5 Benefits of Having a Side Hustle

In my last post I shared about my recent move to Toronto and certain decisions I had to make when I moved. They weren’t the easiest decisions, such as moving in with two people I didn’t know (but I ended up really good friends with them! So that worked out in my favour) and … getting a JOB. Lol oh how much I (plus probably every entrepreneur) dreads that word.

Before I moved I pondered either:

A)   Living at home with my family and saving money while trying to book clients 6+ months ahead, THEN moving out whenever that time came, OR

B)   Just making the leap and financially figuring out a solution.

So I chose option B because I’m like the least patient person I know (my friends can’t handle the extent of my spontaneity😅)

I think my biggest internal struggle was thinking about what other people thought about my decision. I personally didn’t mind finding a part time job because I was craving social interaction and work friends again. (If you work from home full time you can probs relate to that feeling)

So YEAH how upsetting to be deterred to do something because you are worried about what other people think?? I’ve made that mistake before, and I didn’t want to make it again.

But what I remind myself is that people “judging” you aren’t living your life, they won’t have to live with the repercussions if you decide not to do something you really want to!

I was worried about how people would perceive my new part time job, which is why I didn’t share about it AT ALL for 2 months. Then I had a good convo with a close friend one day, and she said she admired my hustle! She didn’t think I should be embarrassed at all but that I was a good role model to show people how they can make it work, and have no excuses when it comes to pursuing their dream.

Wow so that shifted my perspective completely. Now I believe if you are making moves, big or small, in the direction of your dreams you have nothing to be worried or embarassed about!

And this was a very good reminder to myself that building a business or accomplishing any goal isn’t a direct path. You might side step, take a few steps back, launch forward, or start all over. There’s no wrong journey.

So no more feeling embarrassed about what your work/biz situation is, and no more caring about what people think! Instead I wanted to share 5 benefits of having a side hustle, because if you are hustling making that dream of yours work, you better believe there are several upsides 😉

5 Benefits of Having a Side Hustle by Charuk Studios

1)   Better work ethic

Since some of your working hours will be spent part time at a job, you develop a strong work ethic to finish everything you need to for your biz because your have limited time.

Personally I find I’m better at scheduling my days now that I’m balancing work, my biz, dance classes, time with friends, among other things. When I had my days completely to myself I would be less strict with scheduling everything in. I thought if I didn't finish a task it could always get done tomorrow instead.


2)   Keeps your fire lit

Working hard at a part time job makes you work harder at your dream. By doing a job that you aren’t passionate about it fuels you to keep working on your dream and making that your full time source of income.

If you work at a place where you have to deal with customers that are rude and disrespectful, or managers that micromanage or undervalue you… that will drive you crazy after a while! If your job doesn’t have your dream circumstances then it’s a constant reminder of the freedom you ultimately desire of being your own boss.


3)   Meet new people

Working with coworkers and customers is a natural form of networking. In business you MUST meet people, plain and simple!! You need to figure out your clients/customers pain points and articulate what solution you are providing them.

LOL I’m so annoying to my coworkers, if they say they like watching my Insta stories, I pry for more details. What do you like about them? What content is your fav? Do you like learning or prefer to be entertained?

And if I meet someone who also has some sort of side biz or passion I ask how they market, grow their following, got their first opportunity etc. You can learn and get feedback from the people you meet. You can’t just keep relying on your mom’s advice for what’s working and what’s not in your biz (sorry mom, love youuuu😘)


4)   Extra financial resources

An obvious benefit of having a side hustle is having extra money to invest in your business and another source of income that is consistent and reliable. As an entrepreneur you don't always know when you will get paid next, so having something part time makes life less stressful financially.

Or if your side hustle can support your cost of living then you have complete freedom to build your business without worrying about how to pay your bills. 

Or maybe you just want a bit of extra money so you can outsource other tasks that you aren’t skilled at (ie. You drive for Uber a few days a week so you can hire a professional to design your website)

Either way, money is a resource and sometimes you just need more of it to make shit happen! 🙌


5)   Learn applicable skills

Lastly a benefit that is often overlooked of a side hustle is the applicable skills you will acquire! No experience is useless experience. Try to maximize what you can learn and the opportunities available at your part time job and apply them to your biz. For instance I’m learning a lot about branding and customer service from the restaurant I’m at.

Customer service makes sense, I’m literally helping customers my whole shift. But the branding part caught me off guard. The management is very conscious of setting themselves apart from their competitors and educating their staff on these points.

And a bonus lesson, it provides daily practice for me to control my vibration. The hospitality industry is fast paced and difficult at times, so when I’m faced with a problem I’m getting better at controlling my reaction and not letting a bad circumstance affect my mood and vibration.


So to wrap this up, remember you have so many resources around you that you can utilize, there really is no excuse to NOT pursue your passion. On bad days I just remind myself how blessed I am to live in Canada, and to live in an era with the INTERNET! The fact that the economy is good and I live in a city full of opportunities is something I am thankful for. There are people that would looooove to work at the job you have, so don't take it for granted. Use it to fuel you more!💪😄

Alright that summarizes all the benefits I could think of for having a side hustle, can you think of others? Comment below! 🤗