Adored Designs Brand Video and Photo Shoot

While I was travelling around Europe I had the opportunity to work with Alex from Adored Designs to create custom brand photos and a brand video for her web & graphic design business. I'm so excited to share what we created together because this is one of my favourite projects of 2017!

Adored Designs Brand Video and Photo Shoot by Charuk Studios

Alex and I first connected in the spring of 2017 through Instagram and we shortly after started a mastermind group with two other business owners to bounce ideas around and support each other with our goals.

I remember when I excitedly told all three of them I was coming to visit London, England at the end of the summer (read about my trip here!), and conveniently they were all based in or near London at the time. We planned to meet up in person which was so nice! Nothing beats hanging out face to face with your fellow biz besties :)

Adored Designs Brand Video and Photo Shoot by Charuk Studios

Alex had expressed interest during our mastermind meetings to invest in a brand video for her business one day. And by chance the timing worked out perfectly since I was already planning on travelling to England and we already had a great business relationship.

Even though I already knew so much about Alex's business and target audience, I sent her my brand questionnaire like I do with all my clients before we started planning her photo/video shoot. A few of Alex's answers really stuck out to me that shaped the creative direction.

Adored Designs Brand Video and Photo Shoot by Charuk Studios
Charuk-Alex-51.jpgAdored Designs Brand Video and Photo Shoot by Charuk Studios

Alex provides web and graphic design services for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands and has experience working with luxury brands such as Jimmy Choo and Karl Lagerfeld. (SO cool, right?!) This experience really sets her apart in her industry so we wanted to show she was not only a talented designer but up to date with current fashion trends.

We showcased this by having Alex flip through fashion magazines, design a beautiful mood board with the images and we even included clips of her designing a blogger's website and logo in the video. These scenes highlight Alex's expertise of designing for people in the fashion industry.

Another answer of hers was that she valued being seen as trustworthy and approachable by her clients. I would describe Alex as one of the sweetest people I've met, and super fun and bubbly! We wanted to highlight her personality, because her ideal client would instantly connect with these traits.

We kept her brand photos and video fun, fresh & feminine (not corporate looking at all). I made sure to capture Alex smiling and laughing lots, and even a few silly moments to keep the vibe lighthearted. We chose an upbeat song for her video that even further conveyed her brand tone.

We used a gorgeous loft in London as Alex's office (the pink chairs and bright interior were seriously perfect!) And since working with Alex feels like 'catching up with a girlfriend over coffee', we even shot at a cafe for part of her shoot! (how stunning is this pink & flowery cafe though!?)

Alex described her overall style as feminine, fun, inspiring, bright, with a touch of an editorial feel, so it was my goal to nail this with the creative direction so everything was on brand for her! Alex brought the perfect outfit and props  such as pink pens, a flower print blouse, and a marble notebook to name a few. These details really tied everything together.

I love the result, especially how the photos and video complement each other because I haven't done too many projects with both! It will be exciting to see how Alex's uses both mediums throughout her marketing for a cohesive look. Visit her website here and make sure to follow her on Instagram for beautiful design inspiration!


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Adored Designs Brand Photo Shoot by Charuk Studios