I’m Jessica Charuk, the photographer and videographer behind Charuk Studios.

From an early age I had a love for art. As I grew up and it came time to decide what I wanted to study in university, I couldn’t imagine giving up my creative interests, so I chose to attend Ryerson University for Fashion Communication.

The summer after my third year in university I planned my dream trip and travelled around Europe. It was during that trip I realized I wanted to pursue photography as a career. (You can read more about that trip here.)

A year later when graduation was approaching, I was hired to work in the marketing department for a Canadian retailer. I excitedly packed up my bags and moved to Montreal to start my career in the fashion industry. It was at this job I was able to narrow down my interests and combine my knowledge of fashion with my love for photography. (You can read a little bit about my transition to a new job and city here.)

During my time in Montreal I met and worked alongside various creative entrepreneurs. I collaborated with several businesses, had photography published, and photographed new faces at Specs Model Management. I learned that my dream had always been to be creative and connect with people. I loved photography and film, but was also wildly passionate about helping creative souls achieve success in their own business.

I have since traded in the traditional 9-5 office job to pursue an entrepreneurial career path that allowed me to do just that. From there I launched Charuk Studios.


About Charuk Studios


Charuk Studios is a boutique film and photography studio that works with entrepreneurs to create custom imagery that best represents their style and brand. 

At Charuk Studios we believe photography is such a crucial part of marketing. And as much as your imagery needs to be beautiful and eye-catching, there should also be a message behind it. Your message is what resonates with your audience; it is the soul of your company.

As a business owner, we are constantly looking for those clients that adore everything about our business. In order to attract those dream clients you need a streamlined message and cohesive brand image that suits your individual style and personality.

Charuk Studios’ goal is to uncover your unique story and message then translate it through photography and film. Jessica strives to create beautiful marketing materials that are authentic to your brand. She is devoted to helping creative entrepreneurs, boutiques and brands look amazing, and in return grow their business.

Interested in starting a project? Learn more about the services offered or send an email to schedule a complimentary consultation.


"Your brand is the most important investment you can make in your business." - Steve Jobs