Photo Shoot for Fashion Blogger La Petite Noob

I had the pleasure of working with Joelle, the fashion blogger behind La Petite Noob back in 2018! I first met Joelle just over a year ago when a few Toronto influencers and business owners came together to create a super girly Galentine’s Day photo shoot! Now several months later we organized a photo shoot for her brand.💖

La Petite Noob shoot.jpg

We planned to go to some of Toronto’s most feminine & PINK locations. Joelle’s favourite colour of course! You can see from her Instagram @lapetitenoob and also her other account she curates @willtravelforpink.

Our first stop was Oretta Cafe. A little cafe tucked away on King Street West that has a gorgeous array of salmon, coral and blush tiles. Even the coffee cups were pink, it was pretty perfect!

Our next stop was Her Majesty’s Pleasure! (the most chic nail salon I’ve ever been too) They have SUCH a stunning interior, I was obsessed!😍 And there were so many different areas to change up the look of the photos.

We shot at the bar (my fav part were the copper chairs #homegoals!) Also along the leather bench with marble tables, in front of the white brick walls and glass door, and against this wall with a pink neon sign that says “Call for champagne.” How adorable!? This place gave us A LOT of variety for backgrounds.👌

Our last location was COPS Doughnuts. (A MUST go if you want to experience the most delicious doughnuts in the city!) And again this location was perfect because literally the whole place was PINK! The brick on the outside was pink, the whole interior including the bags of coffee and coffee cups were pink, and there were little gold touches like the door outside and writing on the walls inside.

Joelle changed up her outfit a few times. Just switching coats or taking it off made her outfit look completely different. You can see from the photos it was quite windy this day, but I love how it added movement to her hair and coat. She really embodies a city girl on the go!

If you love Joelle’s style just as much as I do make sure to visit her blog

She shares lots of glam & girly outfits that are still practical to wear everyday. Personally I’m not about sacrificing comfort for style, so she is the perfect inspo for me!😁

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Can’t wait to hear from you! 🤗😘

Photo Shoot for Fashion Blogger La Petite Noob by Charuk Studios