5 Tips to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Oh man stepping outside your comfort zone is totally scary isn’t it?! But it’s something I push myself to do because I’m always trying to be the best version of me and achieve self mastery. I want to grow in all areas of life, I’m sure you do as well if you are reading this blog post! 🙌

Below I share my 5 tips that I use when I’m about to take that next bold step. And of course before doing anything I like to hype myself up and raise my vibration, so make sure to download my FREE 50 Ways to Raise Your Vibration Checklist to snag a few more things you can do before that interview, date, business meeting etc. 😉

5 Tips to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone by Charuk Studios

1. Realize what the worst possible outcome could be

Once you realize even the worst possible outcome isn’t that bad (as long as you aren’t going to die) you’ll be fine, so what are you worried about? Being embarrassed or failing? As long as you’re living and learning you’re good! 👌

2. You only grow from pushing your comfort zone

Do you want to improve in some area of your life? Come to terms that pushing your comfort zone is the ONLY way you will get better. So you are choosing between growth or stagnation.

3. Everyone starts as a beginner

Everyone starts as a beginner before they become a seasoned pro. Embrace the process and ignore that this is scary and just do it!

4. What is worse: Living with regret or being uncomfortable for a brief moment?

You never know how the little decisions you are hesitating about could impact your life. What if that person you want to ask out is the love of your life?! Would you rather back out and live with regret wondering “what if?” or just take the plunge and be a bit uncomfortable for a moment?

5. The only people judging you are those doing less than you

No one, I repeat NO ONE, is going to judge you that’s doing more than you. It’s just people who are doing less, and who cares what they think anyway!? Don’t stay small because of other people’s opinions.

Which tip did you find most helpful? Comment below!💖