Brand Photography for Bayard Gateaux

When I work with a business owner, my goal is to find out their style, voice, and what sets them apart in their industry in order to tell their story visually. I was excited to dive into this process with Frenie, the owner of Bayard Gateaux, for her brand photo shoot this past fall and I am so happy to share the results!

Firstly when she filled out the brand questionnaire, she described her brand as feminine, fresh and artistic. As you can see her cakes are decadent and are topped with fresh fruit, toasted marshmallows, flowers, and pieces of gold foil. But first they are frosted with homemade butter cream, and some are even dripped with melted chocolate.

When I was sourcing props for her photo shoot I opted for rustic wood serving boards, decorative plates and metallic touches. My styling approach was to layer various textures and incorporate richly coloured florals to create a setup that was as lush and sumptuous as her desserts.

She distinguished her business as trustworthy yet unique, which made it clear to me she wants to be open and honest with her customers about her cakes and the ingredients in them. Her cakes are after all made specifically for each client and each is decorated differently. Therefore it is important that her clients trust her creative decisions. I made sure to bring out the detail in the photographs, allowing the customer to imagine what purchasing and tasting one would be like.

I found a very reasonably priced studio with the perfect kitchen to use for her photo shoot. We loved the grey stone countertop, white brick walls and huge windows that filtered in the loveliest natural light. All these elements worked together to create imagery that was reflective of Frenie’s brand.

Frenie was also kind enough to share about her experience working together:

"I decided to contact Jessica after seeing the amazing brand photos she created for Petit Lapin and Olive Branch and Co calligraphy. We met and she explained to me how the process would work. I was happy to realize that a brand photo shoot with her was more than what I expected. First she sent me the brand questionnaire so she could get to know my company better. This questionnaire actually helped me do more research about my competitors and my goals for the business.

From there she took care of everything - making a mood board, sourcing props, renting a studio, and made sure that I liked everything for the photo shoot. All I had to do is show up with my products the day of the shoot which made the process very easy for me. Jessica styled the shoot, thought about which poses would look best, and made sure to capture every shot I needed. The day of the photo shoot we had so much fun! I received the gallery of photos within a few days and it was exactly what I envisioned for my business. She further retouched the photos I selected to ensure they were top notch quality. I would definitely refer Jessica, you won't regret your experience! "

Reading Frenie's testimonial made my day! I’m thrilled when clients are happy with the result and also thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I am looking forward to see the many ways she utilizes these photos in her marketing and watch her business journey progress.

You can follow Bayard Gateaux on Instagram or Facebook to see more of her delicious desserts.