5 Ways to Market Your Photography Business with an Email List

I started an email list 5 months into launching my business and remember those early days when I messaged people on Facebook asking if they wanted to join. I would send an email to maybe 20 subscribers… it’s funny to look back on but I’m also so happy I kept up with it!

Now email marketing is so important to my business, I find it’s one of the best marketing strategies out there for many reasons, and is crucial when building any online business.

The email provider I use is Mailerlite. They are very well priced and so easy to use! And if you are just starting your list it’s free to use for your first 1000 subscribers. So if you are thinking of starting an email list I would highly recommend using them. Click HERE and you will also receive a $20 credit to your account when you sign up! That will come in handy once you start growing your subscriber base and move on to a paid plan.

Now if you are a photographer like myself I wrote this post with you in mind! I believe email marketing is useful for any business but I wanted to share the 5 ways photographers can use it to market their services.

5 Ways to Market Your Photography Business with an Email List by Charuk Studios

1. Stay in contact with past clients

It’s easier to work with repeat clients instead of always working to book new clients. Whether you photograph families, portraits or brand photos, a lot of people will need to book a photographer more than once in their life. An easy way to stay in contact with past clients and be top of mind is to add them to your email list. Then when you send out monthly or weekly newsletters they are reminded of that photo shoot they wanted to book and will be more likely to contact you.

I’ll share new client work and announce dates I have open when I send emails to my list. Kind of like a summary of what I have going on in my life and business. I also share blog posts, tips and little life updates to keep it personal and still useful!


2. Collect emails at networking events

People like to exchange business cards at events but I find it more useful to collect email addresses. Why? People will most likely put your business card in their wallet or throw it out after the event and never contact you. You may follow up with them once or twice, but if you add your new acquaintance to your email list they will always be up to date with your photo shoot availability and new promotions you have going on. And they will hear from you again and again! People need to hear about something a minimum of 7 times before purchasing, so one follow up email doesn’t always cut it!


3. Build a list of people who want to learn from you

Your core offer may be photography, but as you grow your business and become an expert in your niche, you may have newer photographers wanting to learn from you.

When I started growing my email list I realized I had entrepreneurs that were interested in a brand photo shoot for their business, and newer entrepreneurs and photographers that wanted to learn how to capture brand photos themselves. After about 2 1/2 years, I saw I had an audience that wanted to learn from me so I created the course, Do It Yourself Brand Photography, teaching my signature process to style and capture brand photos on your own!

Maybe you have people on your list that want to purchase your presets, contracts, tutorials, or attend a workshop you’re hosting. Whatever it is having an email list that is ready to learn and buy from you is a useful way to diversify your services.


4. Share special promos

Do you ever plan to run holiday mini-sessions or a black Friday discount but no one responds to your promo’s when you share them on social media? This is because social media doesn’t have the best reach, so not everyone who follows you will see your latest post. You may have thousands of followers but only a couple hundred that see what you share. Kind of annoying to spend time building a following and then not be able to share posts promoting a special you are offering! That’s why I prioritize building an email list because whatever you send will land directly in your subscribers inbox. If your email list is full of people who love your work (which it should be) sharing a promotion might be the perfect nudge to get them to book you!


5. Announce travel dates

If you are planning to travel for vacation and want to book paid work while you are away having an email list of interested customers is an amazing resource! People from all over the world probably find your work and are following you, so there might be some people on there who are located in the destination you are travelling to, or who are also planning a trip at the same location and dates as you. Send an email notifying your subscribers of your available travel dates and you might be lucky enough to book work abroad!

If you are a photographer or entrepreneur looking to improve your photography, download my FREE Elevate Your Photos Checklist below!

What other ways do you use an email list to market your photography business? Let me know in the comments!