My 2018 Vision Board & How to Create One

Happy new year everyone!! I'm excited for 2018 to arrive because after an incredible 2017 I am optimistic this year will be even better. I think I'm also really excited because I have goals mapped out and a plan in place. I'm ready to tackle everything head on, especially after creating my vision board.

I'm looking forward to having something as a visual reference to keep me on track and remind me to fill my life with even more joy and beauty each day. Keep reading to find out my goals for 2018 and see the vision board I created!

My 2018 Vision Board & How to Create One by Charuk Studios

My Goals & Vision for 2018


Life & Travel

After living in Toronto while I went to University, living and working in Montreal for a year, moving back home with my family in London, and then travelling Europe for 4 months, I'm ready for a change once again!

This year I plan to move back to Toronto, it's where I see growing my business and settling down for the time being. I've actually already started apartment hunting! 

Besides moving back to Toronto I also want to travel more! I want to visit LA, because it seems like the perfect city for me. I love bright colours, the ocean, lush flowers, flowy dresses and sunshine. And I love being surrounded by dreamers, like myself ;)

I'd also love to shoot elopements or brand videos in a few beautiful destinations. LA would be amazing, also Positano, Lake ComoParis during cherry blossom season, and somewhere tropical with palm trees... I have yet to decide where exactly!

I'm obsessed with anywhere along the Mediterranean coast, so if you are eloping or visiting there in 2018 send me an email and let's create some magic together!!



I only had a bunch of fashion magazines around my house when I was creating my vision board, so I'm lacking in the health and fitness imagery. BUT I found a beautiful photo of fruit which I thought represented my goal to eat a big plate of fruits & veggies each day.

I started doing this often in 2017 because I love snacking when I work, and if I'm going to be snacking I should probably keep it as healthy as possible. So I'm hoping this becomes part of my everyday routine!

Again I couldn't find a photo for this goal but in 2018 I want to go to dance and boxing classes! These are two hobbies I used to do and absolutely loved, and this year I'm all about bringing more joy into my life so it makes sense to make my workouts fun too!

My 2018 vision board!

My 2018 vision board!


Let's dive into business goals next. Basically this whole board represents how I want my life and portfolio to look haha! Which is full of colour :D

I want to work with brands and couples that love colour, flowers and storytelling just as much as I do. I'm open to working with brands in lifestyle, fashion, beauty and travel industries (I honestly can't narrow it down!)

My goal for this year is to work with 25 clients, and collaborate with 12 influencers. 3 videos per month will keep me quite busy!

Also a goal of mine, that makes me a bit nervous to even share, is to go on a sponsored trip (dream big right!?) I bought a drone in 2017 and have been working on creating travel vlogs from my Europe trip, so any travel companies that want a sweet video to use for their marketing strategy, hit me up! ;)



In 2018 I want to have a more active social life, which also spills over into career goals. As I said above, I want to meet new people and collaborate once a month, I also want to attend cool events/new restaurants or bars in the city once a week with friends or on a date, and ultimately have fun and enjoy living in Toronto! (I mean I’m going on 25, NOT 75 lol)

Also I want to grow my tribe of girl boss friends! I love having women around me that strive to empower one another and aim to live life to the fullest. If this sounds like you, let's be friends, K?!

After writing this I am so pumped for 2018, I can feel that this year is going to be amazing!! Comment below and let me know what your goals are for this year :)

Also watch the video below to see how I put my vision board together. Cheers everyone to an amazing year ahead!