4 Reasons Why Professional Photography is Important for Your Business

The power of visual communication has rocketed, and this is due to the huge increase of digital content and social media in recent years.  Pinterest generated more referral traffic for businesses than Youtube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined. (Source) Since Pinterest is a social platform that allows viewers to curate and save visual content to plan for the future, quality imagery is essential for success. This is just one example of a platform that thrives off of quality imagery. Professional photography has the power to evoke an emotional response from viewers by highlighting a company's authenticity. This type of content can be used anywhere.

Below are 4 reasons why professional photography is important for your business and why you should include it in your marketing budget.

4 Reasons why professional photography is important for your business by Charuk Studios

1. You are equipped to create exceptional marketing materials.

A substantial amount of time is spent marketing your business. Whether you are printing brochures, blogging, posting to social media or sending out a newsletter, you need imagery for all your marketing avenues. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. (Source) Therefore your imagery needs to be compelling. (Remember, a picture is worth 1000 words)

The imagery you include in your marketing has to show what you offer and be powerful enough to make customers want to act. Professional photography takes in to account lighting, composition and other necessary design elements to create images that encompass the totality of your brand. Using professional photography for your business will ensure you have exceptional marketing materials.


2. Your business will experience increased engagement.

Social media has become a powerful tool to share content and engage with potential customers. The best way to do that is by posting captivating photos and videos, not text heavy content.

Also 93% of the most engaging Facebook posts are images. (Source) To clarify, engagement is likes, shares, tweets, mentions, comments, etc. Businesses want their audience to engage with their content in hopes that more people become introduced to their business. This means higher quality imagery will reach a wider audience and will increase customer awareness of your business.


3. You will present a professional business image.

Imagery is how you represent yourself to the world. Therefore your quality of photography can make or break your marketing campaign. Bad photography will devalue your services and products, and even though you may have an excellent business that may not be what the customer perceives.

Think of photography like a person's wardrobe. Would you hire the lawyer dressed in a well-fitted suit and tie, or dressed in an oversized hoodie and ripped jeans? Appearances do not dictate aptitude, however they do leave an impression on their level of professionalism.


4. Your business will differentiate from its competitors.

The most important reason why professional photography is important for your business is to differentiate from your competitors. I think every entrepreneur feels their industry is saturated. Therefore what will sway potential customers to choosing you in a highly competitive market?

The answer is to showcase professional photography. You need photography that highlights your brands unique features and personality. You need photography that features your products, company culture, level of service, location, employees etc. Professional photography will allow you to stand out amongst your competitors, allowing your business to flourish.

Have you invested in professional photography for your business?

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