How to Heal People Through Breathwork

How to Heal People Through Breathwork by Charuk Studios

Breathwork has been something I have been curious about for sometime. So I was thrilled to interview Laura Murphy, the creator of SOULBODY, a sacred community for deep soul connection + breath-based healing on the first episode of The Dream Chasers Podcast!

In this episode Laura recalls her journey working in the corporate world for 15 years and her life turning upside down because she was ignoring her intuition for so long and how she was guided back to finding her true purpose, which is to heal people through their breath.

With breathwork Laura guides women through their journey home to their own bodies and enables them tune into and trust the whispers of their heart. Breathwork helps people move through blocks they don’t always see, to find clarity, and to live their passion.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to pursue a career path filled with deeper purpose and to use your gifts to heal others naturally. I can relate to Laura’s journey so much and I am personally always eager to try new holistic healing methods so learning more about breathwork was amazing!

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