Brand Photo Shoot for Back Office Boutique

I couldn’t wait to share this photo shoot for my super sweet client, Brittany of Back Office Boutique! She’s a gem, and everyone needs to hire her including myself LOL! Brittany empowers female business owners to run their own business more effectively by implementing systems and helping them streamline their process. (pretty essential IMO)

Brittany’s goal with her brand photo shoot was to reinforce her values and portray to her customers they will receive excellent service and expertise when working with Back Office Boutique. She wanted them to feel confident and foster trust in her brand before they hopped on a consultation call with her. (the power of professional and impactful visuals is that they do communicate this BEFORE you even meet with potential clients!) 💪

The overall look for Brittany’s brand photo shoot was to feel feminine, fresh, modern and professional. After getting to know her through our virtual meetings and spending two days together in person I saw that she was laidback, warm, humble but still meant business. All qualities I wanted to capture in her photo shoot which I think we pulled off!

Brand Photo Shoot for Back Office Boutique by Charuk Studios

For Brittany’s first location we chose a airy, modern loft with floor to ceiling windows that let in the most beautiful natural light and was furnished with a sleek grey couch, metal coffee table and cement island. This was the perfect background to capture those classic “work from home” styled photos.

Image consultant, Shana Robinson, styled Brittany in a cute yet comfortable look. She picked a cream knit sweater, ripped denim and the prettiest pair of blue suede booties that Brittany already had in her wardrobe! Also I totally helped pick out the purse, I was pretty proud of my wardrobe contribution lol 🤣

We used a variety of props for this location since we had the studio to ourselves and could unpack everything. Brittany brought her tablet/laptop from home, and the day before her shoot we did a big Target run all together! We wanted to pick lots of chic office accessories, and we lucked out finding really stylish items that suited her brand.

We sourced a clock, a whiteboard, pens, notebooks, candles, coffee mugs, a serving tray, a faux fur throw, pillows, a gold stapler and pencil holder. We picked up more items than that but you get the picture! I love adding props to brand photo shoots, I think they really take it up a notch and make a simple photo more interesting and unique.

For Brittany’s second look Shana styled her in a camel skirt, black tank top and strappy black heels. Brittany’s brand colours were a mix of neutrals with bits of soft yet deep blue and green. A very calm and earthy colour palette.

We shot outside in downtown Miami, but didn’t want it to look and feel like Miami since Brittany is from Colorado. I scouted a few different buildings with clean lines, interesting textures and even found a wall in a deep soft green that tied in the green for her brand colours.

This look was less about showcasing her working and more lifestyle focused. Basically fresh and unique headshots that Brittany would be able to use in any area of her business!

The third look and location was super polished, even a bit glam, but still timeless and classy!

I was IN LOVE with her dress and shoes for this look. 😍 Shana did a great job putting together 3 looks that were all very unique from one another and accentuated Brittany’s lovely curves.

We shot at a beautiful hotel in downtown Miami that had gorgeous beige marble flooring and walls (so unique! I’ve never seen that before) and again the perfect colour for Brittany’s brand. It went with the olive dress and leopard shoes so well, not too distracting but still chic!

This look was styled to look like Brittany was enjoying happy hour working and having a client meeting over a glass of wine.

Overall the whole day was a success! Everything went so smoothly and Brittany absolutely rocked it in front of the camera! I also had the most amazing team for her photo shoot with Shana handling the wardrobe styling and being an extra set of eyes on set, and photographer Melissa of By Melissa Claire capturing behind the scenes of the whole day.

If you are interested in booking a brand photo shoot for your business send me an email at for more info on our packages!

Cheers babes xo

Brand Photo Shoot for Back Office Boutique by Charuk Studios