Behind The Scenes of My Rebrand: The Visual Direction

OMG yayyyy I’ve been anticipating this topic for a while now, and I’m so so excited to share a behind the scenes look at my rebrand!🤩

Behind the Scenes of My Rebrand: The Visual Direction by Charuk Studios

Visual direction is my favourite part of a brand. It’s the part that gets you hooked, makes you hit follow on insta and buy all the cute stuff in their photos.

Visual direction can be seen as superficial (because let’s be real how deep can we get with some pretty styled flat lays?) But I view it as a way a person or brand expresses them self, it’s their style and how they see the world translated through visuals. Pretty cool when you think of it that way right?

Not gonna lie, it took me a while to find my style. When I was starting out I was influenced by other creators that were doing well and thought I should adopt their style if I wanted to be successful. I was always striving to produce beautiful work and took inspiration for those around me. I think its okay to take inspiration from other creators of course, but never okay to copy. (One because its plagiarism and not cool. Two because its not authentic to you!)

I knew I always loved anything pink and feminine, but when I wasn’t as “in tune” with myself I strayed to a more classy/sophisticated look.

But now I know myself so much better! I’m silly and playful (that’s just how I’ve always been) so I love love love incorporating a playful spin on my images.

I adore colourful, rich, vibrant hues and interesting textures, candid moments, beautiful locations, flirty dresses, and flowers galore! Those are just some things that make my heart sing.💖

I believe your brands style/visual direction should make you excited, and you should be obsessed with your OWN social media feed & website!😍

So my rebrand wasn’t about what was trending, what people would be drawn to or pay more money for. It was purely a representation of everything I love!

Here’s a comparison of my feed 2 years ago and how it is currently. You can see my style’s evolution, but also how some things remained the same. 😊

(My current Instagram on the left & my older feed on the right)

Now to throw in a lil’ mindset talk: I believe as people we make decisions from one of two states. Either from our “ego state” which is when we consider how other people will think of our decision. Or from our “higher self” which is when we truly only care about what we (us as individuals lol) think of our decision.

I can reflect back on a lot of decisions I’ve made in the past and determine if I made it from an ego state or if I was in tune with my higher self. And my brand and aesthetic is one of them. Which is why I’m so thrilled to have it finally represent me and I’m in a place where I love it and am not worried about other people’s opinion.

You may be wondering, how did I discover my style? Well after doing tons of photo shoots you start to notice what you enjoy photographing and what you get excited about. But also travel heavily influenced me as well.

I started taking more photos of myself when I was travelling Europe in the fall and it made me more comfortable being in front of the camera. I started figuring out what I liked for MY brand. Usually my focus is on figuring out the style of other business owners and translating that through visuals. So focusing on what I was drawn to was refreshing!

(Photos in Europe)

Then this winter after I moved to Toronto there were so many pretty locations in the city I had yet to explore. I wanted to plan more shoots for my brand and my playful, colour-loving side started to come out.

(Photos in Toronto)

Then in June I took a quick trip to LA and that trip reaffirmed everything I loved! I felt like that city was meant for me. I wanted to take a photo in every corner of that city it was so pretty and inline with my aesthetic!

I’m just such a happy, vibrant, positive person and it shows through what I’m attracted to visually. I’m thankful travelling helped me discover that, well more so uncover that because I think deep down it was always there.✨

(Photos in California)

When I compare older photos to more current ones you can see a shift in my style and confidence. That is what makes me most happy! 🤗

Safe to say this rebrand process has been a lot of fun for me, it's like dreaming coming to life!

To determine my new visual direction it started with By Stina Faye’s questionnaire (the amazing designer I'm working with) and putting together a Pinterest board of photos I loved. From there she took what I gave her and crafted the most perfect mood board and colour palette.

This is the final result! And she based my logo and website design off this mood board, can you imagine!? I’ve seen the logo, I love it, it feels very me! (You'll have to stay tuned for when I reveal it!) 😉

Compare it to my old mood board and you can see how I’ve always been drawn to a feminine style but have shifted from sophisticated to vibrant and a touch playful.

(My new mood board on the left & old one on the right)

And I’m still shocked she came up with this because my Pinterest board was a huge mish mash of images. Nothing was cohesive I just went on a big pinning spree. Christina is truly talented that she could pull this vision out of me, and I’ve very keen to see how the new website will look!

 Screen shot of my Pinterest board

Screen shot of my Pinterest board

This is just the first step of my rebrand process I’m diving into, and I still have so much more to share. So stay tuned I can’t wait to continue sharing about this journey with you all!🤗

If you are in the process of going through your own rebrand download my FREE brand questionnaire here! I use it with all my clients and for my own brand when figuring out the visual direction before a photo shoot.

4 Ways to Monetize Your Blog Without Sponsored Content

So you enjoy creating content and connecting with your small but loyal audience. You would looooove to create a living from your blog or Youtube channel but sponsored content doesn't quite feel right nor does it pay the bills. Solution? I've got 4 other ways for you to monetize baby!😘 

4 Ways to Monetize Your Blog Without Sponsored Content by Charuk Studios

1. Offer a service

If you have a following on Instagram or steady traffic to your blog then there is probably something you can help your audience with. Analyze your skill set. What are you good at and also love to do?! That would be the perfect service to offer your audience. Maybe you are skilled at graphic design, social media management, photography, video editing, copywriting, etc.

You can use your blog and social media posts to market your service, which is also known as content marketing.

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material such as videos, blogs, and social media posts that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

You can still share about your life and passions on social media and also mix in posts about your new service.


2. Sell a Product

Okay, I'm sure selling a product sounds daunting, but it doesn't have to be! If you are a small creator you can easily put together a digital resource on a topic such as DIY, beauty, style, nutrition, photography, etc. and sell that on your website. Best part of a digital product is you make it once and can keep selling it without putting more time or money into it. Hello passive income!!

Another group of creators who sell a product are Youtubers. They make barely anything from ads on their videos but a ton from their own merch. So besides collaborations and sponsored content this another way they've monetized their content! I can't be certain (because I'm not a Youtuber with millions of followers) but I'm pretty sure this is a much more lucrative way for them to earn money.

So if you are new I suggest sticking to selling a digital resource, or if you have the funds to create a physical product then create branded merch to sell to your audience!


3. Create a course

Another way to monetize your blog is to create a course. If you have found a way to already help your audience, through your services and digital resources, a course would be a great next step!

What questions does your audience keep asking? What information are they eager to learn from you? Pick one topic that is most in line with your blog and brand to create an in depth course about.

This may not seem like an obvious way to monetize a blog but I've heard of course creators that have 10-50k social media followers that earn $1 000, 000 from their course! Companies wouldn't pay near that for sponsored content with that audience size. Something to keep in mind when figuring out how to monetize.


4. Become an Affiliate

My last method to monetize your blog is to become an affiliate. 

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

If you follow fashion bloggers you may have seen them promote their outfits with the app Like To Know It. That app tracks customers purchases after seeing a specific blogger share a product so they earn a commission for each sale.

I've also seen other entrepreneurs be affiliates for someone's course or online community and promote it to their audience in exchange for a commission.

Amazon is another website that is easy to sign up and be an affiliate for. I think this is a great option because Amazon has EVERYTHING. And you don't just earn a commission for the specific products you promote, it's any purchase the customer makes within 24 hours of clicking through your product link. Pretty sweet huh?

I think affiliate marketing is the most natural way for bloggers to monetize because there are probably several products you LOVE and want to share with you audience anyways. If you 100% stand behind what you're sharing then why not get a cut of the sales?    


Bet you didn't realize there were so many ways to monetize your lil' blog right?! So there is hope to make a living from it that doesn't include only sponsored content.

And a quick note I want to end off on, remember share & connect 90% of the time, sell 10%. Or 80%/20% or whatever feels right! Just focus on the community's needs over making a profit because before you sell anything to them you are going to need their attention and of course their trust.💕


9 Wardrobe Pieces to Wear in California

The beginning of June I took a trip to beeeeeautiful, sunsoaked, & stunning California! The focus of all my trips lately are to see the must-see sights and take lotssss of pretty photos🤗 So when I was planning my outfits & packing for this trip I asked myself "is this cute AND comfortable?" 

That was my only criteria since I knew I'd be walking around lots and was also going to be in the photos. (you can't travel and NOT take cute vaca pics, am I right!?💁‍♀️)

But what got me really excited about packing for this trip were all the fun colours, floral prints, & flowy fabrics of pieces I had picked out. I mean how perfect for sunny California!? 

If you have an upcoming trip to California (or anywhere warm and colourful!) I have narrowed down a list of my top 9 pieces to pack! If you are go-go-go like me, but can't last more than a few minutes in a pair of heels without needing a break, then I promise I got chuuuu😉 My list of items are all cute & comfortable, and most things you probably have in your closet already!🙌 (that's always a win!!)

9 Wardrobe Pieces to Wear in California by Charuk Studios

1. Two Piece Set

I love seeing other bloggers rock a two piece set! But I'm not a fan of showing my midriff so I love how the skirt is a bit high waisted and you only see a peak of skin when I'm moving around. Something about an outfit that is matchy-matchy feels a bit retro to me and just plain cute!

2. Little White Dress

Okay everyone loves a little black dress, but if you're travelling somewhere warm swap it for white! It's more fresh feeling and doesn't get as hot as black when you are walking around in the sun. There are obviously so many styles to choose from which is great, and white is always classic. I personally loved this midi length and semi-sheer fabric of the white dress I wore below.

3. Low Heels

Honestly I can't walk more than a couple blocks in high heels, so for me a low heel is a must if I actually want to walk around in my shoes instead of carrying them. I lasted half the day in my short block heels walking around LA before swapping for flip flops and also wore them out later at night. I find they make any outfit more chic without having to sacrifice comfort!

4. Jean Jacket

In San Francisco the weather changes a lot throughout the day. It's cold in the shade and hot in the sun, the breeze from the water cools the city down, so you gotta bring layers for suuuure. I opted for a jean jacket because it matches with everything! Jean is basically a neutral.

5. Sneakers

Who doesn't love sneakers and a summer dress?! This is my fav trend right now (& thank god sneakers are in) they are a MUST to bring travelling anywhere, and there are so many sneaker styles out there that are cute. I love my pinky/mauve & white Nike pair! 

6. Floral Prints

I can never have too many floral prints, that's my motto. If I can't find a beautiful bush of flowers I want to wear them all over my outfit, ya feel me? This is just very Cali IMO.

7. Maxi Dress

HI if you're going to Cali you NEED a maxi dress that will blow in the wind while you prance along the beach or walk down Rodeo Drive. That is the ultimate of summer vibes! It's classy, flowy, comfy, beachy all in one look.

8. Bright Colours

I don't need an excuse to wear bright colours, gimme allllll the bright coloured pieces I can find. But if you shy away from bright, bold colours, going to Cali is your time to break out of your shell. Make your suitcase look like a pack of skittles, colours galore!!

9. Sweater

Lastly a sweater is a travel essential. Planes are so cold (or is that just me??) so I want something cozy to wear on travel days and that's also handy for evenings or lounging at the hotel/Airbnb. And if you were in San Francisco like me and the temperature changes 10 degrees every hour then you need to wear layers or suffer the consequences.

Watch my California lookbook below to see some BTS of our photo shoots!

I know it hasn't been long but I'm already itching to travel somewhere else tropical & colourful😏 If you are travelling somewhere soon (I'm totally going to live vicariously through you!!) I hope these outfits & photos inspire your style for your next trip!😘

4 Reasons To Not Be Paid As An Influencer

I realize this post sounds controversial, (honestly it was this title or "why to not pimp out your Instagram") but before you scoff at the title, hear me out! I promise I have a few thought-provoking points. Don't believe me? Read on aspiring influencer (I'm here to help) 🤗

What triggered this blog post idea was an email that landed in my inbox. It was the same cookie-cutter email I've received countless times. It was from a social media marketing agency saying how much they loved my feed and that I would be a great fit for their agency to create content for clients.

Flattering! At first. But when you read on most of these agencies require you make a profile, apply for each opportunity at creating sponsored content, make you pay for the product (but they so generously offer a discount code) and then expect you to excitedly share about it with all your followers and give them a discount code to buy as well. Oh and if they like what you shared you might be entered to win a prize. But compensated? HAH, no.

Lol I sound bitter right? It's just because I've had this offer sent to me sooo many times! And as a photographer that's frustrating. Because my business is providing a service where I carefully analyze a brand, plan the art direction, source props, scour over Pinterest for hair/makeup/outfit/posing/composition inspo, style then shoot content to be exactly in line with a company's brand messaging and retouch the photos to look swoon-worthy (<-- that's a real word, maybe? We're just gonna go with it😝)

BUT YEAH. Basically what I'm saying is each project takes a lot of time, I put in a lot of hours refining my skill set, I spent a lot of money on education and equipment. So it's a slap in the face when companies reach out with this "amazing" opportunity.

I don't care at this point, I just immediately delete the email right after I unsubscribe from their mailing list (because they also automatically subscribe you to their newsletter.. which is illegal). BUT what I realized is that other people may fall for these "opportunities" which I truly think exploit the creators.😔

I think the reason micro-influencer agencies exist is because they play off the fact that everyone would love to be considered an "influencer" so they know people will do all this unpaid work (and still pay for the product) just for the "status" of being an influencer.

Well guess what!? EVERYONE is an influencer! So stop falling for these schemes, you are already there. And what I mean is that everyone has influence over someone. Maybe it's just your close friends and family, 20 coworkers at your office or 100,000 people on social media.

When I first heard this it was revolutionary to me 🙌 (ok maybe revolutionary is a little strong of a word choice) but seriously guys, WE ARE ALL INFLUENCERS. (And actually this isn't new, it's also known as 'word of mouth marketing')

What you do with your influence is up to you, but please don't waste or abuse it. Read on for my 4 reasons why you should decide to not be paid to be an influencer.

4 Reasons Why to Not Be Paid as an Influencer by Charuk Studios


Reason #1: Less Credibility

This reason is pretty straightforward, you are less credible when you share dumb products no one cares about.🤦‍♂️ It is especially detrimental if you share a product that is low quality/poorly made and your audience tries it and hates it... You are loosing your audience's interest and trust by doing this, which is the MOST important thing to have (that's what the brands want from YOU).

And unfortunately when it comes time to share something you do love and would 100% recommend, your audience won't believe you. This in return will result in less sales for the brand you are working with and most likely fewer opportunities to work with them in the future.


Reason #2: Diluting Your Brand Message

What do you stand for and want to promote? That's your brand message! Some products may make sense to promote because they go along well with your brand message.

For example a health and wellness influencer whose brand message is to make time for wellbeing in our busy lives, would be a good fit for the app Headspace, a guided meditation app that is great for beginners. That partnership is a perfect match!

What doesn't make sense? A fashion influencer whose brand message is to take for risks in your wardrobe that partners with a fast food brand. It's just completely unrelated. Unless that influencer eats McDonalds on the reg, it's diluting her message. (this may seem far fetched but I have seen fashion influencers do sponsored posts for McDonalds)

People can see through inauthentic content and can spot an ad a mile away. But when you choose to work with brands that are very in line with your brand and message, it feels less like an ad and more like a recommendation from a friend.


Reason #3: Inauthentic Brand Voice

When doing sponsored posts you censor yourself to some extent. You would never share your honest opinion if you didn't like a product you were paid to promote.

Also in your copy maybe you can't use profanity, or write how you normally talk (which is more conversational and not perfect and professional) because the brand doesn't like it, or you want to show your silly, outrageous, vulnerable or scandalous side but feel you can't.

I think "influencers" portray perfect and aspirational because they are worried if they show their real insecurities or problems brands wont take them seriously. Honestly I think that! I worry that my audience or clients won't take me seriously either. But I'm trying to not let that stop me from, well.. being authentically me.

By censoring ourselves for the sake of appeasing a brand we are hurting our authentic brand message and ability to connect with our people. People want to get to know the real you, and your honest opinion, not consume a curated photo paired with a scripted caption you were paid to post.


Reason #4: Financially not worth it

Is $50 of product worth it to pimp out your instagram & audience? I understand when you’re a celeb and getting paid bankkkk for a sponsored post. But if the amount is enough to cover your next grocery bill then you're selling out when you should be HOLDING out.

Why should you hold out? Imagine that you have a finite of sponsored content to share in your life, (because you really can only keep "selling" to your audience so often before they tire of it) cash out now and don’t get paid well. Or hold out while building your audience and get paid MUCH better down the road.

Julie Solomon, online marketing expert and host of the Influencer Podcast, talks about herself and her clients signing huge brand campaigns (we are talking $250,000 campaigns) with small to medium sized audiences. Proving you don't need a million followers to monetize.

It's hard to feel good about holding out because you might think "what if this is it? What if I don't grow to be that big?" Change your thinking! Decide you aren't going to stop EVER. This is your mission, it's your destiny. Just because it isn't here yet doesn't mean it won't be. BE PATIENT. 

In my opinion, micro-influencer campaigns are great for brands and agencies, but aren't good for budding influencers. However I do have good news! There are other ways to monetize when you have a small audience that isn't sharing sponsored content.

Read part two, 4 Ways to Monetize Your Blog without Sponsored Content!

6 Steps to Get Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs SUCK. Am I right?! But don’t feel bad, everyone has them. I define a limiting belief as a thought you keep thinking that is stopping you from getting/doing something you want.

I want to share a very straightforward way to get rid of limiting beliefs. (I like to make things as least complicated as possible, and this topic is super important IMO.) I've used these 6 steps to tackle some of my beliefs in the past and still use these strategies to work through any current negative thoughts I have. Let's dive in shall we?

6 Steps to Get Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs by Charuk Studios

1. Write out Your Negative Beliefs

Write out the negative belief you have, verbalize it, and accept it’s a fear of yours. Just saying it out loud will help you realize what’s holding you back. Anytime I feel stuck (which is like every other day) I think to myself “what’s stopping me?”

Want to know a few of my recent negative beliefs? I’m sure hearing mine might make you feel a bit better about your own.

If I change the focus of my business I’m starting from scratch and I’ll be behind my peers.

I can’t meet the right guy at this point in my life, I need to be more established.

If I share too much personal info on my blog and social media I will come across as unprofessional and people will judge me.

These are a few doozies, right? I don’t share these thoughts with anyone (except my bestie because she never judges me, bless her soul) but now I’m sharing them publicly.


2. Determine what instilled these beliefs

We are influenced by many things, but mainly people. News, media, friends, colleagues, and family all heavily influence what we believe to be true.

Sometimes our deepest fears are from traumatic encounters, childhood memories and other peoples fears projected onto us. The next step to get rid of your limiting beliefs is to find out the source of them.

Here's where I think some of my limiting beliefs came from:

For me I’ve known a lot of people to change career paths or start a new business and abandon their old one. My dad actually did this. He left his business and went back into the work force and had a hard time with the transition. And he was starting back at zero, so compared to his friends he was behind in his career and set back financially. You could see how as a kid and teenager growing up this would be a fear of mine as well.

I don’t feel like I have my life together, and I have a strong belief that you attract what you are, not what you want. I’ve seen ambitious women that were in the early stages of their career settle for guys that were at the same stage as them but not equally ambitious. And then as time went on the differences grew, because one partner wanted to keep evolving and growing while the other wanted to coast and keep staying the same.

I’ve never felt like any of my past boyfriends were growing with me. It seemed like I found a good match for the stage of life I was at but would grow apart from them shortly after. So from my past experiences I have a belief that I need to be “more established” (whatever that means) before I find a good match.

Social media is one big highlight reel. Everyone posts their best moments and leaves out the reality that life isn’t always perfect. No one would want to work with someone who didn’t have their life together right? Also during school I feel everyone was accustomed to projecting the image that you have it all together. Having feelings or experiencing negative emotions is a sign of weakness, and bullies would take advantage of you if you ever dared to express those insecurities.

Those were some pretty heavy thoughts right? It’s pretty crazy to analyze why we think a certain way and what exactly has shaped these limiting beliefs.


3. Determine your new positive belief

Okay now for the happy part of this process! What new belief do you want to believe!? Yes you get to decide.

I for sure don’t want to be stuck with those negative thinking patterns. So instead I’m changing my beliefs to be more positive!

If I change the focus of my business I’m starting from scratch and I’ll be behind my peers.

-->  There is no such thing as being behind, everyone has their own timeline. And the sooner I pursue the path that I feel most aligned with, the better. I’m not starting from scratch, I’m refining my vision as I learn more about myself.

I can’t meet the right guy at this point in my life, I need to be more established.

--> My right partner won’t judge where I’m at in my journey, they will love and appreciate who I am as a person. Neither of us have to be established when we meet, we just need the same life goals and values and together we can build a successful life.

If I share too much personal info on my blog and social media I will come across as unprofessional and people will judge me.

--> I would rather be authentically myself than present a perfect image. My experiences in life may help someone, which is reason enough to share. People will judge you no matter what you do so you may as well do what you truly want to do in life.

How good does it feel to read these new positive beliefs?!  When I read them I feel so happy and hopeful and the fear starts to slip away.


4. Look for evidence

It may take time for these new beliefs to sink in. A way to speed it up is to look for evidence they are true.

What works for me is finding role models that fit these new beliefs I want to adapt.

I’ve found people that have pivoted their business and completely started over but they are happy now that they are on the right course. This change didn’t hinder their success, it helped it! Examples are Amanda Bucci and Jasmine Star.

Amanda built a fitness empire and now has switched her focus from workout videos to business and mindset tips. A lot of her audience wasn’t interested in her new focus but it was what she felt pulled to do. Now she’s teaching other aspiring entrepreneurs how to build an audience on Instagram and launched a successful online course about the topic.

Jasmine Star started as a photographer but now has shifted to be an marketing educator for creative entrepreneurs. I can imagine when she shifted it was hard but she’s totally rocking it in her new industry, and the fact she started as a photographer has helped her imo. Her visuals are beautiful and her brand is stunningly cohesive.

I also look for couples that had the same goals and vision for their life but met before either was established. A few influencer husband and wife duo’s come to mind such as Dezi & Steven Perkins, Jenny & Freddy Cipoletti and Sazan & Stevie Hendrix.

Lastly I look up to people who share their most vulnerable parts with the world and face judgement but do it because it helps so many people. An example is Jenna Kutcher. The fact that she shares her insecurities doesn’t make her seem less professional at all. Instead she is much more relatable and loved by her audience.

These people prove to me that my NEW beliefs are indeed true. If they can do it, so can I! Now time for you to do some research, find people who have overcome your fears and limiting beliefs to look up to as role models!


5. Think of the worst case & how you will overcome it

This may sound counter productive, but when I finally come to terms with what the absolute worst case scenario is, I realize I’ll be okay if that happens (even if it is unlikely).

Worst case #1. I change directions in my business, I completely fail. What does “fail” even mean?? I create a product or offer a new service that no one buys…? Okay so worst case is I go in a completely new direction and my audience shrinks, no one cares what I’m doing, and I make zero money.

Well I know I can always get a job, heck I have a part time one now. I know I have useful skills and experience that I can earn money, I won’t be broke & living on the street. And if I change my business to be more in line with what I want and no one is interested... well I decided to start a business that I was passionate about, I never did it to please other people! Only to help those who connected with what I was doing. So I’ll be okay, if anything I will learn from the experience.

Worst case #2: I don’t meet a partner now or ever… I feel saying I won’t meet someone ever is a little extreme. But maybe it takes a while and I’m single until I’m in my thirties.

Okay that would kinda suck, but I know that I’m surrounded by people that love me. Life is very wonderful now and if it takes a while for me to meet the right person so be it! I’ll have fun and enjoy life in the meantime. I’m single now and have never been happier so that is proof enough that I’ll be more than okay.

Worst case #3: I guess the worst case would be if I share too much personal info and people judge me they could leave hateful comments or just stop following altogether.

If I’m being authentically me and not hurting anyone but I actually have good intentions, I can’t help how people interpret what I say and do. There will always be people judging you, if it’s not online it’s in real life. Being true to yourself encourages other to do the same! I know this because it was from watching other people be raw and real on social media that gave me the courage to do the same. I'll keep doing my thing for the few that appreciate it and block the haters if I have to!

I think about the worst case scenarios to help me realize I'LL BE OKAY even if it happens. Most of the time the worst possible outcome isn't actually that bad..

6. Recite Affirmations

I talked briefly about affirmations in my self care blog post. I’m including this as a crucial step because affirmations rewire how your brain thinks!

Some may see it as stating a lie, but I see it as stating what you know can be true.

When you say a statement over and over again it sends a very clear signal to your Reticular Activating System (part of your brain that filters the information we are exposed to everyday) that this is important to you.

Here is an excerpt that explains how affirmations work:

"The other way affirmations work is that they create a dynamic tension in our beings. If what I am saying is at a higher vibration that what I perceive the truth to be, the dynamic tension is uncomfortable. For instance, if I am saying “I am joyfully and healthfully at my ideal weight” when in actuality I am 10, 20, 30+ pounds above my ideal weight, a painful incongruence is felt between what I perceive the truth to be and what I am saying. Since this is uncomfortable, we want to rid ourselves of the tension. There are only two ways to do that: one is to stop saying the affirmation; the other is to raise the bar on reality by making the affirmation and reality match." (Source)

Here are a few general affirmations that I love:

·      Everything always works out for me

·      Happiness is my natural state of being

·      I am a creator

·      Money flows to me easily

·      I am surrounded by love

I could honestly get more specific, and I encourage you to write out your own affirmations custom to your life goals.


Now that you’ve done all these steps you might have to revisit them now and again. Sometimes I return to negative thinking patterns, but it helps to write all these steps out to reread in that case. Then eventually these new ways of thinking become habitual!

I hope you found this post helpful and I encourage you to share this process with people close to you to help them improve their beliefs. Lastly when you see people around you achieving and living in accordance with your new belief, applaud them because even if you aren’t quite there yet, it’s reaffirming what you want is possible!🙌

Cheers babes & until next time!😘