Brand Photo Shoot for Mikkee Boger

Brand Photo Shoot for Mikkee Boger by Charuk Studios

Back in March I worked in collaboration with wardrobe stylist & brand strategist Shana Robinson from The Branding Boutique to create a one of a kind brand photo shoot for our client Mikkee Boger.

Mikkee has a very niche business that I have never heard of before, she is a conflict resolution strategist for sororities. How unique! She works with sororities to implement change and keep their traditional values while also helping them stay current with advances in technology and society.

Her business required a photo shoot that was just as unique as her! Shana sent me the mood board she designed for Mikkee which is what we based her photo shoot direction from. Her colour palette was one of my favourite parts of her brand photoshoot as it consisted of vibrant hues of teal, mustard, orange, olive green and plum which were showcased through her wardrobe, props and studio location.

Can we talk about the studio we secured!?😍 Once I found out the colour palette I had an intuitive nudge that it would be so darn cool if we could find a space that had these colours. (and I mean it was a long shot considering her brand colours were teal, mustard, orange, plum and olive green) But literally one of the first studios I found online had a beautiful teal couch, white walls, a yellow backdrop, even a plum pillow! And then when we arrived the day of her photo shoot there were also orange chairs which were a complete surprise! It could not have been more perfect!! (thank you law of attraction 🙌)

Now about our prop selection! Once I learned more Mikkee’s brand, I found out her ideal clients value sisterhood, integrity, balance and exclusive service. She had several elements that represented her brand such as puzzle pieces to symbolize different personalities coming together, a handshake to symbolize agreement and conflict resolution and an African violet was the flower that represented her own sorority she was part of. Mikkee is also a woman on the go, so we used a chic travel carry-on as a prop as well as her usual office supplies like pens, notebooks, her laptop, ipad, cellphone and favourite books.

I love how her playful side came out in her brand photo shoot and her confidence beamed! And I mean who wouldn’t feel confident in these bomb AF outfits styled by Shana!? It always make me so happy to see clients become more easy going and have fun as their photo shoot progresses. I totally understand that being in front of the camera can be intimidating, but once I show my clients the back of the camera and how gorgeous they look, they loosen up and start to have fun. Personally that is the most rewarding feeling as a photographer. 🤗

Let me know in the comments below what you loved most about Mikkee’s brand style!

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Brand Photo Shoot for Mikkee Boger by Charuk Studios