The #1 Thing Stopping You From Pursuing a Creative Path

The #1 Thing Stopping You From Pursuing A Creative Path by Charuk Studios

What really holds people back from doing something that excites them? I believe it is people’s opinions of their decisions or actions. Especially those that we care most about.

I love my family with all my heart, but sometimes parents aren’t always the best at supporting our dreams and letting their kids explore who they are as people and individuals. A lot of parents want their kids to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher etc. a profession where they will make a great salary, have job security, and be seen as successful to others in order to live a good life. They want this for their kids because they care! They want the best life possible for their children and they think this is the way.

What parents don’t realize is being forced into a box that’s not meant for you doesn’t feel good ONE BIT🙅‍♀️ And realistically the whole world can’t be doctors, lawyers and teachers, there are other professions and ways to contribute to the world that need to be filled. So it’s just not logistically possible.

If you are brave enough to pursue a creative path (honestly you need to be brave because it’s going against the grain and you will most likely get a lot of push back) then there is a key conversation that I recommend having with your parents, or partner, whoever you love that you feel worried might judge your decision.

You need to tell them all you need from them is to feel loved and accepted. You need to know regardless of the path you choose for yourself you will receive that unconditional love.

Parents might not be able to offer advice, relate to your struggles or understand what it is you do, but they can be excited and supportive for you. I think as creative’s that’s all we ask for, our loved ones support and love. We don’t need you to understand us because we don’t even understand ourselves and our own journey a lot of the time😝

But your parents ultimately want you to be HAPPY and that is what you are pursuing by following your passion and exploring your creativity.

A creative path is not linear and the end is unknown which makes it scary for the creative and loved ones in their life. Everyone is fearful of the unknown! But once you communicate with your loved ones you have the same common goal, which is to be happy & healthy, then the unknown becomes less scary.

Creative endeavours are healing and they are FUN! You shouldn’t feel scared (though I totally can relate) instead think of the fear as butterflies in your stomach, that feeling of mystery and excitement that you are pursuing something amazing.

Sometimes creative career paths are quite lucrative and you can make an amazing and sustainable career out of it! But even if you can’t right away, don’t beat yourself up. Also don’t promise or mislead your parents to think you will become rich after only a year. (I mean if you do then YOU GO GIRL🙌)

The promise I made to my mom was, “let me try this thing out for 3 years, let me experiment and as long as I’m financially able to provide for myself then all is well.” At first it was 3 years to see if I can make a living full time, but now I take it as 3 years to evaluate if this path still makes me just as happy and allows me to live life on my terms.

It was 3 years to show her that I could make it work, that I would be okay and if she was reeeeally worried that I wasn’t contributing to a pension yet then I could still go back to the traditional way of the work force and get a regular job.

Make it clear to your parents, you can always go back to school or go get a job! (People start over all the time, it's never "too late") You might not be as far along as your peers who have dedicated their life to school and worked to build up their resume, but there is always available work, you have applicable skills, you will be okay!!

So sit down and talk to your family, explain to them your fears, your goals but ultimately why you are pursuing this path and how you need time to experiment so you don’t live with regret. They will understand you better and hopefully stop worrying and judging and continue to show you the love and support you need from them.

Sometimes a creative path turns into a career, sometimes it’s a hobby, sometimes it’s a phase, a lesson, a stepping stone to a new opportunity. You can’t predict where your creativity will take you but I can promise it will open up doors you didn’t know existed and allow you to explore new dimensions of yourself💫

Honestly starting a photography business was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I am so happy and thankful for the experiences, the incredible people I’ve met and the growth I went through as a person. It’s hard to describe the amount of joy I feel on a regular basis, but everything in life feels exponentially better when you are on your right path😌