4 Tips for Looking & Feeling Your Best in Photos

As a photographer & videographer, I'm always the one behind the camera directing my subject and making sure I capture all their best angles. But while I was travelling around Europe I started to venture in front of the camera more because I wanted to document my trip (and actually be in a photo for once!)

To be honest, being in photos has been a bit scary, but also exciting! I can now fully understand that my clients may feel a bit nervous or uncomfortable and not always like how they look in photos.

After posing for many photos during my trip, I've started to quite love being in front of the camera and feel more at ease. So I wanted to share my 4 tips for feeling & looking your best in photos that way you can rock your next photo shoot! Bonus: scroll to the bottom to watch a video of these 4 tips!

4 Tips for looking and feeling your best in photos by Charuk Studios

Tip #1: Wear an outfit that is cute & comfortable

When you feel good, it shows! So when I know I want to capture a few photos of myself, I make sure to wear an outfit I actually LIKE (that means leaving the sweatpants at home, or in the case when I was travelling, in my suitcase.)

But I also wear something I am comfortable in. Personally I never wear any tight tops or dresses. And I know my black skinny jeans look *the bomb.com* and a flowy blouse or dress is my go-to choice when I want to look cute and feel comfortable.

For more outfit tips, read my blog post 12 Wardrobe Do's & Don'ts for your Personal Branding Photo Shoot.

4 Tips for looking and feeling your best in photos by Charuk Studios

Tip #2: Change up your pose

When my sister takes photos of me I know I only have .0345 seconds before she gets annoyed and wants to continue on our journey. So in that short amount of time I bang out quite a few different poses in hopes I like 1 or 2 photos (out of 10 or more.)

Changes can be as simple as looking down, looking at the camera, looking away, turning to the side, looking over my shoulder, touching my hair, spinning, laughing, walking away, crossing my legs, etc.

Some angles aren't my best, but this way I have a variety to choose from and I can pick my favourite photo.

Tip #3: Find a beautiful location

Having a gorgeous background makes the photo more interesting! It tells a story and adds visual interest to a photo, therefore there is less focus on me (so I can just stand casually, no fancy pose, outfit or lighting required to make the shot a good one.)

There are lots of beautiful locations that I've travelled to, but cafe's, old architecture, and lush parks are a few locations I love taking photos in that you can find in any city!

4 tips for looking and feeling your best in photos

Tip #4: Chin forward & down

We all have double chins in awkward positions (heck I have one right now as I'm laying on my couch writing this!) But we don't necessarily want to accentuate that in photos of ourselves.

A tip that I use with all my clients, and when I'm in front of the camera, is to push my chin forward and down. This creates a long, lean neck, reduces the appearance of a double chin, and keeps the focus on your killer smize (any Tyra fans here?!)

Reference these tips next time you pass your iPhone to your bestie to snap a quick photo of you, or when you plan a professional brand photo shoot! 


Watch the video of these 4 tips below!

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