Brand Photo Shoot for The Boss Architect

Back in February I worked with image consultant Shana Robinson for Kendra’s Lewis’s brand photo shoot. Shana and I first worked together in December 2018 (see the photo shoots here and here), so it was exciting to be able to merge our talents again for a client!

Brand Photo Shoot for The Boss Architect by Charuk Studios

Shana advised Kendra to select fresh, new colours that better reflected her brand, and after bouncing a few ideas around she suggested a palette of navy, teal, emerald, plum and with hints of mauve. I fell in love and got started on the mood board for her photo shoot which you can see below.

Mood Board by Charuk Studios

Kendra is a financial strategist and the owner of The Boss Architect. She helps business owners rebuild their credit and get loans to fund their business. She has launched over 100 successful businesses, worked as a business lender for a little under a decade, and actively builds & executes large strategic initiatives for fortune 500 companies. Yeah she’s a BOSS! 💪

After learning what a business owner does, I always like to find out what their work day looks like because it’s important to convey that through a brand photo shoot so their client’s get a sense of what it’s like to work with them.

Most entrepreneurs need classic working on a laptop or office shots, because so much of running a business is online these days. But something that made Kendra’s photo shoot different from every other client I’ve worked with is that she speaks and hosts in person seminars. She said she is known for captivating an audience with her big personality and writing on a whiteboard, that was her signature move during a talk.

Knowing these details I told Shana we somehow need to showcase that she is a speaker in her photo shoot. The only way to do that was to stage a fake event! So I went out on a hunt for a whiteboard, and Kendra invited several of her family members and business friends to participate in her brand photo shoot. It was a balancing act directing Kendra, letting her do her thing, giving feedback to her audience and navigating the small space we were shooting in.

When I meet with clients I feel a bit like a journalist. I need to dig and ask lots of questions to find out all the little details that make a business owner unique. With Kendra I found out she absolutely loves brunch and designer shoes! I know these may not seem like important details when it comes to a brand photo shoot, but my mission is to make every photo shoot one of a kind. So with the intimate event I sourced props and styled a brunch table, which for sure had to include a pitcher of mimosas.

Then when I captured photos of Kendra on her own in her first outfit I made sure to get a few close ups of her shoes and pose her so her heels were front and centre for some shots. I love how she looks glam but she comfy and lounging on the couch. It really showcases her “I’m a boss bitch, yet I’m still laidback and approachable.” (lol yes I just said that 😂)

Since her outfit was black and white and the furniture and room was pretty neutral, I pulled in Kendra’s brand colours through the props such as the pillows, flowers and coffee mug. Also those navy shoes were a beautiful touch of colour! Great choice by Shana! 👌

Kendra’s second outfit was my favourite! It was this beeeeautiful A-line dress that was so feminine and classy. It was in this stunning plum colour with a black velvet floral print and cute ruffled sleeves (those sleeves tho!😍) I would totally wear this! Haha anyways, I was obsessed with the outfit selected by Shana, and the location we were in had these PERFECT teal chairs (I literally freaked out when I found this studio space online because those chairs were so on-brand for Kendra, lol yes these are the things that excite me 😄)

So this look was gorgeous! I captured those classic office shots of Kendra working on her laptop, opening her client questionnaire and also writing in her planner. The office accessories were a mix of gold metallic, cream and teal, and we used the same plum & mauve flowers from the brunch table on her desk space. (side note, if I had a cute home office I’d want a lamp like the one we used here!)

I always aim to capture a variety of angles and poses, I like there to be a mix of portrait and landscape orientation, some of the subject looking at the camera and some looking away, and detail shots. Having eeeeeevvvvery photo be of someone’s face directly looking at the camera & smiling gets repetitive real quick.

I also HAD to get a couple photos that showed off those red bottom heels! Shoe lovers, you understand. 😉

Okay so for the third look we braved the February weather and shot outside! (thank goodness winter in Atlanta is not as terrible as Toronto)

A request Kendra made was to capture some photos in front of the University she attended. She wanted to show where her journey all started and how far she has come. (also not gonna lie these photos’s made me think of Drake’s “started from the bottom” lyrics)

We also found a beautiful marble-y cement wall to use as a backdrop for some of her outdoor photos. I love that it was clean and modern and made her floral navy dress and chic white coat pop against it.

This last look had a blogger “street style” vibe to it, basically conveying Kendra is a woman on the go! And you may be wondering, why is she holding a Target bag?? Well Target is one of her biggest clients, which is pretty freaking legit! And we weren’t going to have Kendra stand in front of a Target sign, instead I thought having her holding one of their shopping bags was a better way to incorporate their logo.

Brand Photo Shoot for The Boss Architect by Charuk Studios

Meeting and photographing Kendra and working with Shana again was such a fun time! I always feel blessed to work with clients that trust me to bring their brand vision to life through photography. And what I love even more is seeing clients feel confident and empowered afterwards.❤️

Shortly after I sent Kendra her gallery of photos, she shared this story on her Facebook page with one of her brand photos and received the most engagement on a post EVER! I love seeing business owners share their story and their struggles, it’s inspiring and spreads hope to other aspiring entrepreneurs they can do it too.

So tell me in the comments below what was your favourite look from Kendra’s photo shoot, and how you dream of being photographed!? 🤗

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