Behind The Scenes of My Rebrand: The Visual Direction

OMG yayyyy I’ve been anticipating this topic for a while now, and I’m so so excited to share a behind the scenes look at my rebrand!🤩

Behind the Scenes of My Rebrand: The Visual Direction by Charuk Studios

Visual direction is my favourite part of a brand. It’s the part that gets you hooked, makes you hit follow on insta and buy all the cute stuff in their photos.

Visual direction can be seen as superficial (because let’s be real how deep can we get with some pretty styled flat lays?) But I view it as a way a person or brand expresses them self, it’s their style and how they see the world translated through visuals. Pretty cool when you think of it that way right?

Not gonna lie, it took me a while to find my style. When I was starting out I was influenced by other creators that were doing well and thought I should adopt their style if I wanted to be successful. I was always striving to produce beautiful work and took inspiration for those around me. I think its okay to take inspiration from other creators of course, but never okay to copy. (One because its plagiarism and not cool. Two because its not authentic to you!)

I knew I always loved anything pink and feminine, but when I wasn’t as “in tune” with myself I strayed to a more classy/sophisticated look.

But now I know myself so much better! I’m silly and playful (that’s just how I’ve always been) so I love love love incorporating a playful spin on my images.

I adore colourful, rich, vibrant hues and interesting textures, candid moments, beautiful locations, flirty dresses, and flowers galore! Those are just some things that make my heart sing.💖

I believe your brands style/visual direction should make you excited, and you should be obsessed with your OWN social media feed & website!😍

So my rebrand wasn’t about what was trending, what people would be drawn to or pay more money for. It was purely a representation of everything I love!

Here’s a comparison of my feed 2 years ago and how it is currently. You can see my style’s evolution, but also how some things remained the same. 😊

(My current Instagram on the left & my older feed on the right)

Now to throw in a lil’ mindset talk: I believe as people we make decisions from one of two states. Either from our “ego state” which is when we consider how other people will think of our decision. Or from our “higher self” which is when we truly only care about what we (us as individuals lol) think of our decision.

I can reflect back on a lot of decisions I’ve made in the past and determine if I made it from an ego state or if I was in tune with my higher self. And my brand and aesthetic is one of them. Which is why I’m so thrilled to have it finally represent me and I’m in a place where I love it and am not worried about other people’s opinion.

You may be wondering, how did I discover my style? Well after doing tons of photo shoots you start to notice what you enjoy photographing and what you get excited about. But also travel heavily influenced me as well.

I started taking more photos of myself when I was travelling Europe in the fall and it made me more comfortable being in front of the camera. I started figuring out what I liked for MY brand. Usually my focus is on figuring out the style of other business owners and translating that through visuals. So focusing on what I was drawn to was refreshing!

(Photos in Europe)

Then this winter after I moved to Toronto there were so many pretty locations in the city I had yet to explore. I wanted to plan more shoots for my brand and my playful, colour-loving side started to come out.

(Photos in Toronto)

Then in June I took a quick trip to LA and that trip reaffirmed everything I loved! I felt like that city was meant for me. I wanted to take a photo in every corner of that city it was so pretty and inline with my aesthetic!

I’m just such a happy, vibrant, positive person and it shows through what I’m attracted to visually. I’m thankful travelling helped me discover that, well more so uncover that because I think deep down it was always there.✨

(Photos in California)

When I compare older photos to more current ones you can see a shift in my style and confidence. That is what makes me most happy! 🤗

Safe to say this rebrand process has been a lot of fun for me, it's like dreaming coming to life!

To determine my new visual direction it started with By Stina Faye’s questionnaire (the amazing designer I'm working with) and putting together a Pinterest board of photos I loved. From there she took what I gave her and crafted the most perfect mood board and colour palette.

This is the final result! And she based my logo and website design off this mood board, can you imagine!? I’ve seen the logo, I love it, it feels very me! (You'll have to stay tuned for when I reveal it!) 😉

Compare it to my old mood board and you can see how I’ve always been drawn to a feminine style but have shifted from sophisticated to vibrant and a touch playful.

(My new mood board on the left & old one on the right)

And I’m still shocked she came up with this because my Pinterest board was a huge mish mash of images. Nothing was cohesive I just went on a big pinning spree. Christina is truly talented that she could pull this vision out of me, and I’ve very keen to see how the new website will look!

Screen shot of my Pinterest board

Screen shot of my Pinterest board

This is just the first step of my rebrand process I’m diving into, and I still have so much more to share. So stay tuned I can’t wait to continue sharing about this journey with you all!🤗

If you are in the process of going through your own rebrand download my FREE brand questionnaire here! I use it with all my clients and for my own brand when figuring out the visual direction before a photo shoot.