New Work for Linen Chest

I'm thrilled to share my recent work for Linen Chest with you all! Photographing these blog posts has been so enjoyable, and each one seems to have a story behind it. 

For instance, when I was planning the food to use in the fall brunch I was thinking of items that were seasonal. I opted for a cranberry and brie quiche, an apple cider cocktail, and an array of berries, cheeses and croissants. I wanted something else to complete the array of food, which is when I saw the pumpkin cheesecake my mom had made for Thanksgiving. I borrowed it for the photo shoot because it fit the theme perfectly! Yes, I asked her beforehand and returned it in one piece ;)

For the labour day post I used my family's cottage as the location. I wanted to make use of the amazing setting I had available to me and brainstormed of different ideas that I could style and photograph there. I figured many people use the last long weekend of the summer to getaway from the city, which sparked the idea for that blog post! The drive was 6 hours each way, but totally worth it!

Do you remember that killer heat wave we had in Ontario this past summer? Well I conveniently decided to style and photograph the moscow mule recipe during that time, and did it outside... I was dripping with sweat the whole time, trying not to get it on my camera or on any of the items I was using. Have you ever got sweat in your eyes, and then had it burn from your mascara? Well that happened to me. And if it has happened to you, you will understand how unpleasant it is. 

Looking back at these photos makes me laugh at all the situations I've gotten myself into. As every photographer knows, you will do some crazy things for the perfect shot!