juice. I'm sure my body is thinking, what no coffee?! Don't you just feel like a health nut when you have a pressed juice or smoothie? Maybe it's just me lol ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Mind & Spirit


6. Meditation

I love how quick, easy and effective meditation is to do. This is a habit I try to do daily because it really sets the tone for the day. I use it as a way to quiet my mind and tap into my intuition. If I have any big decision or action to take in my life, I meditate beforehand.


7. Journaling

Journaling is something I've done forevaaaaa! My mom is my witness because from a young age (and still to this day) use up all her notepad paper scribbling down random notes. She would get annoyed when she had to take a message or write down a reminder because I used all the notepad paper and have stacks of notes in my room, or uhh around the house ๐Ÿ˜ (sorry mom!)

Iโ€™m not a letโ€™s journal my life and share my darkest secrets, more like I need to write down my random ideas, my to do list, my goals, even just whats bothering me and how to work through it. Journaling helps me organize and articulate my thoughts and feelings.


8. Affirmations

I practice writing out affirmations and rewriting my beliefswhen Iโ€™m trying to overcome negative thinking patterns. This is similar to journaling, it's the step I do after writing out my thoughts. If I'm stressed about money, feeling lost in my career, having problems with a friend, I write out my beliefs around those topics. I go general so I believe them and then slowly get more and more specific until I change my perspective entirely. 

That probably sounds confusing, but here's an example:

Problem/my thought: My friend won't talk to me, I must have done something to upset her. (something currently bothering me that's on my mind)

General belief: Everyone gets busy and goes through hard times, people need their own space. (a statement that I already believe that brings me some peace of mind)

New specific belief: My friendships are strong, we can get through any hardship and communicate our feelings openly. (maybe something I doubted at first but after cleaning up my negative thoughts I believed this statement more) 


9. Nature Walks

Being out in nature is a definite mood booster for me, I consider walks a great way to clear my head and reduce stress. Nature is seriously magical, something about plants, fresh air and silence do wonders for your mind. Now going on nature walks were much easier to do when I lived in London. Now that I live in downtown Toronto there's less green space, but I enjoy walking down by the harbourfront!



10. Music & Dancing

Now we are getting to my favourite part of my self care list! I fully believe everyone should do more things that increase their confidence. Confidence affects every area of our life, from our relationships & dating, to our careers, our health, etc! For me listening to upbeat music and dancing by buns off is my biggest confidence booster. I think it's because I am having fun and feel so energized, that I care less what people think and just focus on how amazing I feel!

I take every opportunity I get to incorporate these two into my life. I listen to music when I'm getting ready, cleaning, and cooking, and I'm not gonna lie, I dance a little too. But I also love going out with my friends and dancing at the bars and of course taking dance classes like I mentioned above.


11. Manicures

My fav thing to do in my free time is get a manicure. Something about having nice nails makes me feel awesome and that I have my life together LOL. Ok maybe that's kinda weird, but I'm sure we all have little tricks that make us fee hot & confident, so I just embrace it ๐Ÿ˜˜

So babes if you have read this far, I hope you got that the takeaway from this blog post is that everyone has different things that make them feel great, and whatever they are, you should do MORE of it!

Whether itโ€™s an activity that improves how your body feels, takes care of your mind and spirit, or increases your confidence, label it as a self care activity and do that *ish alllll the time!

Imagine if you did something each day to take care of you, to appreciate and love yourself, how would you feel? How would your life change over time?

5 Benefits of Having a Side Hustle

In my last post I shared about my recent move to Toronto and certain decisions I had to make when I moved. They werenโ€™t the easiest decisions, such as moving in with two people I didnโ€™t know (but I ended up really good friends with them! So that worked out in my favour) and โ€ฆ getting a JOB. Lol oh how much I (plus probably every entrepreneur) dreads that word.

Before I moved I pondered either:

A)   Living at home with my family and saving money while trying to book clients 6+ months ahead, THEN moving out whenever that time came, OR

B)   Just making the leap and financially figuring out a solution.

So I chose option B because Iโ€™m like the least patient person I know (my friends canโ€™t handle the extent of my spontaneity๐Ÿ˜…)

I think my biggest internal struggle was thinking about what other people thought about my decision. I personally didnโ€™t mind finding a part time job because I was craving social interaction and work friends again. (If you work from home full time you can probs relate to that feeling)

So YEAH how upsetting to be deterred to do something because you are worried about what other people think?? Iโ€™ve made that mistake before, and I didnโ€™t want to make it again.

But what I remind myself is that people โ€œjudgingโ€ you arenโ€™t living your life, they wonโ€™t have to live with the repercussions if you decide not to do something you really want to!

I was worried about how people would perceive my new part time job, which is why I didnโ€™t share about it AT ALL for 2 months. Then I had a good convo with a close friend one day, and she said she admired my hustle! She didnโ€™t think I should be embarrassed at all but that I was a good role model to show people how they can make it work, and have no excuses when it comes to pursuing their dream.

Wow so that shifted my perspective completely. Now I believe if you are making moves, big or small, in the direction of your dreams you have nothing to be worried or embarassed about!

And this was a very good reminder to myself that building a business or accomplishing any goal isnโ€™t a direct path. You might side step, take a few steps back, launch forward, or start all over. Thereโ€™s no wrong journey.

So no more feeling embarrassed about what your work/biz situation is, and no more caring about what people think! Instead I wanted to share 5 benefits of having a side hustle, because if you are hustling making that dream of yours work, you better believe there are several upsides ๐Ÿ˜‰

5 Benefits of Having a Side Hustle by Charuk Studios

1)   Better work ethic

Since some of your working hours will be spent part time at a job, you develop a strong work ethic to finish everything you need to for your biz because your have limited time.

Personally I find Iโ€™m better at scheduling my days now that Iโ€™m balancing work, my biz, dance classes, time with friends, among other things. When I had my days completely to myself I would be less strict with scheduling everything in. I thought if I didn't finish a task it could always get done tomorrow instead.


2)   Keeps your fire lit

Working hard at a part time job makes you work harder at your dream. By doing a job that you arenโ€™t passionate about it fuels you to keep working on your dream and making that your full time source of income.

If you work at a place where you have to deal with customers that are rude and disrespectful, or managers that micromanage or undervalue youโ€ฆ that will drive you crazy after a while! If your job doesnโ€™t have your dream circumstances then itโ€™s a constant reminder of the freedom you ultimately desire of being your own boss.


3)   Meet new people

Working with coworkers and customers is a natural form of networking. In business you MUST meet people, plain and simple!! You need to figure out your clients/customers pain points and articulate what solution you are providing them.

LOL Iโ€™m so annoying to my coworkers, if they say they like watching my Insta stories, I pry for more details. What do you like about them? What content is your fav? Do you like learning or prefer to be entertained?

And if I meet someone who also has some sort of side biz or passion I ask how they market, grow their following, got their first opportunity etc. You can learn and get feedback from the people you meet. You canโ€™t just keep relying on your momโ€™s advice for whatโ€™s working and whatโ€™s not in your biz (sorry mom, love youuuu๐Ÿ˜˜)


4)   Extra financial resources

An obvious benefit of having a side hustle is having extra money to invest in your business and another source of income that is consistent and reliable. As an entrepreneur you don't always know when you will get paid next, so having something part time makes life less stressful financially.

Or if your side hustle can support your cost of living then you have complete freedom to build your business without worrying about how to pay your bills. 

Or maybe you just want a bit of extra money so you can outsource other tasks that you arenโ€™t skilled at (ie. You drive for Uber a few days a week so you can hire a professional to design your website)

Either way, money is a resource and sometimes you just need more of it to make shit happen! ๐Ÿ™Œ


5)   Learn applicable skills

Lastly a benefit that is often overlooked of a side hustle is the applicable skills you will acquire! No experience is useless experience. Try to maximize what you can learn and the opportunities available at your part time job and apply them to your biz. For instance Iโ€™m learning a lot about branding and customer service from the restaurant Iโ€™m at.

Customer service makes sense, Iโ€™m literally helping customers my whole shift. But the branding part caught me off guard. The management is very conscious of setting themselves apart from their competitors and educating their staff on these points.

And a bonus lesson, it provides daily practice for me to control my vibration. The hospitality industry is fast paced and difficult at times, so when Iโ€™m faced with a problem Iโ€™m getting better at controlling my reaction and not letting a bad circumstance affect my mood and vibration.


So to wrap this up, remember you have so many resources around you that you can utilize, there really is no excuse to NOT pursue your passion. On bad days I just remind myself how blessed I am to live in Canada, and to live in an era with the INTERNET! The fact that the economy is good and I live in a city full of opportunities is something I am thankful for. There are people that would looooove to work at the job you have, so don't take it for granted. Use it to fuel you more!๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜„

Alright that summarizes all the benefits I could think of for having a side hustle, can you think of others? Comment below! ๐Ÿค—

7 Tips to Smoothly Move to a New City

One of my goals for 2018 was to move to Toronto (read my 2018 resolutions here) and it was something I accomplished a lot sooner than anticipated. I moved at the end of January so I've been here for a couple months, and I have to say I am absolutely loving it!

Moving to a new city is both stressful and exciting. I've moved several times and always had a lot of anxiety about it. There's a lot to figure out, from who you will live with, finding an apartment within your budget, signing a lease, packing... UGH packing.

This was my 6th time moving (since starting university) and it does get easier, which I think comes with more practice and the right mindset.

My move to Toronto and tips to move smoothly.jpg

I want to provide a lil' backstory before I dive into my tips for moving to a new city because I actually lived in Toronto before, so it's not all that new to me! I used to study at Ryerson University in Toronto and lived here for 4 years.

Moving back at 25 is a lot different than when I was 18. I'm more confident, go with the flow and at ease with life than when I was teenager.

Basically when I was 18 I was worried to make new friends, sad to move away from my boyfriend, and hella stressed about finding a part time job and starting university classes.

Now I'm super pumped to meet new friends, meet cute guys, try new clubs & restaurants, (very relieved I'm not a student any longer) & I feel confident everything will work out! This mindset shift made the move easier because I was more excited than stressed.

Besides absolutely loving big cities there were a few reasons why I specifically chose to move to Toronto.

  1. Big city = larger client base for my biz. (my options if I wanted to stay in Canada were Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver)
  2. No language barrier. (had to cross Montreal off my list for this reason, because if you have a biz there everything needs to be bilingual!)
  3. Close to my family. (Vancouver is just way too far and Canada has insanely expensive domestic flights :| )
  4. Beautiful locations for photo shoots. (definitely a priority as a content creator)
  5. The city has Class Pass! (meaning I could take dance, yoga, & kickboxing classes again, something I missed doing)
  6. Have several friends that live in Toronto. (who doesn't want to be surrounded by friends?!)
  7. Many fun things to see & do! (I love exploring and Toronto has endless neighbourhoods, restaurants and attractions to see)
  8. Work part time at a fun restaurant on the harbourfront. (I wanted a part time job so I could meet new people and make extra $$)

So even though this change was scary, there were so many reasons I was excited for it and knew it would make my life more enjoyable! Also I've been really into Law of Attraction lately and learning more about it, so when it came to moving I tried implementing a few strategies that made my move a smooth an easy transition.


7 Tips to Smoothly Move to a New City


1. Make a list of your goals & priorities.

It's important to determine your unique goals and priorities to see which city you should be in to accomplish them. For me it was important to move to a city where my business could grow. And I've always been a city girl at heart so there are really only a few options I could move to if I wanted to stay in Canada.

Besides growing my business, I had several personal goals such as to take dance, yoga and boxing classes. (I use ClassPass which let's me try a variety of fitness classes in the city!) meet more like-minded business friends (check! I've met several awesome new friends so far :D) and go out more often! Priorities of mine for 2018 were to meet new people and try out cool, new places. A large city meant more selection.

There are honestly a lot more reasons why I chose Toronto. But the deciding question for me was, is moving here going to get me closer to how I want my life to be? I encourage you to ask yourself this if you are considering to move.


2. Meditate on the decision.

I think a lot of people make decisions out of fear. Some examples:

I need to move in with my partner otherwise they will break up with me.

I need to take this job because there are no jobs in my field.

I can't travel, the world is too dangerous right now.

These are decisions based out of fear and your limiting beliefs. I find the only way to stop these negative thoughts is to quiet your mind, and you can do this through meditation.

It's important to make decisions because they feel good, not because you are scared and feel there is no other option. By meditating you are stopping these negative thoughts or fears, which in terms of Law of Attraction is removing resistance.

For a while I meditated on the decision of where to move. I had a lot of uncertainty and doubts for several months beforehand. Like who will I live with? Will I be able to afford it? Should I travel more or settle down? I slowly stopped worrying about these details by meditating and the right decision became clear for me.


3. Make a budget.

Making a budget removes quite a bit of stress around moving and gives you guidelines for what kind of living arrangements you can afford. Questions to ask yourself:

If you work full time, what is your take home pay each week?

If you have a business, how much do you make on average per month? How far ahead are you booked?

Do you have savings to fall back on?

Do you need an extra source of income?

I decided when I moved to Toronto to get a part time job for extra income. I calculated how many hours I would need to work to cover my living expenses and I still had a few days a week to work on my biz. Now any money I make from my business is extra and will be put back into growing it.

A pretty simple strategy but before having this plan I had no idea how to make it work, or if I had to wait until I was booked 6 months ahead before I could be financially secure.


4. Get clear on what you want.

This step is fun! And an important step of using Law of Attraction is to define what you want. Start with big factors such as do you want to live near the ocean, somewhere with a backyard, a place where you can learn a new language, somewhere close to family? These questions influence which city you will want to live in.

Once you decide the city or town you can get more specific and decide how you want your accommodations to look, your budget, what kind of roommate you want (or if you want to live alone), if there is a certain neighbourhood you want to be situated, etc.


5. Don't stress.

Again a very important step! Once you have a clear vision of where you want to move and what you want it to look and feel like, it's key to not worry or stress during the process of it manifesting. I know it's hard to not worry if something will happen when it hasn't yet, but you must have faith it is on the way.


6. Keep an open mind. 

A lot of my steps aren't actions, but a certain mindset. By keeping an open mind to the things coming into your life allows you to receive something you may not be expecting. The universe knows what you want better than you could articulate.

For example, have you ever really wished for something in your life, but something better came instead? Yeah that was the universe delivering your deepest desires! Ones that you didn't even realize you asked for.


7. Have fun!

The last step is to have fun during the process! When you are having fun you raise your vibration and attract experiences of a similar vibration. I know it sounds crazy, but as soon as I started really focusing on my mood and the energy I put out into the world, good things came back to me.

So if you want to improve any area of your life whether it be getting that dream job, making amazing new friends, or moving to a new city, you need to raise your vibration to match it.

Easiest way to do this is to have fun, and fill your life with love, joy and positivity.


Okay that's all my advice on this subject, but honestly these tips apply to so much more than moving to a new city! I'm using my own advice in different areas of my life and hope you find them helpful too <3

Barcelona Elopement Video

Barcelona Elopement Video by Charuk Studios

First off, creating this video made me miss Barcelona sooo much!! How beautiful is this place!? If you've never travelled to Barcelona, add it to your bucketlist because this place is a dream <3

Secondly, I know an elopement video, this isn't very "on brand" for me. But staying on brand has not been my thing lately. Experimentation is where I'm at. (I'm all about dance classes, dating apps, & new types of blog content!)

So for a while I was curious about creating an elopement video and working with couples. I saw the similarities between brand videos and elopement videos, such as being able to tell a story, plan the creative direction, capture emotion and the uniqueness of my subject. Just instead of a brand story I would be telling a love story.

Honestly I'm down for that! I love couples in love, I'm not one of those cynical single people, I truly love LOVE.

I had a blast working with this couple, and what I learned is a couple is waaaay more natural at being intimate than a pair of models that don't know each other. There's no acting involved in this video, it's pure, honest emotion.

If you guys heard the original audio from these clips it's me giving directions then swooning over their cuteness. Don't believe me? Watch it below, then watch it again because they are just that cute!!

So this is the first glimpse of a new service I will be adding to my website soon. Exciting things to come guys ;)

And a big thanks to Rebecca of Barcelona Brides for coordinating this special day!