Barcelona Elopement Video

Barcelona Elopement Video by Charuk Studios

First off, creating this video made me miss Barcelona sooo much!! How beautiful is this place!? If you've never travelled to Barcelona, add it to your bucketlist because this place is a dream <3

Secondly, I know an elopement video, this isn't very "on brand" for me. But staying on brand has not been my thing lately. Experimentation is where I'm at. (I'm all about dance classes, dating apps, & new types of blog content!)

So for a while I was curious about creating an elopement video and working with couples. I saw the similarities between brand videos and elopement videos, such as being able to tell a story, plan the creative direction, capture emotion and the uniqueness of my subject. Just instead of a brand story I would be telling a love story.

Honestly I'm down for that! I love couples in love, I'm not one of those cynical single people, I truly love LOVE.

I had a blast working with this couple, and what I learned is a couple is waaaay more natural at being intimate than a pair of models that don't know each other. There's no acting involved in this video, it's pure, honest emotion.

If you guys heard the original audio from these clips it's me giving directions then swooning over their cuteness. Don't believe me? Watch it below, then watch it again because they are just that cute!!

So this is the first glimpse of a new service I will be adding to my website soon. Exciting things to come guys ;)

And a big thanks to Rebecca of Barcelona Brides for coordinating this special day!