7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Brand Photographer

Having the right set of brand imagery is key to the success of any new business. Therefore, as an entrepreneur the time will come when you will ask yourself “how do I find the right photographer for my brand?”

Photography is a broad field with many different areas of specialization, so it’s important to narrow down your requirements before you start looking. For example, you wouldn’t hire a photographer who specializes in photographing families, newborns or food for the same project.

Brand photography is a mix of genres. It involves product photography, portraiture and both product and wardrobe styling. Most importantly, it must communicate a story and reflect's the business’s personality.

Below are 7 questions to ask yourself and your photographer to find out if they are the perfect fit for your brand!

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7 Questions to ask when hiring a brand photographer by Charuk Studios


1.     What type of work is in your portfolio?

One of the most important things you can do when hiring a photographer is to look through their portfolio. Based on the work displayed in their portfolio, you can gain a better sense of their style, quality of work and most importantly, what they can produce for you.

Take a look at the subjects of their photography. Are they wedding portraits, fashion photography or something else? Make sure the photographer you’re considering has experience in your area of business, that they’re comfortable with product styling and most importantly, that their aesthetic resonates with your brand.


2.     What services do you offer?

Look through the photographer’s services, and find out what’s included in their packages. For instance, how many hours and images will you receive, or do they provide props? Find out about their retouching services as well. Will they just do basic colour corrections, or can they do more extensive editing?

Whether or not they provide consultations is also worth considering. Consultations with your photographer can be very helpful in order to figure out the particularities of your brand and strategize the best ways to differentiate your business within your market.

Lastly, always find out if there will be any additional or unexpected charges before you make a commitment to work with a photographer.


3.     Where are you located?

As with any business venture, location is key. Where is the photographer located? Are they near you? If not, are they willing to travel to your location? If they can’t come to you, can you ship your products to them to be photographed remotely?

In the case that you find yourself working with a long-distance photographer, costs are an important consideration. Always find out your photographer’s travel fee, or consider the additional cost of shipping your products to them.

4.     What is your availability?

It’s a good idea to have a general understanding of the project timeline before you begin working with a photographer. Find out when they’re available to start, and get an estimate of how long the project will take from start to finish.

Also find out when you can expect to receive the completed images so you can be sure the photos will be ready when you need them. It’s also a good idea to find out the number of different projects your photographer is taking on at the same time as your own, because if they’ve spread themselves too thin it could affect the quality of work they produce as well as the overall experience.


5.     How much is your pricing?

Pricing is always an important consideration for a business, but don’t be too quick to choose a photographer just because their services are cheap. Rather than the cost, it’s better to focus on what you’ll get for your money.

For businesses, always make sure that the project fee includes commercial licensing so that your company is free to use the photos for advertising and marketing purposes. Also look into whether the photographer’s services are priced individually, or if they provide complete service packages instead.

Whether or not they offer payment plans may also be worth looking into if the pricing is a little more than what you’re willing to spend at the moment.


6.     Do you require a contract?

Find out whether your photographer requires a contract. Contracts can be useful for protecting both your business and the photographer you work with. In the case of a dispute, all of the agreed project expectations and deliverables (what they’re producing for you) will be clearly outlined for both parties.


7.     Can I read your testimonials?

Looking at testimonials from your photographer’s past clients is a good way to find out about the quality of work and overall collaborative experience that you can look forward to with them.

With that said, always take testimonials with a grain of salt. Typically only the best reviews are shared.


Did you find these questions helpful when researching brand photographers? Let me know in the comments, and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask! 

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