5 Ways to Use Stock Photos on Your Blog

Photos and text can be used throughout various sections of your blog to create an overall look and feel that corresponds with your branding and communicates a unified message.

Eye-catching visuals in particular can be a major asset to any website, making more affordable options like pre-made stock photography a great way to spruce up your layout with minimal cost and effort.

Used correctly, stock photos can improve the overall look and feel of your blog, attract new visitors, keep people on your website longer and showcase your visual aesthetic in general.

Below are 5 simple ways to use stock photos to enhance your blog.

Ways to use stock photos.jpg


1.     Homepage Header Image

Your homepage is like a virtual storefront for your blog, so it’s important that you make it look as attractive and inviting as possible. Many websites use a large horizontal banner at the top of their homepage.

This is a perfect spot to incorporate images, text or even your logo. Used here, stock photos should be both impactful and visually appealing, but also keep in mind that it should be representative of your blog topic as a whole.


2.     Sign-up Form

Getting new visitors to sign up for email newsletters is an important goal for any blogger, but it’s not always easy. Sign-up forms need to be visually appealing so that your visitors are encouraged to sign up immediately or else risk missing out on one of your posts.

Stock photos can be used here as a simple way to boost the overall attractiveness of your form and give visitors a small taste of what they can expect from you as a subscriber.


3.     Blog Post Title Image

Title images are a must for blog posts. This simple element attracts the attention of readers and gives them a taste of what each post will be about. Title images need to be large and high quality, so be sure to choose stock photos that meet these standards.

It’s also important to consider the amount of negative space in a title photo. The more empty space there is, the easier it will be to place your title on it later. With a beautiful image and catchy title, you can expect to hook your readers and encourage them to share your blog post with their friends.


4.     Side Bar Buttons

Bloggers typically put a bunch of different items in their sidebar, but many just stick to plain text buttons. You can spruce up your blog’s design with buttons made from stock photos and text.

Sidebar buttons are easy to make, so you can just use a regular stock photo and crop it down to the appropriate shape. Using this simple method, you can make buttons for a variety of categories on your blog like your archive button, read more, shop now, and more!


5.     Anywhere You Need a Photo!

What makes a beautiful blog ultimately comes down to its use of an array of gorgeous photos and, of course, some killer content. Stock photos can be used to complement your inspiring travel posts or informative business tips to make them that much more irresistible to readers.

Photography can be used in any number of areas to add to your blog’s overall aesthetic and communicate your brand message to your followers. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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