Life Updates + 1 Year Blog Anniversary

Hello again! It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post so I wanted to give a little life update. Since moving back to Ontario at the end of May life has been a bit chaotic (in a good way!)

I’ve been bouncing around from London, Oakville and Toronto and visited cottages in Port Franks, Owen Sound and Quebec during these past few weeks. (Also my mom keeps reminding me to set aside time to visit our own cottage sometime this summer.) I have been catching up with friends that I haven’t seen in a looong time (some even years!) Oh and definitely enjoying the beautiful patio weather.

As for work I have been freelance writing for Le Chateau, and also have been writing and photographing content for Linen Chest’s blog LC Living. (You can view my posts here) I have met up with Mirabelle from the blog Pix-elated Passion to photograph her outfits, and even took on a job as creative director in early June.

As for my business, I have put in many hours redesigning my website. I have been editing 3 videos and 6 photo shoots to include on it for the launch, as well as rewriting all the copy. Oh, and learning how to use Squarespace! (No I’m not a web designer, so this was a challenge) I also have 4 stock photo shoots I have been prop sourcing, styling, and photographing, then editing and uploading the photos to my Etsy store. My goal is to have it ready at the same time as the website launch. (The header image is actually one of the photos coming soon!)

To top it off I have been dealing with a few health problems and fitting in doctor’s appointments in between everything I just listed.

Wheeew! I got tired just reciting that list…

But the weird thing is, I have been feeling guilty for not working harder/doing more.

As I sit in Starbucks writing this post, I realized I have definitely been hard on myself. I shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting time to relax. And my focus should be working smarter, not harder!

So from now until the end of summer I am planning to take better care of myself while also refocusing my attention towards achieving a few of the big goals I’ve had my sights set on. In the meantime I'll celebrate the little wins, like that my first blog post was one year ago yesterday! And the very sweet messages I received from people regarding my work and blog. Those thoughtful words fuel my passion, so thank you! And I promise to continue sharing my journey with you all :)