28 Free Methods to Market your Business

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Marketing is the process of promoting your products or services and increasing awareness. Whether you are just starting out, or have been in business for years, implementing marketing strategies that won’t cost you anything are always a great option. Before you invest in paid advertising, try out these free strategies that only require you to spend your time and creativity in order for your business to thrive!

1.     Register your business on Google

This allows customers to find your company’s hours, contact info, location and more. This is particularly useful for businesses with a physical location so they can be found through Google search easily. You want to show up on the first page of Google because 90% of all Google searches click on the first 10 organic results. (Source)

2.     Start a Facebook page

People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook which makes it the most trafficked website in the world. Create a Facebook page to connect with your customers and interact with them directly.

3.     Start a Facebook group

The reason Facebook groups are so successful is because you are creating a community for people to engage in (everyone loves to interact and feel part of something bigger). It is also beneficial for the business owner as you can access your group of loyal fans anytime and most likely your members would love to give you feedback and have already expressed interest in your products or service.

4.     Start a blog

Starting a blog is a free method to drive traffic to your website and is quite effective. Every time you write a blog post you are creating one more indexed page on your website which allows search engines to find you more easily. Publishing quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings.

5.     Create promotional videos for Youtube

Over 800 million unique users visit Youtube each month, and over 4 billion videos are viewed a day! This means people love to consume video. Youtube acts as a search engine and is just as important as Google when it comes to being found online.

6.     Increase your website’s SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. A few ways you can optimize your website are by decreasing page load time, removing broken links, and having your site be mobile optimized.

7.     Send out a press release

Email noteworthy blogs and magazines when you have something newsworthy to share. Suitable topics would be if your business is announcing a new product or service, sharing about an award you won, promoting a special event or partnering with a charity.

8.     Include your website & social media handles in your email signature

Make it easy for people to visit your website and social media handles by including it in your email signature. That way every email you send can send new visitors to your marketing channels.

9.     Comment on other’s blog posts and social media accounts

Firstly this builds a relationship with the person you are leaving a comment for, but it also increases your visibility to their audience. This is a quick and effective way to give value to others while also building your network.

10. Pin your blog posts to Pinterest

Pinterest is a search engine so if you pin content rich blog posts filled with keywords to the platform your content will have a higher chance of being seen and saved to read for later. Many successful bloggers including Melyssa Griffin and Elle Hooker report the majority of their website traffic is from Pinterest. (Source)

11. Start an email newsletter

Email marketing and newsletter tools such as Mailchimp are a great way to build an email list of loyal fans and customers. This will enable you to send promotions and updates directly to their inbox! Mailchimp is free to signup for your first 2000 subscribers and it is what I use for Charuk Studios' email newsletter.

12. Ask for referrals

People would rather do business with people they know – or know of – than with strangers. (Source) That is why referrals are a powerful marketing strategy that we should all pursue more often. Every one of your contacts has the ability to connect you to dozens of other contacts, so it is up to you to ask to be introduced and actively pursue them.

13. Write a guest blog post

Writing and publishing an article on someone else's blog can be extremely valuable. Firstly you receive a backlink back to your website which will help your SEO, and secondly you are introduced to a whole new audience, which means fresh eyes on your business! (Source)

14. Add your company to your Facebook profile

Make it easy for your Facebook friends to find your business info by adding it in the 'About' section on your profile. This is important if you network in Facebook groups in case people want to find out more about your services.

15. Collaborate with other professionals in related industries

Collaborating is a great way to network with professionals in related industries and pick up more knowledge or new skills in the process. Relationships are the building blocks of every business! 

16. Interview established professionals or influencers

Interviews are your fastest route to building your own visibility and credibility in your market. (Source) Ask influencers in your or related industries questions your audience is dying to hear and you'll have people flocking to you for their answers.

17. Schedule complimentary consultations

Getting on the phone or Skype for a consultation is helpful for potential clients to receive more information about your service and have their questions answered. Even if the consult doesn't result into a paying client, you have one more person that knows about your business and can refer you to their network if you leave a lasting impression.

18. Respond to all comments on your social media and blog

Take time to respond to every comment your audience leaves on your social media and blog to encourage interaction with your business. This shows you genuinely care about what they say and it is an easy way to make your audience feel special!

19. Attend local meet ups or events

Attend local business meet ups or events where your target audience will be. This is the perfect time to let your personality shine and build meaningful relationships with potential clients.

20. Host a webinar

Webinars are the perfect marketing strategy to share your knowledge and expertise which will establish you as an authority in your field. Another plus is you are able to collect lead information, such as email addresses, when people sign up meaning you can quickly build your email list full of pre-qualified leads. 

21. Create an affiliate program

Affiliates act as brand ambassadors and spread the word about your business. In return you give them a commission for every sale they brought to your business. This is a powerful form of marketing as people tend to trust other people more than media channels for honest reviews.

22. Tag people in your social media posts

This is a quick an easy way to ensure your post will be seen by your clients network. And it feels good to give the people you work with a shout out!

23. Host a contest

Contests allow you to build your fan base and increase engagement. Your fans will spread the word of your marketing campaign for you by asking them to share or tag friends as part of the rules for entering.

24. Use relevant hashtags on Instagram

So you've taken the time to capture a beautiful photo and write a thoughtful caption for your Instagram post. Adding relevant hashtags is a quick an easy way to make your post more discoverable and therefore increases awareness of your business. (Source)

25. Create a Linked In page for you business

Linked In is an under-utilized social media platform for marketing. It is more important to B2B marketers than Facebook, and is the most effective platform for lead generation. (Source) And best part, it's free to create a page!

26. Create a website

This one should be obvious because we live in a digital world! Your website is your digital storefront that can be viewed by anyone in the world. Websites can range in price, but you can create a free website through Wordpress when starting out and trying to keep expenses low.

27. Send out introductory emails to potential clients

This is surprisingly a very effective method of networking that you can conveniently do from anywhere! Introduce yourself to potential clients without having to bump into them in person or calling them.

28. Speak about your business at a networking event

Set aside time to speak at networking events about your business to establish yourself as an expert and build trust with potential clients. Events are also a great place to meet people face to face and develop a deeper level of trust with your audience.


Which free marketing strategy has resulted in the most success for your business? Tell me in the comments below!