5 Tips to Improve Your Brand Photos

Your brand photos are the face of your blog or business, they are what your audience will see first when visiting your website or social media, and in return they are what your audience will form their first impression from and decide to keep engaging with your content or become a customer of yours.

Therefore it’s safe to say your brand photos are super important!

If you take your own photos but aren’t quite satisfied with how they look, take note of these 5 tips to improve your brand photos and take them from blahhh to breathtaking!😍

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5 Tips to Improve Your Brand Photos by Charuk Studios


#1: Invest in Quality Equipment

Investing in good equipment will dramatically increase the quality of your brand photographs.

I would recommend to invest in a DSLR camera. When I started photography I used a Nikon d3100, which is an entry level camera, since then I've upgraded to a Nikon d750 which is one of the high end camera models Nikon offers.

You don’t have to start with the most top of the line camera and 10 different lenses to take gorgeous photographs, instead start with a beginner model and invest in a quality lens. (Lenses make a BIG difference to the photo quality)

I would recommend the Sigma 35mm 1.4 (I use all the time and love it!) or a 50mm 1.4 which I still use on occasion.

If you want to know other equipment I recommend, read my blog post 5 Must Have Pieces of Photography Equipment for Business Owners.


#2: Edit Your Photos

Editing your photos gives them that extra punch! When a photo is properly exposed it looks a bit dark and flat, so to combat that I increase the brightness and contrast (this makes the whites 'whiter' and blacks 'blacker')

Also because my aesthetic is very colourful, I increase the saturation to make colours appear more vibrant, and I'll do a bit of sharpening to accentuate detail and texture.

However you decide to edit your photographs remember that consistency is important to ensure your brand photos look cohesive and polished!

#3: Capture an Interesting Composition

A unique composition will make a photo more interesting and instantly elevate your brand photography! 

To capture an interesting composition use the rule of thirds (imagine a 3x3 grid across your photo) and make some photos off center or change the angle you are shooting from (down low, above, straight on etc.)

Capture some photos that have a simple and minimalist composition, which is nice to look at and a visual rest for eyes, and mix in photos that are busier and full of detail and colour!

Take the photos below for example. They were shot at the same overhead angle but one photo is off centre and busier, while the other symmetrical and has a very simple composition.


#4: Include Yourself!

Incorporating people in your photos makes them more interesting, even if you want to focus on capturing products, architecture or a landscape. This is because viewers can envision themselves in the photo making it more aspirational. People connect with people after all!

So I highly suggest being in a few of your brand photos, even if you’re camera shy. I guarantee your audience wants to see more of you and what you are up to, they want to get to know the person behind the business.

Below is an example of a client’s brand photoshoot with and without the business owner in them. Both are pretty and nicely captured but the one with Maddy you connect with more!

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#5: Practice, Practice, Practice

Last tip of course is to practice lots! The more photos you take the better you will get. It takes months, even years to refine your eye for photography and ability to use your camera. But taking photos is a skill that will be useful in many areas of your life and business, (you want to capture memorable photos of your kids, beautiful shots of your vacation and high quality photos for your business) so it's worth it to practice to take better photos each day!

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