7 Different Ways Businesses Can Collaborate

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Collaborating with other complementary businesses can be an effective way to expand your reach, tap into a new customer base or audience and allow you to refer work to each other. Collaborating is a great marketing strategy, and best of all, it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Below are 7 beneficial ways to collaborate with another business.


1.     Affiliate for Your Product, Service or Course

Affiliation is a common marketing tactic used by brands and celebrities or bloggers on social media. With this collaboration tactic, one party promotes or recommends a product or service from the affiliated brand or business among their own pool of followers. The person doing the promoting earns a commission on every sale, and the brand being marketed receives increased brand or product awareness and increased sales.


2.     Guest Blog Posts

Guest blog posts are a win-win situation for both yourself and your collaborator. Not only are they great for generating additional content for your blog, but they also generate renewed interest for existing readers by providing them with content on a new topic written by an industry expert. Doing so also allows for the guest poster to expose their work to a new audience with similar tastes and interests, and may lead to a larger following for both parties.


3.     Social Media Take Overs

Social media take overs are a new and innovative approach to social media marketing in which a brand or business temporarily allows influential figure to post on their account. This method has become especially popular on social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. Social media takeovers are a great way to add a fresh perspective to your social media account, and create new exciting content for your followers.

For the guest poster, social media take overs give you the opportunity to associate with an aspirational figure or business within your industry, and exposes each of your brands to each other’s audience.


4.     Interview

Interviews are a great way to add interest to a blog whether you are the subject or the one doing the interviewing. Like with most other collaboration marketing tactics, a major benefit of interviews is the mutual exposure to a new audience.

By hosting an interview with another blogger or entrepreneur, you get the added bonus of increased traffic on your site generated by the interviewee’s following on social media. The interviewee also benefits by gaining increased credibility as someone whose interview has been featured on a reputable website.


5.     Styled Photo Shoot

As creative professionals, joining together to organize a styled photo shoot is an extremely beneficial collaboration. They allow you to experiment outside your comfort zone, expand your artistic style, build stronger relationships with your collaborators and have the possibility of being published.

The end product may not look anything like your usual work because everyone will have creative input, but that’s a good thing! It’s these kinds of experimental projects and collaborations that keep your portfolio fresh and captivating and catch the attention of potential clients.


6.     Host an Event

Hosting a collaborative event is a fun and social way to join forces with complementary businesses. Creating a super stylish and unique event engages each of your client bases in a fun way, while also introducing them to other products or services.

Event photography is also a must for social media and marketing purposes. Making sure that the event gets talked about by influential news outlets and bloggers is key, as it will allow brand awareness to grow for both you and the collaborating business.


7.     Create a Package Together

Another great way to collaborate with an associated business is to create a joint package of products or services. If your businesses each have different offerings, then by combining them together you can expose each of your client bases to new products or services that may interest them.

As a sales strategy, this kind of collaboration tactic is effective in that it allows for increased sales and the splitting of profits. However, the most significant benefit is the opportunity to attract new clients for both businesses. By trying the products and services offered by both brands, customers who bought and enjoyed the package may return as a client of both businesses.


What collaborations have you done with fellow business owners, and how did it help market your products or services? Tell me in the comments!