Location Scouting in Old Port, Montréal

When I decided to accept my job offer as Marketing Strategist at Le Château and move from Toronto to Montréal I had many conversations with family, friends, even acquaintances about the step (more like leap) forward I was taking. Their opinions and perspectives, which were unanimously positive, influenced my decision. I found were two reoccurring points brought up by various people.

Firstly, I was applauded for finding a job in my field right out of university, which in my opinion is the biggest obstacle young-twenty-something’s are faced with upon graduation. Debt everyone has, it will get paid off slowly, but surely. And grades don’t mean much unless you plan on going to grad school because let’s face it; employers care more about your skills and experience.

However finding a job in the area you got your degree (mine was a Bachelor of Design in Fashion Communication) seems next to impossible for most fields nowadays.   So I sighed a huge exhale of relief when I received an official job offer just days before my final exams of university. That right there was enough reason to convince me to pack up (for the fifth time since starting university) and move away from my family, friends and boyfriend.

Secondly, those I spoke with who had been to Montréal would beam and say, “You’re moving to Montréal?! You will ABSOLUTELY love it…” Their voices would trail off and their eyes glazed over, as if they were day dreaming about a fleeting summer romance. People were vague as to why I would love it so much. The understanding I came to is that a city brimming with art and culture holds a different adventure for each individual, no two the same.

I decided I was ready to begin my next chapter and experience adventures in a new city. I have for a while envisioned my twenties as the time to live in different cities around the world. My first step was moving from my hometown in London, Ontario to Toronto for university, and now to Montréal. One day I hope to live in New York, Rome or Paris, and to travel all over the world. But for now I want to be as present as possible and immerse myself in this new environment.

And what better way to really explore Montréal than to scout photo shoot locations in the city. During my first week at work I have been putting together a mood board for a street style photo shoot and my initial source of inspiration was the quaint Parisian neighbourhood, Saint Germain as well as classic Parisian styling. I was intrigued by Parisians unexpected methods of layering. It really is an art to master minimal, effortless yet calculated layering for fall. Crossing my fingers I due it justice when it comes time to pairing pieces together for the final shoot looks. One aspect I am confident about are the various locations we will use as backdrops for the shoot. Old Port in Montréal is one of the most historic parts of the city, and it has been preserved beautifully. I think it alludes to Saint Germain while still retaining its Canadian authenticity.

My colleague Taylour and I thoroughly walked around the streets in Old Port and found the best walls, buildings, streets, benches, and shops to do our shoot at. These are a few of the spots we were particularly fond of. I can’t wait to go back and take more photographs in this lovely neighbourhood.

Old Port in Montreal by Charuk Studios Old Port in Montreal by Charuk Studios Old Port in Montreal by Charuk Studios Old Port in Montreal by Charuk Studios Old Port in Montreal by Charuk Studios Old Port in Montreal by Charuk Studios Old Port in Montreal by Charuk Studios