Dr. Emma Whelpton

Chiropractor & Yoga Instructor

Dr. Emma Whelpton infuses the spirit of yoga into her chiropractic work to empower her patients to live their happiest and healthiest lives. Her top values as a business are happiness, health and freedom and promotes living a more natural, toxic free life. She wanted to communicate a light and stress free approach to health care with her brand photo shoot and showcase a minimalistic, earthy and energizing vibe. We used a bright, minimalistic loft as the background for her brand photo shoot and incorporated lots of plants to represent the connection to nature that is crucial for health. Her brand colours were sky blue, green, neutrals with pops of yellow. We styled her photos with several items Emma uses day to day for her own wellness and well as her clients such as essential oils, sage, a foam roller, blue light blocking glasses, a yoga mat and more.