3 Lessons I Learned While Living in Montreal

I learned a lot after living in Montreal for almost a year. Living several hours away from my loved ones in a new city forced me to develop a strong sense of independence and allowed me to self reflect. Below are my three lessons I learned about myself this past year.

  1. While living in Montreal I learned that I wanted to pursue photography as a career. Throughout university I developed a love for photography and I dreamed of doing it as a career, however it was during this past year I started taking steps toward making that a reality.
  1. My second lesson I learned about myself was that I truly value work life balance. I am extremely grateful for the support I receive from my friends and family and I want to spend more time with them. And after working at a full time job this year while also pursuing photography I have felt overworked at times, and moving forward it is important to achieve balance between work and my personal life.
  1. Lastly, I have realized now is the time to take risks. I have relatively few responsibilities (ie. no mortgage or children) and I am just at the start of my career. Now is the opportune time for me to go after my goals fearlessly!

What lessons have you learned about yourself this year?