Mikkee Boger

COnflict Resolution Strategist

Mikkee works with sororities to implement change and keep their traditional values while staying current with advances in technology and society. Mikkee and her ideal clients value sisterhood, integrity, balance and exclusive service. She had several unique elements that represented her brand such as puzzle pieces to symbolize different personalities coming together, a handshake to symbolize agreement and conflict resolution and an African violet was the flower that represented her sorority. Mikkee is also a woman on the go, so we used a chic travel carry-on as a prop as well as her usual office supplies like pens, notebooks, her laptop, ipad, cellphone and favourite books. Her colour palette was one of my favourite parts of her brand photoshoot as it consisted of vibrant hues of teal, mustard, orange, olive green and plum which were showcased through her wardrobe, props and studio location.