Behind the Scenes of My Rebrand: Services & Website

Helloooo loves!! Did you read my lengthy post on my content strategy & audience for my rebrand?

That was a bit of a doozy.

If you didn’t a quick recap was I chose to change up the type of content I wanted to create and the audience I wanted to serve. Now my blog and business is not only focused on brand photography & serving creative entrepreneurs, but also for women striving to live a fulfilled and creative life!

Behind the Scenes of My Rebrand: Services & Website by Charuk Studios

So with that shift of audience and content strategy for my rebrand I added a few additional services.


Brand Photography & Video

My signature service is custom brand photography and brand videos for creative entrepreneurs, specifically personal brands. I realized personal brands are my area of expertise, I love love LOVE photographing women of all shapes and sizes and making them feel incredible! I also enjoy the challenge of getting to know someone’s brand and business intimately and designing a photo and/or video shoot that perfectly represents them.


In addition I offer coaching for business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs. I totally know the feeling of having BIG dreams but feeling unclear on what the destination is and how to create a plan to get there. I work with clients to create a custom plan for them to achieve their goal and answer any questions they may have. I’m an open book and share lots of info through my blog and social media but sometimes having one-on-one help is the push needed to turn dreams into reality.


Okay I felt major imposter syndrome creep in when I added this service to my website. I’m no Gabby Bernstein or Gary V, but I do have insights to share from my journey, advice on photography, branding and social media marketing, and I like to inspire and motivate people. So why the heck not be a speaker?!

I have worked a bit with a speaking coach in the past and have done a couple speeches. It’s pretty scary not gonna lie, but I’m all for pushing & expanding my comfort zone! And if it helps ONE person, then all those nerves are worth it.

Brand Consulting

This service is for businesses that need someone to oversee the full picture of the creative direction for their brand. A brand is not just a logo, it’s an experience a customer chooses to be part of. There are many aspects to consider from graphics, web design, social media, content strategy, visuals and messaging. I help businesses ensure every touch point is cohesive and provides a seamless experience for their customer.

DIY Brand Photography Course

This course is created for dreamers that are dying to pursue their passion but need to establish a brand and attractive online presence in order to grow their audience and attract paying clients. Let’s be real, e-v-er-y-thing is about visuals. This course not only teaches people how to capture high quality photographs but also teaches brand strategy, creative direction, photo editing and how to present a cohesive online presence. I teach my whole process I use with my brand photography clients and my goal with the course is for students to go from no brand/messy & unclear direction to a beautiful and polished visual brand that they ADORE and are proud to promote.

You can read more about my services here and my DIY Brand Photography course here!


Now for the fun reveal of my new website! I worked with Christina at By Stina Faye, and she did an amazeballs job!! You can browse the new website because it’s live!

(Side note, I orignally saved screenshots of my old website but I accidentally cleared them off my computer, AND I’M SO SAD ABOUT IT! I really wanted to share the before and after.. anyways thought I would share my dumb mistake)

Now back to my NEW website! A few of my favourite details are:

My Bucketlist: I’m such a dreamer at heart lol. I usually keep these thoughts in my head but thought why not publish them on my website so all you following along can watch as I slowly check them off my list ;)

My Brand Values: I wanted to display these to further attract people that are in align with what I value, I also love the cute little graphics my web designer made for me!

Watercolour Flowers: I’m obsessed with all the stunning hand drawn flowers Christina incorporated on my website. This was a unique request of mine and my only feedback was the more the merrier! :P

Shop Page: I wanted to add a page for all the products I love and recommend, and there are so many more I want to add here but this is a start at least. I also was insistent to style and photograph all the photos myself so they were on brand. This page was a whole undertaking in itself, but well worth it in my opinion :)

So as you can see from my 4 part rebrand series (read part 1, part 2, & part 3) my business and brand has evolved quite a bit. And if anything I am learning that this is something that will be constantly refined as I grow and evolve.

If you were to take something away from this post I hope you realize that building a brand, especially one you love, takes time, self awareness, and of course you have to start in order to improve. So just GO FOR IT!

Your first attempts may suck at whatever it is you are trying to create, but embrace the process! You will grow and you will be able to look back at your early stages fondly. But you can’t if you don’t start and are holding yourself back waiting for everything to be perfect.

Anyways launching this rebrand & new website was a big accomplishment of mine in 2018, and a visual representation of my growth and discovering who I truly am as an entrepreneur and individual <3

Can’t wait to see what amazing things 2019 will bring! Cheers babes :)

-Jess xo

PS. If one of your 2019 goals is to start a brand or business download my FREE brand questionnaire to gain clarity around your brand direction. This helped immensely for my own rebrand, I’m sure you’ll find it quite helpful too!