The Olivine Collective Launch

This past spring I had the pleasure of working with Alyssa, the web designer and brand stylist of Alyssa Joy & Co. She was preparing to launch her newest venture, a template shop designed for businesses in the wedding industry called The Olivine Collective. Alyssa was looking for on-brand photographs of the templates she would offer, and so together we worked to make her vision a reality!

The Olivine Collective Launch by Charuk Studios

When we had our first consultation, she described her style as romantic, airy and elegant. (Uhhh swoon!!) These words are exactly how I would describe my dream wedding, so I was *beyond* excited to create custom photos for her.

When we got into the nitty gritty details of her brand and business, we discussed who was her ideal customer, what was her mission statement and what should people feel when they see or think of her brand. (among other questions outlined in my brand questionnaire, which you can download for free here.)

I always want to uncover as many details as possible about a client’s brand before planning their photo shoot. This is because it’s my mission to create one of a kind photographs that connect with a businesses audience and represent their style perfectly!

Click image to see more from her photo shoot.

Click image to see more from her photo shoot.

Alyssa started her business offering custom designs, and now she has expanded to more cost effective options of pre-made templates. Her mission with her new venture was to help creative professionals that were on a budget be able to express their uniqueness through a beautiful brand and website.

And oh my goodness, if you ever dreamed of having a drop-dead gorgeous website but were a little hesitant due to the price tag, well then these brand and web templates will rock your world!

Alyssa created templates that can be used for any type of business, but they were designed with wedding professionals in mind. Each template suite was designed for a specific wedding professional, such a makeup artist, a wedding planner, a dress boutique and a florist. Each suite includes a Showit5 website template, digital and printable pricing guides and other various marketing materials, which means all your marketing materials will look cohesive and on-brand. (These are the details that wedding clients will notice and appreciate!)

Her templates are perfect for those who value high quality work but know their expertise is in their craft, not brand and web design. Therefore business owners who are seeking out professionally designed websites and marketing materials at an affordable price can confidently showcase their work with Alyssa’s incredible pre-made templates available only at The Olivine Collective.

The Olivine Collective by Charuk Studios

See her newly launched collection here.

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