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The world is your studio

DIY Brand Photography

with Jess Charuk


What if you were able to capture breathtaking photos for your brand, all on your own?

Well you’re in luck, boo!


You totally can once you learn the tips & tricks of taking high quality + beautifully styled photos.

DIY Brand Photography

As a photographer myself, I have lots of pretty photos to share constantly that helped build my personal brand + photography biz. But it wasn't always like this.


I started my brand photography & video business in April 2016 with $20k in debt and a dream.

I couldn’t NOT pursue a career I loved.

I knew I needed a creative outlet, and I was
determined to make it my living.


for years before launching my photography business I took photos of anything and everything.

 My photos were a mis-mash of subjects and editing styles (I shared everything from fashion, portraits, food, events, travel and so on!) So it’s safe to say my photography style wasn’t consistent or appealing. To top it off, I almost failed my intro to photography class in university. So my photography skills needed an uplevel too.

And here I was wanting to start a photography business! Today growing any business is all done online through your website, email marketing & social media. Which are all visual platforms. That means even if you have talent & a winning personality…

You need to have a professional and attractive visual online presence to stand out in the crowd.


I realized if I wanted to attract clients and grow an audience on social media I’d have to step up my brand’s visual strategy (ahem that meant no more random photos of my meals!)

DIY Brand Strategy

I realized all business owners needed photography that accurately represented their biz, but also felt dreamy and aspirational for the customer. This is when I came up with the niche “brand photography.”

I wrote up my process from start to end of everything that needed to be covered when planning a brand photo shoot. I refined my photography skills, my editing style and made the process repeatable for clients with completely different brands.

I created a formula for brand photography.


The results were life-changing.

When I worked with clients and used this formula I saw them really hone who they were, their style became apparent, they grew their following and customers started viewing their products as worth more now that their visuals became cohesive and high quality.

Entrepreneurs started seeing themselves in a different light because having professional brand photography boosted their sales, their confidence and made them take their business seriously.

They also started saying how brand photography was on their wishlist because people started recognizing how transformational it was. The reaction of this niche and the impact on client’s businesses was clear:

With the internet, everyone has a brand, so how is yours going to stand out?

Jess Charuk

Why I am sharing all this with you?

Because I learned over several years (and through lots of trial and error) how to capture beautiful photos that make a brand stand out. And I can teach you how to do the same!


Does any of this sound a little too familiar?

- You have big dreams and want to turn your passion into a blog or business

- You admire influencers in your niche and aspire to have an online presence like them

- You dream of being paid to do what you love & help people, but you aren’t sure how to attract an audience

- You want to share your passions with the world through beautiful & captivating photos

- You also have no clue how to use a camera or how to start building a brand

So you’ve probably been daydreaming about starting a creative biz or blog but you are finding it really difficult to grow or be taken seriously because your visual brand just isn’t there. Your photos look like your 5 year old niece took them so you don’t even want to share them. (Been there girl!)

You know you want to learn photography but there are so many courses out there and you don’t exactly have time to enroll in an intro to photography class at your local community college because HI you are striving to build your own brand, not become a pro photographer.

And anytime you search a tutorial online the instructions are so confusing and the gear nerds keep confusing you with their forum answers (is a prime lens better than a zoom? Do I need a full frame camera right away or nahhh?) You haven’t even picked up your camera and already you are lost.

You are following people online that are doing what you dream of doing and are killing it! But it seems like they have access to a professional photog on the reg, and that’s just not in your budget while starting out. Comparisonitis hits and you feel as though you should delete your social media posts and pretend like you never put yourself out there in the first place.

But girl, I got you.

That’s where my course, DIY Brand Photography, comes in!

I teach you how to style & capture beautiful photos unique to your brand, and share alllll my tips and tricks I learned over the years that stepped up my photography & branding game.



·      Knowing how to use your camera confidently

·      Having a clear vision for your brand and developing your own unique style

·      Having an abundance of on-brand photos to share on social media

·      Having your audience & clients rave about you

·      Having your online presence match the quality of your great work

·      Being able to style and capture any photo you dream of

·      Watching your audience grow consistently

· Feeling confident to finally charge your worth!

The course DIY Brand Photography works for newbie bloggers all the way to expert-level entrepreneurs with a roster of clients. There is always room to improve your brand presence and connect with a larger more engaged audience.

The world needs your unique gifts and in today’s online world, your brand needs attractive visuals to accompany it in order for people to pay attention.

I get it, you’re passionate about coaching, blogging, nutrition or maybe beauty. Not photography. But danggg it’s such an essential skill nowadays to gain traction in any blog or biz! May as well learn it in the most easy & fun way possible.


Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn inside the course,
DIY Brand Photography.


Intro: The Importance and Benefits of Brand Photography

I go over an in depth explanation of the different benefits brand photography will bring to your blog or business and why everyone needs to start building their personal brand. I also go over what skills you will learn and walk away with after completing this course and a little bit about me and how I got started in photography.

Module 1: Define Your Brand

This is where we break down every aspect of your brand which is essential before you plan your brand photo shoot. You will craft the perfect mission statement, articulate what your offering is, determine what is your competitive advantage, learn the 3 different ways to stand out in your niche, create a detailed target customer profile, figure out your unique brand style and more! Basically you will go from an unclear idea to a fully fleshed out brand direction.

Module 2: Create a Mood Board

This module teaches how to turn a mis-mash of your favourite photos and refine it into a beautiful and cohesive mood board. You will reference this mood board when designing every element of your brand and share it with fellow creators on your team to illustrate your brand direction. A mood board template is included and I show you how to import your own inspiration photos and colour palette so you can craft your own custom mood board in Photoshop.

Module 3: Source Props & Backgrounds

The small details in a brand photo shoot make all the difference! This module covers the 3 categories your photo shoot props need to represent of your brand, and examples of my past client photo shoots who had very different styles and how we differentiated their brand with the use of props. Also included is an array of prop ideas, background ideas, where to source props and my top tips for prop sourcing to get you thinking outside of the box.

Module 4: Equipment Tutorial

How to use camera equipment is a block for some creatives. In this module I show how you can take high quality photos with your iPhone and how to use a DSLR camera if you want to take your photos to the next level! I walk you through the different camera settings you need to know how to use, the effect different lenses produce, which focal length to use in certain situations, and what my “go-to” settings are for shooting inside and outside.

Module 5: Lighting Techniques

Lighting! The trickiest part of photography and what makes a photo high quality or fall flat. This module covers the pro’s and con’s of natural light versus studio light, different lighting set ups to achieve the look you want in your photos whether you are shooting inside or outside. And it includes lighting diagrams you can download to take with you when shooting so you never get stuck on what to do.

Module 6: How to Style Products

Bloggers and business owners will need to showcase products in their brand photos, whether it be in photos of their workspace, products they sell or items in sponsored social media posts. Photos that are focused on products are more impactful when styled in an interesting and unique way. In this module I share my top tips for styling products in your brand photos, different composition rules when it comes to design, how to make a photo more pleasing to the eye and several different examples of how I styled products in past client photo shoots.

Module 7: Posing & Capturing Photos of You

Never feel nervous when it comes to posing again! In this module I demonstrate how to make poses look natural and candid, how to capture a variety of photos from just one pose and how to move the body in certain ways that flatters your body shape. Whether you are the photographer directing your subject, or the one in front of the camera capturing your own brand photos, you will feel confident, at ease and have lots of “go-to” poses to use in your brand photos.

Module 8: How to Edit Your Photos

Editing your brand photos is where the true transformation from ordinary to amazing happens! This module is all about how to use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to make your photos as stunning as possible. I explain how to use the key features of each program, my editing formula I use on all my photos, how to use presets and create your own, as well as fixing skin blemishes and removing unwanted objects from your brand photos. I walk you through my editing workflow and show how I edit a photo from start to end.

Module 9: Presenting a Consistent Brand Image

When it comes to building a brand, consistency is key! Now that you are equipped with the skills to style and capture beautiful brand photos I demonstrate how you can use them throughout your marketing strategy. I walk you through the various ways you can use them throughout your website, blog, social media, newsletter, PR and print materials, and show how I plan out my own Instagram feed and the “rules” I follow. The result will be a cohesive and recognizable brand that you and your audience absolutely adores!


 The Investment


Or 3 payments of $177

Now open for enrollment!


Frequently Asked Questions

+ Will DIY Brand Photography work for me?

HELL YA! This course is very detailed yet straightforward and contains all the information you need to know but isn't packed with all these extra techie terms and tutorials. Each lesson is explained in the simplest of terms so it’s easy to follow and you don't need prior experience in photography.

+ When does DIY Brand Photography start?

The course is self-paced, so after you enroll you can start whenever you are ready!

+ How much access will I get to Jess?

The video trainings are pre-recorded by me but there is no one-on-one component. You can book a coaching or brand consultation call separately if you need additional guidance.

+ What’s the investment for the course?

One payment of $497 or 3 payments of $177!

That may sound like an absolute steal, or a scary large investment depending on your current bank statement & mindset. But we all spend money on things we know add value to our lives. If you were curious, I’ve personally spent MORE $$$ on:

A 2 day networking event

Acupuncture appointments

A textbook I only opened twice (...insert face palm)

A dress I wore for one occasion

A few beauty products from Sephora (someone plz explain why makeup is so dang pricey!!)

Like a billion times this amount on my University tuition..

So I encourage you to purchase this course if you are wanting to learn how to create a swoon-worthy brand & slay your photo game!

Also babes this course is FULL of all the knowledge I’ve collected over 7+ years of being a photographer and 3+ years working with brands. I’ve distilled it down to everything you need to know so you can skip the years of trial and error I went through.

You get access to it FOR LIFE and can reference the material again and again and learn at your own pace.

Still not convinced? No hard feelings boo!

+ What’s the refund policy?

Since everything is online and students are able to watch and download the materials right away there are no refunds due to the nature of the course. I promise you won’t want one anyways! ;)