7 Tips to Smoothly Move to a New City

One of my goals for 2018 was to move to Toronto (read my 2018 resolutions here) and it was something I accomplished a lot sooner than anticipated. I moved at the end of January so I've been here for a couple months, and I have to say I am absolutely loving it!

Moving to a new city is both stressful and exciting. I've moved several times and always had a lot of anxiety about it. There's a lot to figure out, from who you will live with, finding an apartment within your budget, signing a lease, packing... UGH packing.

This was my 6th time moving (since starting university) and it does get easier, which I think comes with more practice and the right mindset.

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I want to provide a lil' backstory before I dive into my tips for moving to a new city because I actually lived in Toronto before, so it's not all that new to me! I used to study at Ryerson University in Toronto and lived here for 4 years.

Moving back at 25 is a lot different than when I was 18. I'm more confident, go with the flow and at ease with life than when I was teenager.

Basically when I was 18 I was worried to make new friends, sad to move away from my boyfriend, and hella stressed about finding a part time job and starting university classes.

Now I'm super pumped to meet new friends, meet cute guys, try new clubs & restaurants, (very relieved I'm not a student any longer) & I feel confident everything will work out! This mindset shift made the move easier because I was more excited than stressed.

Besides absolutely loving big cities there were a few reasons why I specifically chose to move to Toronto.

  1. Big city = larger client base for my biz. (my options if I wanted to stay in Canada were Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver)

  2. No language barrier. (had to cross Montreal off my list for this reason, because if you have a biz there everything needs to be bilingual!)

  3. Close to my family. (Vancouver is just way too far and Canada has insanely expensive domestic flights :| )

  4. Beautiful locations for photo shoots. (definitely a priority as a content creator)

  5. The city has Class Pass! (meaning I could take dance, yoga, & kickboxing classes again, something I missed doing)

  6. Have several friends that live in Toronto. (who doesn't want to be surrounded by friends?!)

  7. Many fun things to see & do! (I love exploring and Toronto has endless neighbourhoods, restaurants and attractions to see)

  8. Work part time at a fun restaurant on the harbourfront. (I wanted a part time job so I could meet new people and make extra $$)

So even though this change was scary, there were so many reasons I was excited for it and knew it would make my life more enjoyable! Also I've been really into Law of Attraction lately and learning more about it, so when it came to moving I tried implementing a few strategies that made my move a smooth an easy transition.


7 Tips to Smoothly Move to a New City


1. Make a list of your goals & priorities.

It's important to determine your unique goals and priorities to see which city you should be in to accomplish them. For me it was important to move to a city where my business could grow. And I've always been a city girl at heart so there are really only a few options I could move to if I wanted to stay in Canada.

Besides growing my business, I had several personal goals such as to take dance, yoga and boxing classes. (I use ClassPass which let's me try a variety of fitness classes in the city!) meet more like-minded business friends (check! I've met several awesome new friends so far :D) and go out more often! Priorities of mine for 2018 were to meet new people and try out cool, new places. A large city meant more selection.

There are honestly a lot more reasons why I chose Toronto. But the deciding question for me was, is moving here going to get me closer to how I want my life to be? I encourage you to ask yourself this if you are considering to move.


2. Meditate on the decision.

I think a lot of people make decisions out of fear. Some examples:

I need to move in with my partner otherwise they will break up with me.

I need to take this job because there are no jobs in my field.

I can't travel, the world is too dangerous right now.

These are decisions based out of fear and your limiting beliefs. I find the only way to stop these negative thoughts is to quiet your mind, and you can do this through meditation.

It's important to make decisions because they feel good, not because you are scared and feel there is no other option. By meditating you are stopping these negative thoughts or fears, which in terms of Law of Attraction is removing resistance.

For a while I meditated on the decision of where to move. I had a lot of uncertainty and doubts for several months beforehand. Like who will I live with? Will I be able to afford it? Should I travel more or settle down? I slowly stopped worrying about these details by meditating and the right decision became clear for me.


3. Make a budget.

Making a budget removes quite a bit of stress around moving and gives you guidelines for what kind of living arrangements you can afford. Questions to ask yourself:

If you work full time, what is your take home pay each week?

If you have a business, how much do you make on average per month? How far ahead are you booked?

Do you have savings to fall back on?

Do you need an extra source of income?

I decided when I moved to Toronto to get a part time job for extra income. I calculated how many hours I would need to work to cover my living expenses and I still had a few days a week to work on my biz. Now any money I make from my business is extra and will be put back into growing it.

A pretty simple strategy but before having this plan I had no idea how to make it work, or if I had to wait until I was booked 6 months ahead before I could be financially secure.


4. Get clear on what you want.

This step is fun! And an important step of using Law of Attraction is to define what you want. Start with big factors such as do you want to live near the ocean, somewhere with a backyard, a place where you can learn a new language, somewhere close to family? These questions influence which city you will want to live in.

Once you decide the city or town you can get more specific and decide how you want your accommodations to look, your budget, what kind of roommate you want (or if you want to live alone), if there is a certain neighbourhood you want to be situated, etc.


5. Don't stress.

Again a very important step! Once you have a clear vision of where you want to move and what you want it to look and feel like, it's key to not worry or stress during the process of it manifesting. I know it's hard to not worry if something will happen when it hasn't yet, but you must have faith it is on the way.


6. Keep an open mind. 

A lot of my steps aren't actions, but a certain mindset. By keeping an open mind to the things coming into your life allows you to receive something you may not be expecting. The universe knows what you want better than you could articulate.

For example, have you ever really wished for something in your life, but something better came instead? Yeah that was the universe delivering your deepest desires! Ones that you didn't even realize you asked for.


7. Have fun!

The last step is to have fun during the process! When you are having fun you raise your vibration and attract experiences of a similar vibration. I know it sounds crazy, but as soon as I started really focusing on my mood and the energy I put out into the world, good things came back to me.

So if you want to improve any area of your life whether it be getting that dream job, making amazing new friends, or moving to a new city, you need to raise your vibration to match it.

Easiest way to do this is to have fun, and fill your life with love, joy and positivity.


Okay that's all my advice on this subject, but honestly these tips apply to so much more than moving to a new city! I'm using my own advice in different areas of my life and hope you find them helpful too <3