Hello May!

Recently on Instagram I talked about the ebb and flow of being in business. Some months are quiet, and others are packed with projects and endless to-do lists! Well I have entered a busy (more like hectic) month, but I could not be more excited for everything to unfold.

I have been working on two brand projects that will include photography and film. So far I have been working with these entrepreneurs uncovering their aesthetic and voice to determine how to best tell their brand story. The process has been amazing, both ladies are a dream to work with. It is remarkable watching something come together that I have only so far dreamed of doing.

In addition, I have been working with new faces at Specs Model Management, and dabbled in wardrobe styling as well as photography. I love exercising different creative outlets, so having control over the styling has been refreshing (and great to put my fashion background to use!) Also it has been a lovely change shooting on location now that the weather has been nicer.

Lastly, another side project I am embarking on is starting up a print shop. Some of my photography will be available in prints to decorate your home, and can also be purchased as stock photography to use for your digital presence. I thought this would be an excellent compliment to my brand film and photography, and perfect for entrepreneurs that aren’t ready to invest in custom work, or for anyone that wants to spruce up their walls. (Stay tuned for the launch!)

As for my personal life, I have my mom’s birthday this month, a friend’s wedding to attend and I am officially moving in the next couple of weeks. Many exciting changes ahead (and now you know what I mean by a busy month!)

During this crazy time I often need to take a breath, center my mind and remember to be patient. There is plenty of time to achieve those impossibly huge goals, I don’t need to put a deadline on it. Achieving balance is a constant battle for me, as I am one of those people who love to have a full schedule. In June I plan to set aside some time to recharge, and hopefully by that point I will be able to share some of the projects I have been working on.

What are you excited for this month?