9 Wardrobe Pieces to Wear in California

The beginning of June I took a trip to beeeeeautiful, sunsoaked, & stunning California! The focus of all my trips lately are to see the must-see sights and take lotssss of pretty photos🤗 So when I was planning my outfits & packing for this trip I asked myself "is this cute AND comfortable?" 

That was my only criteria since I knew I'd be walking around lots and was also going to be in the photos. (you can't travel and NOT take cute vaca pics, am I right!?💁‍♀️)

But what got me really excited about packing for this trip were all the fun colours, floral prints, & flowy fabrics of pieces I had picked out. I mean how perfect for sunny California!? 

If you have an upcoming trip to California (or anywhere warm and colourful!) I have narrowed down a list of my top 9 pieces to pack! If you are go-go-go like me, but can't last more than a few minutes in a pair of heels without needing a break, then I promise I got chuuuu😉 My list of items are all cute & comfortable, and most things you probably have in your closet already!🙌 (that's always a win!!)

9 Wardrobe Pieces to Wear in California by Charuk Studios

1. Two Piece Set

I love seeing other bloggers rock a two piece set! But I'm not a fan of showing my midriff so I love how the skirt is a bit high waisted and you only see a peak of skin when I'm moving around. Something about an outfit that is matchy-matchy feels a bit retro to me and just plain cute!

2. Little White Dress

Okay everyone loves a little black dress, but if you're travelling somewhere warm swap it for white! It's more fresh feeling and doesn't get as hot as black when you are walking around in the sun. There are obviously so many styles to choose from which is great, and white is always classic. I personally loved this midi length and semi-sheer fabric of the white dress I wore below.

3. Low Heels

Honestly I can't walk more than a couple blocks in high heels, so for me a low heel is a must if I actually want to walk around in my shoes instead of carrying them. I lasted half the day in my short block heels walking around LA before swapping for flip flops and also wore them out later at night. I find they make any outfit more chic without having to sacrifice comfort!

4. Jean Jacket

In San Francisco the weather changes a lot throughout the day. It's cold in the shade and hot in the sun, the breeze from the water cools the city down, so you gotta bring layers for suuuure. I opted for a jean jacket because it matches with everything! Jean is basically a neutral.

5. Sneakers

Who doesn't love sneakers and a summer dress?! This is my fav trend right now (& thank god sneakers are in) they are a MUST to bring travelling anywhere, and there are so many sneaker styles out there that are cute. I love my pinky/mauve & white Nike pair! 

6. Floral Prints

I can never have too many floral prints, that's my motto. If I can't find a beautiful bush of flowers I want to wear them all over my outfit, ya feel me? This is just very Cali IMO.

7. Maxi Dress

HI if you're going to Cali you NEED a maxi dress that will blow in the wind while you prance along the beach or walk down Rodeo Drive. That is the ultimate of summer vibes! It's classy, flowy, comfy, beachy all in one look.

8. Bright Colours

I don't need an excuse to wear bright colours, gimme allllll the bright coloured pieces I can find. But if you shy away from bright, bold colours, going to Cali is your time to break out of your shell. Make your suitcase look like a pack of skittles, colours galore!!

9. Sweater

Lastly a sweater is a travel essential. Planes are so cold (or is that just me??) so I want something cozy to wear on travel days and that's also handy for evenings or lounging at the hotel/Airbnb. And if you were in San Francisco like me and the temperature changes 10 degrees every hour then you need to wear layers or suffer the consequences.

Watch my California lookbook below to see some BTS of our photo shoots!

I know it hasn't been long but I'm already itching to travel somewhere else tropical & colourful😏 If you are travelling somewhere soon (I'm totally going to live vicariously through you!!) I hope these outfits & photos inspire your style for your next trip!😘