Elements to Include in an Inspiration Board

Elements to Include in an Inspiration Board by Charuk Studios

After photographing mainly portraits this winter I am motivated to have the fashion be a larger component in my upcoming photo shoots. My goal is to create imagery with a brand in mind, to coincide with my goal of creating with intention.

One of my favourite parts of photography is planning the art direction and deciding on each element of a photo shoot. I enjoy deciding the emotion I want to convey, the trends I want to showcase, and who my audience is. I want to create work I am pleased with but that also resonates with an audience, whoever that may be.

As for my planning process, I break the art direction down into these categories:

  • model

  • hair & makeup

  • wardrobe

  • location

  • lighting

  • posing

  • props (optional)

The planning process is a lot easier once you break it down into manageable amounts. Then from here I curate my team (makeup artist, hair stylist, model, assistant etc.), scout a location and pick up any garments or props I will need.

For this concept I am planning to use a combination of relaxed posing, an environmental backdrop, vibrant colour and simple structured silhouettes. After curating inspiration images for my mood board the style that emerged was a blend of Free People and J Crew. Two fashion brands that juxtapose each other.

It will be a fun challenge to create a final product that blends these elements seamlessly. Stay tuned for the result...

What is your favourite part of a photo shoot? Tell me in the comments!

Femme Mood-Board by Charuk Studios

Femme Mood-Board by Charuk Studios