Behind The Scenes of My Rebrand: Content & Audience

Alright time for part 3 of my rebrand process, and one of my favourite topics: content & audience! I grouped these two together because I felt they went hand in hand because the content I create is to serve and attract a specific audience.

Behind the Scenes of My Rebrand: Content & Audience

I actually went about this process backwards than most businesses. I figured out my content strategy before deciding what services I wanted to offer and what my new niche would be.

Then I realized: When you are a business you pick your audience or customer you are serving first then create content for them. BUT if you are a personal brand (ie. A youtuber, a blogger or some type of content creator) you choose what type of content YOU want to create first and let the appropriate audience come to you.

Even though I see myself as a business not a personal brand, the reason I chose the content I wanted to create first was because I was approaching two years in business and was loosing my passion. I felt obligated to stick in my niche and produce content relevant to the people I was already serving. Content after all is how I market my business by demonstrating my knowledge and hopefully solving peoples problems. So for 2 years I was writing blog posts related to brand photography and business.

I enjoyed the people I was working with and the work I was doing, I still adore it! I just felt I had more interests I wanted to dabble in and it took a few months of self reflection to figure out how I really wanted to spend my time.

So my approach to my rebrand was backwards. I decided on the content I felt inspired to create, and then mapped out who my audience was and what services I would offer based off that (I’ll elaborate more on my services and share my website reveal in an upcoming blog post discussing part 4 of my rebrand!)

SO you may be wondering, why create content if you aren’t a blogger or youtuber? Well content is the modern form of advertising, it is what people watch. People don’t pay attention to the majority of ads, they pay attention to content.

Content comes in many forms, a post on Instagram, a blog post, a youtube video, a podcast etc., with content you can market anything! Just talk or write about it or visually show it.

I am a creative person, I love to delve into many creative mediums, topics and styles. And since this shift I felt so EXCITED to write blog posts, film videos and capture photos I LOVED, I felt passionate about what I was creating again.

I gave myself permission to explore and create without limits and just do what made me excited, and not necessarily have a reason behind it. So far I’m eager to share more about mindset and law of attraction, I could talk about it all day. I still love writing about branding, marketing and social media which all tie into business but I also wanted to share more personal stories and my wellness journey on my blog.

So after figuring out what topics I want to talk about I realized my niche is for women striving to live a happy, fulfilled and creative life. AHHH finding clarity around that is a wonderful feeling!!

My niche previously was female entrepreneurs in creative fields (which it still is in a way) but now I want to expand that to be a woman who wants to create and design a life that feels amazing! Being creative doesn’t need a reason or a purpose. You don’t need to only pursue it because you have a business idea or you’re building a brand. I want to show people that you can pursue creativity in any form simply because it brings you joy, it makes life more beautiful and fulfilling.

So during the past few months I’ve been exploring new content I felt called to write about, so I thought I would share some of my blog posts since making this shift in direction.


some examples 

6 Steps to Get Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs. This post was all about mindset (and these tips are almost identical to what a coach told my friend to do which is kinda cool!) This is a process I learned intuitively through my own research and personal experiences.

11 of My Favourite Self Care Habits. This blog post is about wellness, particularly what has worked for me to be on a high vibration and feel my best!

5 Benefits of Having a Side Hustle. This is about my personal experience with “taking a step backward” in life, but allowing myself peace of mind and resources to pursue new goals. Not every move you make looks like it makes sense to people observing you, but I want others to feel confident to do it anyways!

Mental Health: My Tips to Be Happy & Healthy. I dove into my mental health journey in this post, I shared my struggles and my recovery. I also discuss what worked for me to feel better and happier. This was the first vulnerable post I shared, I had to work up the courage to post it. 

4 Reasons to Not be Paid as an Influencer. A bit of a controversial topic about how I think accepting any old brand deal will ultimately hurt your brand in the end and will only benefit the company hiring you.

4 Ways to Monetize Your Blog Without Sponsored Content. After my post about reasons why to not be paid as an influencer I wanted to share how to make money from blogging besides brand deals. There are several ways and they allow you to keep control of your message and be authentic with your audience. Win-win in my opinion!

When to Work for Free and When to Say No. I wrote it because I’m sure every creative person has been approached to do free work at some point, and sometimes it’s great to do! Other times not so much. So I shared my personal experience and a guideline on how to decide which projects are worthwhile and which ones to turn down.

How I Left My 9-5 Job to Start a Business. This is another mindset post, and a very personal journey of mine. This is definitely one of my favourite blog posts because it documents my thoughts very early on when I started my business and it is sentimental to reflect back on.

For my future content you can expect lots more personal experiences mixed in with actionable tips and advice. I’m finally at a place where I’m feeling more confident being my imperfect self through my blog, so don’t be surprised to see that I’m quirky, honest, and emotional on occasion.

You may be wondering what services will I offer? Will this still be a business or just a hobby? Well if you were pondering this question I am going to create stuff that excites me about topics I want to discuss, and I’m going to offer services that best utilize my skills and knowledge. (again I’m going to share more about this in my next rebrand post!)

So YES there’s still a business aspect to it, but my main priority is to be happy and passionate about what I’m creating, money is a bonus, and helping people is an even bigger bonus! But those two things can’t be my sole focus if I’m going to stay true to me, they would just be a wonderful result.

That right there was hard to come to terms with! To create simply because it brings me joy and not worrying about what it will bring me. Maybe that’s something you are struggling with too? If so comment below and share your perspective. And stayed tuned for the last post about my rebrand where I will reveal my website makeover!