End of Summer with Blogger Pix-elated Passion

Hello again everyone! I’m currently writing this blog post from Manchester England (during week 9 of my Europe trip!) After a busy summer and whirlwind of travels I haven’t had time to post several projects that I was excited to work on earlier this year, so here I am finally sharing them with you!

In August I met up with one of my fav bloggers, Mirabelle from Pix-elated Passion, to photograph this fresh and effortless look for her blog. I love how the vibe of this photoshoot feels like the end of summer transitioning into fall. 

We found this small patch of long grass and trees on the side of the road that was the perfect backdrop. It was unplanned but worked so well! It gave this earthy and slightly ethereal look to the photos.

I would love to know, which photo is your favourite? And if you would like to see more from this series visit Mirabelle's blog here.