4 Steps to Turn Your Passion Into A Brand

Hello loves!

It's Jess here :) I am pumped you’re reading this blog post and are ready to learn how you can turn your passion into a BRAND.

Or maybe you are a biz owner and you’re wondering “what is a brand & why do I need one??” If that sounds like you, check out my blog post 5 Reasons Why You Need to Brand Your Business!

I’m sure there’s something you looooove to do, and you’re daydreaming wondering “how can I make money from this? How can I wake up every day and do something I love and get paid for it??”

WELL I’m going to break it down in for ya!💪

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Step #1: GET SUPER CLEAR on what your passion is. 

Determine what it is you love to do exactly, become crystal clear. It’s not enough to say I want to be a graphic designer, open a bakery or become a photographer.

And if you aren’t sure, go try a bunch of stuff that sounds fun!! 🙌

For example, I had to learn what type of photography I loved.

I’m not a fan of documenting events therefore I had to rule out becoming a wedding photographer.

I adore creative direction and thought fashion photography would be my ideal route. But photographing campaigns on a white backdrop, pumping out as many photos as possible got boring and repetitive for me.

I also considered opening a stock photography shop and tried that out briefly. I loved the creative direction, but I got bored styling objects all day and not interacting with humans.

I had to experiment to find these things out about myself. I had to learn, take note and be open to pivoting directions in order to refine what my dream really was. This step was essential for me because I know I’m not driven unless I’m 1000% passionate and happy with what I’m doing.

Step #2: Get clear on WHO YOU ARE HELPING.

Who is your ideal client? What problem are you solving for them? When you figure out a problem someone has and offer them a solution, that's how you go from passion to business. 

I'll use my business as an example again. My target client is a creative entrepreneur who is looking to establish a personal brand as an 'umbrella' for the many facets of their business.

These entrepreneurs possibly want to branch their existing business in a few different directions. Maybe to speak at events, start a product line or take on brand sponsorships in addition to the current products or services they are offering.

I know many entrepreneurs who are multi-passionate and wonder how they can do it all and not confuse their audience with their different offerings. They wonder if they should have a second website or open another Instagram account for all these other ventures they are getting into.

The solution I help them with is establishing their business as a personal brand. THEY are the common factor in all their ideas they want to pursue, and they understand to stand out in today’s market, they are what sets their brand apart!

The problem I am solving for this type of business owner is to create custom brand photography and/or a brand video that highlights everything their brand encompasses and showcase that through visuals to use in their marketing and establish their personal brand.

I help them pose, direct and capture photos and videos that are high quality, flattering of them and have a lifestyle vibe for that personal touch. Ultimately I help them stand out in their niche and feel confident in their brand.

Again that was a long explanation, but it's essential! Get real specific on WHO you are helping.

Step #3: Package your offering

WHAT ARE YOU SELLING? Is it a product or a service? How much does it cost? What is the customer getting for that price? Again this is all about becoming very clear on what you are offering, otherwise how are you going to talk about it and market it??

This step can be hard for some. Pricing is tricky but once you nail it down you can promote your offer proudly! 

One tip that I learned recently from my business coach Ashley Perkins, is to have ONE SIGNATURE OFFER. It’s easier to promote one thing and become known for it than to market many offerings.

Honestly, this is something I am working on refining because right now I have several services listed on my website that help creative entrepreneurs establish their personal brand.

But my signature offer is my Custom Brand Photography Package (which most of you probably know I offer by now) and my soon to launch DIY Brand Photography Course teaching people my process for styling and capturing brand photos all on your own. If this sounds like something you need, join the waitlist here!

Step #4: Brand your business!

This is the fun part.  You went from discovering your passion, determining your target audience to packaging your offer, and now it’s time to build a brand!

A brand is essentially your reputation, what you are known for. Branding is again all about clarity, building trust with your audience and becoming memorable.

Repetition is key! Your message, your tone of voice, your offer, your style should be consistent and repetitive so your customer KNOWS WHAT TO EXPECT.

Branding is not just using the same fonts everywhere. Branding is about keeping everything consistent.

One of my favourite bloggers that does an amazing job of this is Lauryn at The Skinny Confidential. She's a branding QUEEN. Check out her blog, podcast and Instagram and you'll see what I mean.


Okay babes, you got some homework.  Follow these steps for those of you who are turning that dream into a reality!

Or if you have a business already but you want to step up your brand and become a leader in your industry ask yourself, what area of your brand and/or marketing strategy could you improve?

Are you feeling motivated? Download my FREE brand questionnaire to help clarify your brand direction and let’s elevate you to the next level!