6 Benefits of Using Instagram for Your Business

6 Benefits of using Instagram for your business by Charuk Studios.jpg

I want to share with you all one of my best marketing strategies for my business: Instagram! 

For a while before I started my business I used Instagram as a hobby. I would take grainy phone photos of random things in my house or of my meals and then put a weird filter over the already lack lustre photo. Not to mention my hashtags (if I even used any) would be something like #instalove #foodcoma #tbt. My account was very cringe-worthy to say the least...

Fast forward to a year ago and I started to use relevant hashtags, I would leave thoughtful comments on other peoples photos and I would post professional photos I took on my DSLR camera. Now that I approach Instagram strategically I have found it to be one of my most successful marketing tools. Here's why you should use it too.


6 Benefits of Using Instagram to Market Your Business

1. Instagram has connected me to my target audience

By sharing high quality photos of my work and using relevant hashtags, my target audience has been able to find me which has led to amazing opportunities and even clients!

2. Instagram drives traffic to my website

I am able to share my blog posts by linking the article in my bio and writing a bit about the post in the photo caption. This has piqued readers interest and led them to my website to read more and often they stay and check out my portfolio and services while on my website.

3. Instagram showcases my work beautifully

Instagram is like a curated portfolio. I am able to showcase my best work and display it in an attractive way. I love that with a quick scroll viewers are able to see an overview of my photography style and are left feeling inspired.


And now that I am learning how to use Instagram effectively to market my business, I know there is a lot more to gain from the platform.

Instagram also:


4. Creates brand advocates

Brand advocates are raving fans that are excited to read your latest post, purchase new products and recommend you to all their friends! 

5. Enables you to become an influencer

The more you hone your niche, provide value and educate your audience you will start to be seen as an influencer. Your audience will trust your recommendations and you will be seen as an expert in your field.

6. Allows you to have an impact on people's lives & business

Regardless of how many followers you have, Instagram gives you the power to share your voice to encourage, inspire and share your knowledge with other people. You can change someones life or business with the photos and words you share.


These last 3 I am still working on, but I am hopeful that by continuing to use Instagram authentically and strategically I will be able to achieve these benefits!


Has Instagram positively impacted your business? Tell me in the comments!