My Next Chapter

Since July I have been living in Montreal, Quebec. I relocated because of a job offer and did so without hesitation. However after living here for several months I recently decided to move back to Toronto. There were a few factors that influenced this change of heart, one was to be closer to friends and family, the other was to pursue a different career path.

Firstly, the distance has been harder to endure than I anticipated, especially while being in a relationship. I am at a point in my life where I enjoy cooking dinner, running errands, and doing work with my boyfriend, it is much more enjoyable to do together than apart. We will have dated for three years come July, and I don't want the next year of our relationship to consist of short weekend visits when our schedule permits.

In all honesty, there have been perks to living alone.  Living in an apartment all to myself means when I come home from work I am able to relax in peace, but I miss those random and hilarious conversations I would have with my roommates late at night or having a spontaneous Netflix marathon with my mom. My loved ones mean the world to me and spending time with them brings so much joy into my life, I've missed that dearly. Texting and phone calls just aren’t the same as spending time together in person. My relationships are the most important part of my life and from now on I want to make them a priority.

Another reason it makes sense for me to move back is because of my new career direction. I recently took the big, scary plunge and decided to be an entrepreneur and pursue photography full time.

Daydreaming during my commute to work, jotting down business plan ideas, and planning photo shoots for every free weekend were all signs that I should pursue this further. Thinking about it constantly but not having the time to take action was stopping me from moving forward. Meanwhile working at my job Monday-Friday and coming home to work on my photography during the evenings and weekends was exhausting. Something had to give. I was fortunate to work in the fashion industry right out of university and had a great experience at my job, but I came to a point where I felt I was no longer growing, or happy.

I am a very passionate and driven person, and I’ve always needed something I was excited about to completely immerse myself in. I felt like my thirst for knowledge, creativity and innovation were getting in the way at work, so I shut out that part of myself to focus on the tasks assigned to me. Throughout that process I felt detached from my work and lost passion for what I was doing. I didn’t feel like myself anymore. This re-enforced my decision to put in my two weeks notice in order to pursue photography.

Being an entrepreneur and a photographer are two things I have wanted to be for some time now. It is a combination of my two passions and I get to work with other creative individuals while helping them define their brand visually. Oddly enough, I love the business side just as much. Marketing and customer service are areas that really interest me, and I am learning the accounting/tax/legal parts as I go. It is an intimidating yet rewarding endeavour.

Photography is something I could do anywhere, but it makes sense to move back to Toronto where my friends and family are located, and where I don’t have to worry about my lack of French fluency. This change is bittersweet because I will truly miss Montreal and the people I met, it has been an amazing experience.