Brand Photo Shoot For Image Consultant Shana Robinson

When I first Facetimed with Shana it was one of those “we could chat for hours and were new best friends” type of calls 😂 She said she found me through Pinterest (woooo go Pinterest!💪) and I was flattered to find out she’s been following my blog posts on branding since her business is also in that field. Basically, we had A LOT in common haha.

Shana helps women uplevel their brand image through strategy and wardrobe styling, and she needed professional photos for herself that showed just how valuable presenting an authentic brand image is to her own clients.

This was my first time working with a wardrobe stylist, which was exciting! I know choosing complementary outfits is an important component of a brand photo shoot so I was excited to see what outfits she would pull for herself.

After rebranding herself a couple times, Shana had a clear vision for how she wanted her new brand to look & feel. Think powerful, driven and vivacious! You’ll see what I mean in the photos below.😉

Brand Photo Shoot For Image Consultant Shana Robinson by Charuk Studios

Shana referred me a client of hers, Brittany of Back Office Boutique (check out her photo shoot here). She styled Brittany’s wardrobe while I handled the creative direction and photography for her brand photo shoot. It was so much fun working together! We strategically planned to capture a few nice photos of Shana styling Brittany during her photo shoot because that showcases exactly what Shana does while on set!

The goal of a brand photo shoot is to demonstrate to potential clients what it looks like and feels like to work with you, so these candid photos of Shana on set portray her skill set perfectly.🤗

We organized Shana’s full brand photo shoot on a separate day and shot at 3 different locations and squeezed in 4 outfits. Her first look was in downtown Miami in front of the Dior building. Personally I thought this building was GORGEOUS!

We envisioned a background that was clean, minimalist yet somehow incorporated a fashion element… and after I scouted this I thought DAMN you can’t really get a more perfect location than this!😍

For props we kept it simple and just used black shopping bags and a few accessories. The majority of Shana’s work revolves around shopping (how fun right!?) therefore capturing her shopping downtown around these luxe stores was very on-brand for her.

For the second location we used Shana’s apartment complex. They had a gorgeous pool area with Cabana’s, a view of the city and palm trees. This look was to showcase her fun yet laidback approach to business.

She looooves living that laptop lifestyle that allows her to work from anywhere, even poolside.😎

When Shana was summarizing her brand style to me, she said “I’m all about palm trees & concrete.” This pool location incorporates those two elements to a T! Her whole photo shoot embodied that Miami flavour, but especially this look, like come onnnnnn. 😍🔥

It was my first time having a client want to wear a swimsuit for one of their looks, but I was all for it! How unique and HOT is this look!?

One of Shana’s key brand values is to empower women to be the best version of themselves. She is all about making women feel sexy and confident through styling. She honestly leads by example! Just seeing her confidence radiate during her brand photo shoot was infectious.

For Shana’s last location we captured her at a swanky hotel bar working away on her laptop. You know, casual. 💁‍♀️ But this is totally somewhere she would take clients for drinks after celebrating a photo shoot or for meetings. And the colours of the bar fit her brand colours perfectly (I’m always considering how the colours/outfits/locations will all tie together.)

My goal is to make sure each look is different from the last but the whole shoot is cohesive. It’s a fun challenge every time. But I really loved this last location and the chic pantsuit Shana wore for a more professional look. It’s glam, it’s sexy, it’s tasteful!👌

This was my first time visiting Miami and photographing an image consultant, so I quite like how different this photo shoot turned out from past projects! And we spent almost a whole week together since we were working on other photo shoots together, so there was lots of bonding and exploring the city. The whole experience was a freaking BLAST!😄

If you are interested in booking a brand photo shoot for your business send me an email at for more info on our packages!

Let me know in the comments below which look and location was your favourite!👇

Cheers babes xo

Brand Photo Shoot for Image Consultant Shana Robinson by Charuk Studios