My 8 Resolutions

I turned 23 a few days ago and after reflecting on this past year I wrote up a list of resolutions. Since I already had my resolutions in the back of my head I was able to incorporate a few of the points I talk about below in this model test shoot. A few of my resolutions are photography related, and a few are personal goals, but the overarching theme of this list is to be more mindful.

1. Create with Intention.

I am most inspired when I am creating with intention. I realized I don't enjoy taking pretty photos if there isn't meaning behind an image. In the fashion industry there are so many photographs of attractive women or trendy clothes, but does that make an audience feel anything?

This year I want to work on showing emotion and telling stories through my photography, and hopefully bring some of that realness and authenticity to fashion photography.

2. Blog More Personally.

For the past six months since I started my blog I have been testing out what content feels best to write about. Recipes, outfits, product reviews...meh. None of that really inspired me. But I really enjoy sharing my knowledge about photography and topics relating to creative entrepreneurs, so that I will continue to do.

Something I want to do differently is write more personally. I want to share my stories, experiences, struggles and triumphs of my career, and maybe even of my personal life. What has held me back is getting over the internal discomfort of being transparent, especially over the internet.

Mathilde by Charuk Studios

3. Experiment with Lighting.

I have recently started photographing with studio light and I love it! So I want to continue experimenting with light and create something really... weird.

Why weird you may wonder?

Because I am hoping if I try out a lot of unusual techniques something will click, and I will find that magical light I have been wishing for. Weird very well could be beautiful.

4. Photograph, A LOT.

Well the only way to improve is to practice a lot. This year I need to stop putting off projects and actually implement the photo shoots I dream of creating. Hopefully writing this here will hold me accountable.

Mathilde by Charuk Studios

5. Create Balance.

I want to allocate time to spend with friends, get enough zzz's, cook, exercise, and relax while also working to further my photography career.

In the past I have experienced phases where I felt overworked and completely exhausted. My health deteriorates and I loose all resemblance of a social life. I know in order to maintain a steady work ethic my routine needs balance.

6. To Not Seek Approval.

Often times I look to the people close to me for reassurance about the decisions I make. I always want to be certain I'm doing what is best, and having an outside opinion affirm that decision puts me at ease.

I still want to confide in others but instead refrain from seeking their approval. I ultimately know what is best for myself and I need to trust my intuition more.

Mathilde by Charuk Studios

7. Travel.

Travelling is always an eye-opening experience. It is a chance to see beautiful landscapes, be immersed in other cultures, and feel inspired creatively. There are quite a few places to see on my bucket list and I hope to check a few off this year!

8. Be Grateful.

This year I am striving to be more grateful because it is easy to forget of everything remarkable in your life, and complain about little problems that arise.

I want to focus on being more positive and thankful, therefore I want to make more of an effort to acknowledge and appreciate all that I am fortunate for.

What are some of your resolutions for this year?