9 Different Poses to Capture During Your Brand Photo Shoot

You are in the process of planning out your dream brand photo shoot and you’ve filled out this amazingly helpful brand questionnaire by yours truly, you created a stunning inspiration board that outlines the visual direction for your photo shoot, you’ve chosen your perfect photographer by asking the right questions, and you’re feeling good about the outfits you selected to wear after following these wardrobe tips!

Now on the day of your photo shoot you want to have a list of every shot and pose you want to capture! I’m sure you have lots of ideas, but in case you need a few more here’s my list of 9 different photos I make sure I capture during every client’s photo shoot.

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9 Different Poses to Capture During Your Brand Photo Shoot by Charuk Studios

1. Working on a Laptop

This is a classic pose for most online business owners, because we LIVE on our laptops. Maybe it feels a bit overdone, but this shot comes in handy if you want to share about a great virtual meeting you just had, or how you love the versatility of being able to work anywhere from your laptop. This photo is great to accompany any business related topic you want to discuss as part of your marketing strategy.


2. The Creative Process

This pose is going to be different for every entrepreneur, and it’s not a static pose, it’s a movement, or a moment you are capturing.

This is your chance to highlight what sets you apart! People love to see a peak behind the curtain as to what goes on in someone’s head when creating. Do you create a mood board? Rip out photos from magazines? Journal in the park? Sketch in a notebook? Whatever your creative process that is something unique to your brand and it should be showcased in your brand photos!

3. Writing in a Notebook

Similar to the laptop photos, writing in a notebook is one of those classic photo poses I find is applicable for most entrepreneurs. If you want to share with your audience what’s on your to do list, talk about your workspace or something you are journalling about that’s on your mind, this photo complements those themes nicely.

Download my    FREE Elevate Your Photos Checklist    to learn my tips & tricks to capture beautiful photos!

Download my FREE Elevate Your Photos Checklist to learn my tips & tricks to capture beautiful photos!

4. Working With a Client

I love when a business owner wants to show themselves interacting with a client during their brand photo shoot! It feels so natural and candid, like the viewer has the opportunity to watch the magic unfold. This type of photo also allows the potential customer to envision what it would look like to work with the business owner, which a lot of services are all about providing a remarkable one on one experience and that detail shouldn’t be overlooked but instead communicated through your brand photos.

5. 360 Degree Angle

Capturing a variety of angles from a single pose is essential for any business that sells a product. Think of when you online shop (for clothing, cakes, accessories etc!) you want to see up close the detail of what you are purchasing so you can assess the quality. Capturing a 360 degree angle works for some service based businesses too such as hairstylists and makeup artists. The client wants to see what the transformation looks like and if every angle looks flawless that communicates you care about the end result and customers will feel safe in your hands.

6. Classic Head Shot

I never offer just head shot photo sessions, because with brand photography I can tell a story and capture more intricate details of an entrepreneurs brand. However I see the value of having several high quality head shots of a business owner to use in their marketing. They come in handy for profile photos on social media, on an ‘about me’ page on their website or in press features. Head shots don’t have to feel stiff and “corporate-y”, I love when my subject looks and feels relaxed and happy. They look much more approachable!

7. Anonymous Pose

I loooove photos like this! It might seem like a weird photo to capture but it’s incorporating a human element into an otherwise boring product photo. Something about the fact you can’t tell who the person is makes it mysterious and more intimate yet it doesn’t take away from the focus of the photo.

Another example would be photographing a necklace on a person but cropping the photo from the lips down. Anytime there’s a person in the photo versus the product just being photographed on its own (ie. the necklace laying on a backdrop) the customer can envision themselves wearing or purchasing that item. Which is a goal of marketing!

8. The Creation Process

Another favourite shot/pose of mine to capture during a brand photo shoot is an entrepreneur creating! I tell them to ‘get in the zone’ and pretend I’m not there. I’ll pipe in if I need them to adjust slightly so the photo has a better composition or if the lighting looks better when they change angles.

You may be wondering, how is this different from the creative process? I separate the two because one is the planning stage, the other is bringing it to life! They work together to tell the full brand story.

9. The Finished Product

Last but not least, you MUST capture breathtaking photos of the finished product! It’s like the “TA-DA” moment for the business owner, and shows off what they created. These are great hero photos and should be used in prominent places throughout their marketing. (ie. an advertisement, homepage of the website, social media banners) This isn’t so much a “pose” as it is an essential shot to capture.

I can’t get over the textures and colours in the flowers, fruits, cake and icing in the photo below! Everything looks so decadent, it looks too pretty to eat but also damn delicious! I’d say that’s mission accomplished.

Whether you have a DSLR camera or take photos on your phone, every entrepreneur needs to capture stunning photos for their biz. Download my FREE Elevate Your Photos Checklist to learn my tips & tricks to capture beautiful photos!