5 Tips to Capture Your Own Brand Photos

People will ask me all the time how I get such nice photos of myself for my brand, since I can’t take them. The funny thing is, it’s really easy for me to show someone how to capture the same quality of image I can. 🤗

Also I have developed my eye and creative process so I’m aware of what lighting, camera settings, focal length, posing etc. looks best, and I usually have an idea of what I want to capture beforehand. So it’s not totally up to the other person, I still have a vision and I know how to bring it to life. 🙌

So with that said I’m sharing my 5 best tips for you to capture your own brand photos below!

5 Tips to Capture Your Own Brand Photos by Charuk Studios

1. Location Scout

Scouting out a beautiful location is what makes a really great photo in my opinion!👌 I’m a very visual person so if the location and the outfit are interesting and breathtaking most likely I’ll be super pleased with the result! I also find scouting out cute cafe’s and stunning landscapes and views a really fun activity and something I look forward to.

2. Frame your shot

Once you find a location you like, walk around and find an angle you like and take a few test shots until you find the perfect framing.📸 Once I do this I show whoever is taking my photo the back of my camera so they can see the shot I just captured and explain to them the angle and framing I want.

Sometimes I tell them to squat down a little and point the camera up, or that I want to be off centre, etc. Give lots of instructions and feedback so your photographer understands your vision.

3. Adjust Your Settings

Sometimes I don’t have a photographer friend that is taking my photo, sometimes it’s someone who is completely inexperienced with photography, even a stranger!🙊 Yup, surprising right?!

I adjust my camera settings before giving it to them to use because I know what the aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance should be for the best results.

4. Demonstrate How to Focus

This is something I do need to show the person taking my photo how to do. How to focus a camera is a bit different with every model, but it’s pretty straightforward. I show them how to half press the shutter so the camera focuses, and let them know to make sure the focus point is on me, or if it’s a close up that it’s focused on my eye (you always want the eye to be in focus!)

Now I know the photo will be in focus, which is super important because you can’t make a blurry photo sharp in when editing.

5. Do a Variety of Poses

I take it upon myself to do a variety of poses, I don’t expect my photographer to give me direction, I make there only job to nail the focus and making sure they capture the framing I showed them. It helps if I have a few inspiration photos to reference for how to position my body, or I move around and laugh so it looks natural and candid and hopefully a couple turn out nicely.🤞

It’s helpful to practice in a mirror so you know what angles look best, or to take a peak at some of the photos they took and make any necessary adjustments.

What all these tips have in common is YOU being the creative director.

If you have a creative eye and a clear vision of what you want and also the technical camera skills to make it happen then it’s easy to get anyone to help you bring your vision to life!😍 You don’t always need to hire a professional. It does help when you need a lot of variety and appreciate someone assisting you with the posing, lighting and capturing more creative shots.


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Comment below which step you find most important when capturing your own brand photos!