Behind the Scenes of My Rebrand: Meaning Behind the Name & Logo

Woohoo! Time to share part 2 of my rebrand: the meaning behind my business name and new logo! (If you missed it, read part 1 of my rebrand here)

This post is honestly overdue. I chose the name Charuk Studios even before I officially launched as a business! I changed my Instagram handle back in University when I was solely focused on school and getting a job post graduation, so I must have had some intuition I would pursue something down the line.

I want to finally explain my thought process when I chose my business name because people have assumed Charuk Studios is a physical studio space, which has been a bit awkward and a let down when I tell people it’s not.😅 There’s actually a different reason behind my name choice and I thought that would make a good story to share.

Behind the Scenes of My Rebrand: Meaning Behind the Name & Logo by Charuk Studios

Also for a couple months I was contemplating switching my business name to just my name, Jess Charuk. That opened a whole can of worms because it would make sense if I were to shift and be a personal brand (I'm in the process of doing) but in the end I decided to keep Charuk Studios because there was a lot of meaning behind the name that I didn’t realize. I’ll explain.🤗


The Name

First part is that Charuk Studios is a creative studio. I wanted to offer a variety of services and not be limited by what I could do by my business name. I say this because when I started photography I made my Instagram Jessica Charuk Photography. But I quickly changed it once I realized how the name could keep me from growing and evolving.

Now I’m very thankful because in addition to photography I also offer videography, creative direction and I’m adding coaching for aspiring creators and business owners, and eventually I’d love to add speaking to that list. So yes there’s a variety I’m interested in! And of course I love sharing my thoughts through my blog.

The second meaning behind Charuk Studios (I realized recently when I dug deeper) was I love to create anywhere! I think it’s a beautiful dream to want to own a physical studio place, but that’s not mine right now. For now I love having the flexibility to create anywhere. I am deeply inspired by my environment, I love travelling to new places and am always exploring new locations for photo shoots. I even rent different studios to use because I love to change it up. I honestly see the world as my studio!🤩

Down the line when I buy property for myself to live in, I totally envision making my future home my studio! Not a separate room, but designing each individual room to be lovely and a stunning place to style and create in. I really like blending my life and work, I don’t see them as separate parts of me, so therefore why not blend my home and studio together? My business name kind of represents that too in a way. Charuk represents me and Studios represents my work, they go together to create one blended entity.


The Logo

So I love the name Charuk Studios and kept it! However I did change my logo during my rebrand. After choosing the words feminine, vibrant and playful to describe my aesthetic I wanted my logo to embody those words to keep the whole brand consistent. (Read more about my rebrand's visual direction here!)

My designer, Christina, did this buy choosing a lovely and whimsical cursive font paired with a classic san serif. I love what she designed because it doesn’t feel too girly or bridal which can sometimes happen when using a cursive font for a logo. It really just feels carefree and effortless. Ahh I love. And seeing it in different colours is so pretty, that ties in the vibrancy.💕

Charuk Studios Logo

I wanted a whole post dedicated to the name and logo because I believe a name isn’t that important when you start a business, the brand’s reputation really is what makes a name. But choosing something that has personal meaning to you and has a story will make it timeless even if no one else understands it. And really, who doesn’t love a good story?

So now you all know how I chose my name and why it’s special to me. I would love to hear how you named your blog or business and the meaning behind it!


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