8 Favourite Instagram Spots in NYC

Last summer I planned a spontaneous trip to NYC with a friend and had such a blast! We were on a tight budget but really wanted to getaway, and going to a new place always leaves me feeling inspired. So we booked Greyhound tickets to NYC and took an overnight bus (it was a 12 hour bus ride from Toronto and we wanted to maximize our time there lol) but even with the rough sleep, it was such an awesome trip!

We spent our days exploring the sights, figuring out the subway system, eating yummy food, taking photos and going out dancing. Classic girls trip!

When I travel I LOVE capturing photos of the beautiful sights. They are memories for me to look back on but also great content for me to share on social media, my blog and use for my marketing materials. (To see more of my travel photos follow me on Instagram)

Also I just love photography (OBVI I’m a photographer haha) so when I travel I don’t care about eating at fancy restaurants or doing guided tours, I’d rather explore on my own and capture a city’s beauty in my own way. That’s exactly what we did! I scouted out some awesome spots to take photos beforehand, and now I’m sharing them with you!

My 8 Favourite Instagram Spots in NYC by Charuk Studios

1. Pietro NoLita

Address: 174 Elizabeth St, New York, NY

I’ve seen this place ALL OVER Instagram, I swear it’s a blogger must-shoot-at location. But I totally see why, I love the playful pink exterior, and I’m a sucker for anything cute and colourful! I think restaurants are on to something by jazzing up their interior or exterior because everyone flocks to “instagram-able” locations and then pretty soon it’s shared all over the internet! I think I’m more into the marketing strategy behind this place than the pink benches…

2. Manhattan Bridge

Address: 80 Pearl St., Brooklyn, NY

AHH the less talked about bridge in NYC. In my opinion the Manhattan Bridge is underrated! You can capture such an awesome view of it from the Brooklyn side without actually being on the bridge. This is still a busy spot to take a photo, and we had to dodge a few cars while I kept darting out into the middle of the road, but definitely worth the effort and the wait! We didn’t plan on shooting here at dusk, but I quite like the dim lighting and moody skies. Also there is an awesome pizza joint on the corner, so we had a $4 dinner afterwards! A great way to stay on budget while travelling.

8 Favourite Instagram Spots in NYC by Charuk Studios

3. Rockefeller Center

Address: 45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY

Since my friend and I were trying to do this trip for as cheaply as possible, we had to choose either going to the top of the Rockefeller Center or the Empire State Building, but not both. We chose to go with the Top of the Rock because it has an incredible view of the Empire State Building! Which I believe is more iconic to have in photos of your New York trip. But man…the New York skyline is so stunning, you really feel on top of the world!

4. Washington Square Park

Address: Washington Square N, New York, NY

This park was BUSY, so if you don’t mind taking photos in front of lots of people then you’ll be fine to shoot here. I made my friend crouch down low to get this angle so she could capture the whole Washington Square Monument in the photo, and meanwhile I just twirled around living my best NYC life. We were quite a sight to see.

5. Tunnel at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park

Address: 72 Terrace Dr, New York, NY

Omgggg I died at how beautiful this tunnel was! The acoustics were amazing, actually there was a women singing in here while we took photos. Again is was fairly busy, so you have to be patient and then quickly snap a few photos while no one is in your shot! But I loved the detail in the architecture and the mosaic tiles, I was willing to wait to capture this stunning spot!

8 Favourite Instagram Spots in NYC by Charuk Studios

6. Central Park

I can’t really give an exact address for these photos because it was just on random rocks in Central Park. But honestly the whole park is breathtaking, I could spend a week exploring and taking photos there! I really liked how we were able to capture the skyscrapers and rocks and trees, it was pretty cool to see nature juxtaposed with man-made buildings.

7. The Butcher’s Daughter

Address: 271 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY

I was determined to try a few vegan restaurants while we visited NYC, and I searched for ones that were also aesthetically pleasing. This place was adorable, but I really loved how the walls were all open and let in fresh air! We visited New York in August but I remember the weather was perfect and we had a slight breeze while we got to sit and people watch during our breakfast. The exterior was just as pretty as the interior, the whole vibe was bright and fresh! And the food was AMAZING. Cute restaurants that serve delicious vegan food are my jam.

8. Brooklyn Bridge

Again the Brooklyn Bridge doesn’t have an exact address, but it’s impossible to miss! My friend and I just walked to the center of it and snapped a few photos. It was a bit difficult because we were there in the middle of the day so the lighting was harsh and there were lots of people, but we just rolled with it. We also weren’t motivated to wake up at sunrise to capture the soft lighting and have the bridge to ourselves. But it was lovely to walk across, and definitely a must-see tourist spot!

Travelling is honestly so fun and CHEAP when you just spend your days exploring taking beautiful photos! If you want to learn how to improve your photography skills download the Elevate Your Photos checklist below to learn my tips & tricks to capture high quality photos!