Prop Ideas for Your Personal Brand Photo Shoot

Props take your photo shoot to the next level! They aid in telling a story to your customers and add another layer to a photo shoot. If you are planning a photo shoot for your brand or business take inspiration from the prop ideas below.

Prop Ideas for Your Personal Brand Photo Shoot by Charuk Studios

I think the best combination when styling brand photos with props is to mix items you use in your everyday life and in your business. Tell little stories about your business, your day and yourself that will connect with your ideal client.

A couple questions I ask clients to get them thinking about what items they use daily are:

What are your morning rituals?

  • making tea

  • cuddling with your pet

  • doing your makeup

  • meditating with crystals

  • diffusing essential oils

  • burning sage & palo santo

  • journalling

What food and drinks do you enjoy?

  • coffee or tea

  • wine

  • cocktails

  • smoothies or what you eat for breakfast

  • your favourite dessert

  • lunch at your favourite restaurant

  • a homemade recipe

What items do you use while working?

  • laptop

  • blue light blocking glasses

  • journals or planners

  • calendar

  • pens/pencils

  • stapler

  • iPad

  • camera

There are endless different props you can incorporate in your photo shoot, start by narrowing down the items you use every day, and the more unique the better!

In my Brand Photography Course I teach about how to source props that communicate your brand’s style, personality and service to your customers and also how to style props using key design principles, and much more!

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I hope you found these prop ideas helpful when planning your own brand photo shoot! Comment down below what props best represent your brand!👇