3 Reasons Why Creatives Should Collaborate

Creative entrepreneurs in different fields are reaching out to one another to bring their visions and skill set together to create fresh new work. I find collaborating with other artists very inspiring, so I have devised a list of the 3 reasons why creatives should collaborate.

3 Reasons why creatives should collaborate by Charuk Studios

1. Better Performance

When you collaborate with a talented group of creatives on a project you most likely want to produce amazing results and impress your team. They are the people who could recommend you for future projects or request to work with you in the future, so leaving an incredible impression is crucial to your future business.

When collaborating your work ethic is impeccable and your creativity blossoms. You don't cut any corners on quality so your team is more than satisfied with the results. From my experiences, I will plan more thoroughly to ensure I achieve what I envisioned, and I also frequently brush up on my skills beforehand so I am at the top of my game. This results in preforming at your very best.

When a creative project is only for yourself there is less motivation to put in the extra time and effort because there is no one to disappoint but yourself. Collaborating with other creatives is the push most people need to step out of their comfort zone, experiment, and create their best work.

2. Learn New Skills

A key to collaborating is to gather a team that has different areas of expertise. You need a well rounded team to ensure every aspect of a project is taken care of, and done well by people who know what they are doing. Take advantage of working with these individuals and ask questions. What an easy way to learn new skills!

As long as you are asking with the right intentions I think most would be open to discussing their experiences and offer advice. Ask questions because you want to learn and grow as an artist, not because you intend to compete with their existing business.

3. Market Your Brand

Marketing, a word some entrepreneurs may fear. But in all honesty collaborating is one of the easiest and most effective ways to market your business. Firstly you make new business contacts with the people you collaborate with. There is an opportunity to partner with them on future projects, they could become future clients or they might develop into evangelists of your business. Majority of jobs come from word of mouth, therefore the larger your network means the more opportunities your business has been talked about.

Secondly, you receive exposure. If you work with a team of 5 creatives and everyone shares the project on their website, blog, social media etc. then your business is exposed to everyone's existing client base. This is a great way to get in front of your desired audience, as long as the people you are collaborating with serve a similar clientele.

There are many benefits of collaborating with other creative entrepreneurs, and one point I left out was that it is a lot of fun and definitely gratifying. So start reaching out to people to work with and plan a creative project.

Tell me in the comments, why do you love to collaborate with other creatives?