Brand Photo Shoot for Business Coach Ashley Perkins

I had the pleasure of photographing and also being coached by my lovely client, Ashley Perkins! Ashley is a Mind & Energy Coach and helps ambitious women tap into their limitless potential to create lives and businesses founded on freedom. She offers coaching, group coaching and a digital course that focus on reprogramming the subconscious mind through techniques such as NLP, EFT, T.I.M.E & hypnosis. Her business is so cool and TRANSFORMATIVE. I know from personal experience haha. The best part of Ashley’s brand is her kind, patient and optimistic personality. That really made working with her a dream. And now I’m excited to share the photos we styled & captured for her business!

Brand Photo Shoot for Business Coach Ashley Perkins by Charuk Studios

Ashley described her brand in the questionnaire I sent to her as ambitious, friendly, inspirational, confident, authentic, bright, strong and fun. I LOVE the words she chose! And these words resonate so well being a coach for women and service based businesses. She also described her visual style as light, neutral and airy and her brand colours are a mix of neutrals, blush tones with accents of black. This is the mood board I put together to outline the direction of her photo shoot.

Ashley Perkin's Mood Board by Charuk Studios

Knowing these details I found a bright modern loft as one of her locations and used several of her favourite items in her photo shoot such as essential oils, sage, tarot cards, candles, books and tea. We discussed what outfits she should wear and decided on a mix of comfy/casual, cute yoga outfits and something more sophisticated.

Ashley brought a bunch of options the day of her photo shoot based off the inspiration photos I sent to her. Her wardrobe already consisted mostly of her brand colours, so that was convenient! She wore jeans and a chunky knit sweater, blush yoga pants and a matching crop top and then brought a grey cardigan to layer over top. She also wore a white cropped hoodie and jeans, and a black skirt with a black turtleneck and knee high boots.

For the different shots I captured a mix of yoga poses, her reading, journalling, shuffling her tarot cards and lounging in bed. Ashley is very calm and spiritual but also an ambitious and visionary thinker. In addition to her laidback looks we also captured photos of her working from a beautiful restaurant in a chic all black outfit to show the other side of her personality. Her brand photo shoot result was feminine, chic and exuded professionalism, while still showing her fun, playful and spiritual side. This was such a unique brand to create one-of-a-kind visuals for!

What look was your favourite of Ashley’s? Let me know in the comments below! And if any of these photos inspire you for your own brand photo shoot, make sure to save them to a mood board on Pinterest to reference again!!

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Thanks babes for reading xx

Brand Photo Shoot For Ashley Perkins by Charuk Studios